Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Random facts...

Random fact one:
So I was born and raised out near Garrrettsville (Portage County) where I went to school. As high school graduation approached, my parents said I could go to any college I wanted as long as it was a public one in Ohio (liars! :-)), so I chose Miami University. Upon graduation, I moved to North Royalton for a year, Parma for a year, Shaker Hts. for a year, back home for 5 months, Stow for a year, Stow-Kent for a year plus and finally bought a place in Parkman (incidentally the next town north of Garrettsville). On a side note I am so happy to be done moving for awhile!

Random fact two:
I am total freeze baby. I am forever cold. The minute I walk into my office at work I turn on my heater for the day. My husband teases me relentlessly when we go motorcycle riding in cool weather and I wear so many layers that I can barely move. I rarely lay on the couch without a blanket. In college, any warm sunny day was a good enough reason to skip class.

And the point is, I have been confined to Ohio my entire life and have come to accept that for a number of reasons I will live here for many more years to come. That said, I am not at all a fan of the winters here due to the cold and dark. However winter in Northeast Ohio really helps me to truly appreciate the wonderful weather that is to about come, and soon!


TriSaraTops said...

Remember that time we skipped classes and went up on the roof to lay out in April....and got ABSOLUTELY FRIED? I think if I remember correctly your eyeballs were purple....:)

Here's to spring! Too bad we can't just skip work cuz it's nice out. Ah, the good old days.

DaisyDuc said...

What little eyeballs I did have may have been purple, as my eyes were practically swollen shut!

Who thinks they are going to get fried in spring in Ohio so early anyways?