Friday, March 17, 2006

Lots of random thoughts on my mind...

Ok, so today I am sulking a bit. I am slightly jealous of my cousins and other people who are out celebrating St. Pat's. Perhaps next year....

One reason I decided to work today (and not celebrate with a lot of fine green beer) is I am planning to go to a training session tomorrow morning for the Hinckley Duathlon. I definitely could use some training on what I understand to be a tough course (& my first time with any sort of race that involves a bike).

To be honest I have spent a lot of time on the stationary bike, but that is totally not the same as a real bicycle. I am afraid I will have forgotten how to change gears and might look very inexperienced. I am just hoping to be OK enough as not to hold up the group or really stick out as being bad. Apparently other people in the training group are planning to bring their mountain bikes as opposed to their road bikes on account of the weather. Thankfully since I have been so busy at work, my husband was nice enough to dig my bicycle out of the barn and get it ready to go.

So then last night when I got home from work I spent some time trying to figure out how the whole bike rack mounting went on my car. Yet another new thing to really does feel like there is are so many random little things that keep popping up that I have to try to figure out with this whole tri thing....just runninng races was so much easier!

At any rate after my hubby and I figured out the bike rack, I conned him into riding our bikes around the little block (and it is a little block like a total of 3 minutes around if that). That was enough for me as being outside for that period of time along with a little wind, had my hands just frozen cold. And I even had gloves on! I always get really cold hands and often wonder if there is a circulation issue. At any rate frozen hands is another concern for my tomorrow morning training because I can't wear my huge mittens that I resort to sometimes when I run.

Well hopefully it goes well...stay tuned!

Training this week has been a little flip flopped here and there, but have managed to get everything in except my morning swim today. Perhaps I will try to fit it in sometime this weekend, but this weekend is busy with some birthday festivities....yup, I am getting older Sunday :-(


Papa Louie said...

Hi Janet, Your race schedule is not working due to your http links. If you right click on my blog and select view source you will see the html code and scroll down to where my scheduled races are you will find the html links for the race information. If you need more help I could email you the html code.

Hope this helps. Glad you could make the workout today with the club.

Curly Su said...

Hope the training went well this morning!! And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (I'll be thinking of you while I'm playing my recital... :)

DaisyDuc said...

Thanks for the heads up Lou. I had not realized the links were not working...somehow I had an extra '/' at the beginning of the link throwing all of them off!