Tuesday, March 14, 2006

100 Things About Me!

OK...this took longer than I thought it would, but here goes!

100 Things About Me
Since everyone else is doing it, I figured I would give it a go!

1. Born in Ravenna and grew up in Freedom Township (which is in Portage County in Northeast Ohio).
2. I was raised on next to my grandparent’s farm and all of my dad’s brothers.
3. I am German, Irish, & Welsh…incidentally my husband is exactly the same heritage.
4. I have just one sibling, my sister Lisa, who is 16 months younger than me…and she has been my best friend through all the years.
5. We constantly fought over clothes and taking up more than our share of bathroom space.
6. My dad says I was supposed to have been a boy, not really it was just wishful thinking on his behalf, but he got stuck with 2 girls!
7. I look like my dad and my sister looks like my mom….but as we aged sis & I look a lot alike and sound very much the same.
8. My family is very important to me…and luckily all of us on both my mom’s & dad’s side are in Northeast Ohio.
9. Thanks to dad and all male cousins, sis & I grew up as Tomboys playing lots of sports and helping out on the farm.
10. I am not afraid of rats due to experiences in the chicken coup.
11. I get the willies just watching snakes and spiders on tv.
12. I had to stay in the hospital an extra day when I got my tonsils out because I wouldn’t eat b/c it hurt.
13. I hated helping in the garden and now that I live near the Amish produce, I just can’t see the point of doing all that work now.
14. My first memories of sports were ice skating and swimming lessons and then at the start of school I started playing softball and competing in gymnastics.
15. Sis and I loved to entertain with either gymnastics routines we would make up to music or just playing dress up and pretending to be Tina Turner or Robert Palmer with one of his girls dancing on the mantel (or our stage at home).
16. I thought cabbage patch kids were ugly but loved carebears!
17. I was a picky eater and being forced to eat lima beans made me hurl.
18. In middle school I started playing volleyball, basketball, and track.
19. I hated basketball but my parents said once I started something I had to finish it…so I stuck it out and by the time the season ended I decided it was not so bad.
20. I had really, really big hair and wore too much eyeliner.
21. I have spent so much time over my life doing my hair…that ended after college.
22. I am so thankful for starting sports in middle school for so many reasons –a) helped me lose some of my chubbiness b) taught me discipline & not to quit c) gave me confidence d)e)f)…..I could go on with so many more reasons here!
23. Mom made me play in the band…that was 5th grade though 9th grade, played the trumpet and never really liked it.
24. I loved Bonjovi, Aerosmith, and Milli Vanilli (and that lip-synching thing kind of bummed me out.
25. The posters in my bedroom growing up along with all my animal posters were Ralph Macchio, Richard Greico, Johnnny Depp (yep, 21 jumpstreet junkie), and Mary Lou Retton.
26. When I was a freshman I dated a senior …that lasted until after I graduated.
27. I have had three eye-surgeries.
28. My first job was a Kmart cashier and yes sometimes I made very animated announcements regarding blue light special in the deli.
29. Freshman year I had to choose between track and softball which was a tough choice for me…chose track in 9th grade and missed softball so played that grades 10-12.
30. My high school graduating class was 86…but almost half attended the vocational school.
31. I was president of my school’s Spanish club which made my mom, a Spanish teacher at a neighboring school happy. My Spanish is still only so-so.
32. I have been to Mexico 7 times and Canada 3 times….I desperately want to go to Europe still.
33. We partied often in high school and did some crazy country things like mudding and bumper sled riding.
34. Beer grew on me.
35. I am part-camel ….not unusual to sit down at a restaurant and drink 5 pops, 15 waters over the course of a day, & beer goes down the same way.
36. Always have driven a GM car…Olds 84 Cutlass, Olds 86 Tornado, Olds 88 Tornado, 98 Olds Intrigue, and with the disappearance of Olds switched to a 05 Pontiac G6GT.
37. My sis hated me driving to school as I was good with getting to school on time or just a couple minutes late…she needed to be 15 minutes early.
38. Worked as a unit manager –head life guard at Geauga Lake for 3 incredibly fun summers!
39. Got my first and only stitches working as a life guard when I tried to hurdle a chain unsuccessfully and landed on my chin.
40. As a Geauga Lake employee I kept a busy social life outside those long working hours…with midnight softball Monday & Wednesday nights, Tues Geauga Lake / Seaworld night at the bar …and all kinds of the fun stuff.
41. Never had to work very hard in high school and somehow graduated as Salutatorian.
42. I am more of a math & science person
43. I am a very laid back person, although I have trouble sitting still often times.
44. I went to Miami University and majored in Microbiology for a year.
