Monday, March 20, 2006

Another Monday, another fresh start

As much I dread going back to work on Monday's, I always view it as my chance to re-commit and start fresh back in a normal routine. Inevitably most weekends, it just seems I stay up too late, eat too much, and just feel like my I am being pulled in so many different directions.

Last night after I got home from Joey's cousins 18th birthday party, I just laid on the couch in a food coma. It was a weekend of too many parties and it was as if the sweet taste of too much ice cream, cake, pizza, & other food was just making me nautious. Then this moring, sheer guilt got me out of bed to get my workout in with the hope of trying to get rid of some of those calories. I managed a 6 mile run this morning in under 48 minutes and went directly to the bathroom before stretching and then another 4 miles at lunch time with the same finish (sure is one way to make a couple good runs feel really awful towards the end). When will I learn to moderate the food better on the weekends to prevent these awful stomach and guilt issues I deal with??

So today I start fresh with the hope of staying the healthy course starting today. So far, so good, 1/2 day down!

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TriSaraTops said...

New week--yay! Mmmmmm...cake and ice cream....:) Don't beat yourself up too much! You'll be back on track in no time. Me, on the other hand...I just had some ice cream. :)