Friday, March 10, 2006

Time to enjoy my surroundings!

What a wonderful feeling Friday is, especially whe we are supposed to have some decent weather!

This weekend I plan to hit some of the wonderful things Northeast Ohio has to offer. First off tonight we are going with my husband's family to an Amish Wedding Feast about 2 miles from our house. It is essentially a fundraiser for the Amish (last time the reason was a man had lost his wife and needed help in raising the kids) in which generally between 200-400 people attend and they serve all kinds of comfort foods such as baked chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy, creamed peas, pies, and date nut pudding. Last time we went to one they also had a silent auction in which you could bid on all kinds of stuff including quilts, furniture, etc. So hopefully I can enjoy the festivities without blowing the diet I have been sticking with this week.

Saturday will start off with the Saint Malachi 5 Mile Run. I always enjoy that race and the Irish spirit throughout the crowd. I will be sure to add some Dropkick Murphy's to tomorrow's race playlist for my Ipod and will have to enjoy a beer afterwards for the Irish heritage in me! I am also really excited to cheer my friend Rachelle on, who is doing her first race ever tomorrow!

Then in the afternoon it is time to break out the motorcycles! Unfortunately Ladybug (my red Ducati Monster 620) is tore apart waiting for some paint so I will have to ride on the back of my husband's bike. (and I thought those days were over!) Perhaps with me on back, that crazy riding husband of mine in the above picture will have to slow down for a day...well maybe at least a little bit. Oh well, it will still be fun to meet up with friends and we will probably ride through the Valley out in Cuyahoga Falls/Bath/Hinkley area which is always so pretty.

Then Sunday if I can get lucky with the weather I have a route mapped out for my new bicycle's maiden voyage. I am thinking about doing a 25 mile trip which may include a pitstop along the route at my dentist's farm. My dentist's farm is a part of the 2006 Maple Madness Sweet Weekend where they are doing tours of the sugar houses and he also has his barn set up with a bunch of historical items. At this point I am not sure if this stop will work out for me or not...but maybe????

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