45. After a disappointing freshman year of grades I switched to business…this was hard for me as I had always done so well in high school.
46. I loved the social part of college and felt lucky to meet so many wonderful friends!
47. My house that I lived in down at college was called The Drinking Fountain.
48. I love theme parties!
49. I hate alarm clocks…especially when 4 girls sleep in one room and they seem to endlessly go off.
50. Flip cup is a great game.
51. Perhaps it is not a good idea to get a tattoo on college spring break
52. As my reward for completing an Olympic tri this year I am planning on covering up my not so cool tat, with a good one!
53. I still love volleyball…played Club & Intramurals in College and recreational adult leagues more recently.
54. I loved my job at Miami’s Rec center & the Rec Center itself.
55. Thought about moving to Chicago, but had a job offer in Cleveland.
56. Graduated with a double major in business; Finance & Marketing
57. Decided over a beer and some random race on tv at a restaurant to do a marathon with a friend.
58. Did my first marathon, Columbus in Oct 98…Approximately 4 hours, 40 minutes.
59. I feel so fortunate for my Miami experience.
60. Switched jobs three times within a year and a half after graduation.
61. I dated someone for too long which I am not sure why we dated in the first place.
62. I have worked at my present job with an investment advisor for almost 6 years and utilize both my Finance & Marketing majors.
63. I keep putting off the GMAT but I really want to start my MBA.
64. I love my golden retriever, Matches, and my Shiba Inu (who lives with my parents, Dakota!
65. I still want a cat and am working on my husband about this.
66. I really enjoy going out to eat…too much!
67. I have attended a lot of concerts….first two concerts I attended with my folks were Chicago and the Beachboys.
68. Concerts I went to more recently have included Ozzfest, Warp Tour, Disturbed, Sum 41, Nine Inch Nails, Korn, Crystal Method, 311, Blink 182.
69. I lived with my husband to be, my cousin, and her boyfriend in a wild & fun apartment.
70. Dressed up as the cast of Scooby Do to go see the movie.
71. Married someone from my high school two years classes below me… we did not know each other well in school.
72. I moved back out to the area I was brought up and love having space.
73. I have my own motorcycle….it is a red Ducati Monster...(there in stems the Duc part of DaisyDuc!)
74. Sometimes I am afraid I will lose my hearing because I forever listen to music loud.
75. I live in a home that was built in 1810.
76. We have spent endless hours remodeling above home…and put on a kick-arse deck!
77. I ran first race since college for a fundraiser in association with a work colleague in 2003 and have since started doing road races.
78. Now I enjoy trying to get other work colleagues to run!
79. Road races I have done range from 5K’s to ½ marathons.
80. 2006 marks the year I start doing triathlons.
81. I love playing games such as ping-pong, pool, darts and foosball!
82. I am the realist of our finances and my husband is the dreamer.
83. Despite being somewhat fair-skinned I can get pretty tan…but prefer to get tan the old fashioned way.
84. I have always had to work watch my weight.
85. I feel like I am the only one who works real business hours which is much more than everyone else I am around
86. I am an ice-cream junkie
87. Some bikers ride to bars… we ride to various ice cream establishments! Mmmm, Coldstone Creamery!
88. I love all accessories…especially sunglasses.
89. I wish I was a better swimmer, but I am working on that!
90. I am desperately trying to become focused on achieving my goals.
91. I am so excited to be an aunt!
92. Perhaps someday I will have children of my own, but am in no big rush.
93. I think of myself as one of those people who are OK at a lot of things, but not great at any one thing in particular.
94. I enjoy feeling challenged at work.
95. I love pictures!
96. I think maybe someday I will do another marathon and a half ironman
97. I hate not having a bathroom upstairs because I always have to go in the middle of the night.
98. There are so many days that I don’t feel like working out…but do anyways & ¾’s of the time feel better afterwards.
99. I desire to get more out of my professional & personal life and am willing to work hard to achieve this.
100. I believe I can do anything I set my mind to do


TriSaraTops said...

Very fun list!! OK--we need to see some pictures of Big Haired Janet. Come on...they are soooooo classic!!! :)

Alarm clocks suck. How did we ever think it was a good idea to have 4 people in one room?

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Papa Louie said...

Great report! I am amazed of the part camel. If I drink some much I'd be running to the bathroom every 5 minutes. And 1 24oz draft would fill me enough that I couldn't finish my meal. Keep up the good work on achieving your goals.

Anonymous said...

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E-Speed said...

Great list. I think this is one of the first I made it all the way through.

Can't wait to get out and run with you again soon, or perhaps ride bikes since my calf is being a biatch.