Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Quantity does not equal quality........

I think this is one thing I may need to start to think about as I limp around today. This week I just feel exhausted and I am beginning to think all of this training may be doing more harm than good. I think often times my training is somewhat unfocused and not nescessarily quality time spent and I just make sure I put my time in. Since Sunday I have put in 7 hrs, 45 min and covered 22.5 miles running, 10 miles stationary bike, and 3 hrs 35 min in aerobics/strenth training. However, I know I really need to start to concentrate on areas (clearly swimming or actually riding a real bike) which would really benefit from some time spent as opposed to just the same ole, same ole that I continually try to pound out.

Furthermore my left leg hurts to the point that I wince when I put all my weight on it to put a sock on my other foot, let alone when I run, and even worse right after I stop running. Guess that is a problem! I have been complaining about this issue for well over a month now and apparently it just is not going to go away on its own...bummer! I think I will build in a few easy days here before Sunday's 1/2 marathon and try to ice as much as possible. I have no idea why icing is not that hard and I constantly think I should be doing it, but rarely bother.

So in thinking about these various things, I must say that I am excited that next Monday (3/6) I will be officially starting a 20 week training program for my olympic triathlon. I am going to try to force myself to at least complete what is on the schedule if for nothing else, than to force myself to do things a little differently and hopefully achieve some better results.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein


E-Speed said...

awesome that you are going to focus in on a training plan.

agreed that sometimes too much of a good thing is bad.

i hope your foot stops bothering you. i just try to ice on and off 20 minute for an hour at some point during my work day.

last year for youngstown my ITB was a royal mess. I was stubborn (and a little stupid) and took ibuprofen to survive the run.

if it isn't a real "injury" it should heal with 2-3 days real rest.

Curly Su said...

awesome quote!

TriSaraTops said...

OMG sister...yeah, you might be a prime candidate for the so-called "overuse injuries." Ice and rest, and a little cross training should help, too! Hope it feels better soon!!! :)

Jamie said...

Good luck with the half this weekend. I look forward to reading about it!