Monday, March 13, 2006

If only the weekends were longer!

Time went by way too fast over the weekend, as usual!

And now the update on St. Malachi- The day started off great with beautiful sunshine and above average temperatures. My friend Rachelle and her folks had followed me up to the race. Upon picking up our packets and returning to the vehicles we found TriSaraTops jumping out of her folks vehicle. So we all had some time to catch up. Sara and I cheeered on her mom and Rachelle during the 2 mile race. They both did a great job!

As the start approached for the 5 mile race I decided at the last minute to just go with the tank top and shorts (as oppposed to the long sleeve shirt I had thought about wearing) which was a good idea. Mile 1, had some downhill and finished 6:44 with a lot of adrenaline. Mile 2, had to slow down a bit as I was nervous that when I start the fast for the 5K's I am totally spent by mile 2. Mile 3, feeling a little weak going up the one hill but once I got to the top there was a nice decline and began to feel stronger again. Skipped the water stop. Mile 4, felt fine could have went faster but wanted to save some. Mile 5, still feeling good with some loud music pumping me up even more and around to the final hill, I was on a mission to get up it and of course not let anyone beat me at the end. (Notoriously, I lose a few positions within the last 200 yards of races. Finished strong with a time of 37:35 which is not far from my last 5K pace.

It was still not good enough for a top 3 age group finish as I was 5th, bummer! However,I did stop to think how far I have come. In 2004, I finished the St. Malachi Race in a leisurely 50:08 at 10:02/M pace, in 2005 I finished in 41:20 at 8:16, and 2006 in 37:35 at 7:31/M pace. And now my goal is to keep working to make gains in my times and distances in the future.

After the race, had a chance to catch up with Sara and Su who ran together who were running the race for training and then headed over the Flat Iron for that beer I was thirsty for!


E-Speed said...

Awesome job! Great pace! You are going to rock this year!

Jamie said...

Nothing feels better than doing races you have done in the past and totally destroying your old times. Man, that makes you feel great. Good job!

TriSaraTops said...

GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good thing I didn't hurl on you!!! ha ha~! :)

Papa Louie said...

Congratulations on a great race!

Kim said...

My fellow fish-congrats on a great race! You deserve lots of beers after that! Happy St. Pats Day!