Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lunch time runs

Today started off with a my usual couple hits of the snooze bar and it was then off to the gym. Everyday I set the alarm to go off about a half hour earlier than I usually end up rising just thinking maybe I will get up and get a long morning workout in. I can count on one hand how many times that has happened. I need to be done with my workout every workday no later than 7AM. I usually arrive at the gym at 6AM, but they open at 5:30 (hence the half hour that I am always trying to steal).

Upon my 6 AM arrival I hopped on the stationary bike for a quick workout, changed, and headed to the pool. I am still struggling in the pool. I am putting the laps in on the 15 yard pool (seems like so many with all the turns!), but I am still trying to get the whole breathing thing down without feeling like I am forever trying to catch my breath. I am considering taking some private lessons, but with all the other expenses of getting into the tri sport, I was hoping to hold off on this one. I think I will give it another month or so to evaluate my progress and see what I think then. I have no doubt I can swim the distances, but I know I will be slow and am hoping it does not zap too much of my energy vs. an efficient swimmer.

7AM rolled around and I dashed to shower, got ready, and rushed to work. Everyday is a rush as my office is 32 miles from my gym and I have to be there at 8AM. Thankfully most of the drive is freeway and the traffic is generally not-too-bad.

I typically run everyday on my lunch hour which is just long enough to pick up a 3 or 4 mile run and still have time to change, stretch and shower. Today was one of those morings where after a few hours of work, I started dreading my lunch time run. I had been cold in the office all morning (despite my office heater) and when I looked outside the gloomy clouds were not offering me any motivation. I felt generally tired and as noon passed I just kept procrastinating that run. 12:30 came and I figured I better go or I was going to feel tired all afternoon. In my head I was thinking 'just go do the short 3 mile loop'. As I started my run I was cold. The wind hurt my dry face. However I was happy to be listening to a different playlist on my Ipod. Five minutes or so into my run I started to think about the fact that my legs felt a little better this week and maybe I will go ahead and do the longer course. With each step I seemed to feel a little better and was happy that yet again I had conned myself into going for my run.

Upon my return I had to wait a bit for the shower as someone was in the executive bathroom where we have the shower. So, I killed a minute talking to a friend covering phones. She was saying how it must be a pain to have to wait on other people in that bathroom and all I could think of is that I really did not mind. I felt upbeat after my run and all I could think was that I was just so thankful to have an office with a shower so that I could do these lunch time runs. I find them to be such a great stress relief and a fantastic re-energizing tool to start my afternoons. I say thank goodness for running and its rewards ....and for that office shower which makes it all possible!


Jamie said...

I would kill for a shower in my office. Summertime bike commutes would be wonderful. Lucky You.

Despite your enjoyment of sleeping, it seems like you are getting some good workouts in. Be careful with that running everyday- I think I got a little better once I cut back to 3-4 times per week. That being said, if it works for you don't change it!

TriSaraTops said...

Way to get out there!!! :) Wish I had access to a shower at work!

So there's not much traffic in the morning? What about the horses and buggies? :) (hee hee--just teasin' ya!)

We'll have to do some open water swims when things warm up! It will come--you're doing great I'm sure!

E-Speed said...

I do the same thing with the snooze except mine is more like for an hour and a half and I end up having to shift the workout to the evening :)

I love sleeping!

I joined the Y so I am hoping to join the lunch workout crowd since I can shower there! SOOOOO excited!

E-Speed said...

Solon has pretty much already started track workouts. Unfortunately they aren't really organized but I will be at the Solon Track most Tuesdays at 6pm for my track workout. The other guys show up anywhere between 4:30 and 6. I am going to push to try and get everyone to start at 6 but we'll see.

Kim said...

So jealous that not only are able to run during your lunch break, but have access to a shower! As I type this, I am eating lunch at my desk! I rarely leave work or see daylight (only from the windows at work) between the hours of 7:30-5:30! LUCKY DUCK!