Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Thank you running!

5:20 AM -alarm sounds and already I feel stressed. Another day, so I throw on the workout clothes, hit the bathroom, and head out the door. Not even 6AM and my mind is racing full speed through items on my mind. Work out some aggression on the stationary bike and before I even hit the pool, I am soaking wet. One short swim later and I am in the rush to get to the office.

More stress!

Really don't have time for my lunch time run.

I go for my run anyways because I know I need a break. Frustration races through my mind as I feel the tightness in my lungs. I push harder. Back already?? Fastest time I have ran that course by a long shot. Feel better about one thing anyway!


E-Speed said...

Ugggh sorry for all the stress you are having to deal with!

TriSaraTops said...

Thank GOD I can run. Or, I think they would have sent me to the nuthouse a long time ago. :)

Papa Louie said...

Hang in there. Remember "this too shall pass".