Monday, March 06, 2006

Fantastic news and some updates!

To lead off, the news I have been so excited sister and husband are expecting..........TWINS! I am so very, very excited for both of them! They have been hoping for a baby for awhile and now they are getting two!!! Here is a picture of them at my wedding last year. They were married back on August 4, 2001 which is also my folk's anniversary and Lisa's birthday! For those of you who may not know, my sister, Lisa, is my only sister and I can not imagine having a better sister than her! Lisa was born 16 months after me and we were a class apart in school with many of the same friends, played the same sports, watched the same tv shows, and listened to the same music. We have always been close through the years. Her husband, Ron, is a wonderful guy and the two of them seem to balance each other out in all the right ways and I am sure they will make awesome parents! ....and I will make a great aunt!!!:-)

Moving along to the half marathon...I did not get my target time that I logged last week. But then again, I had not realized this course was one of the hilliest half-marathons around. Perhaps it was time to re-evaluate my goal! Fortunately I ended up running the course with Su, which was awesome because we seemed to carry a similiar pace and it was so nice to pass the time with her. I think it is safe to say that was the hilliest course I have ever run and we were pleased to finish under two hours!

I am happy to report that my left leg which had been hurting me so much recently did not hurt too bad afterwards . On Saturday, I was totally hooked up by Second Sole on a pair of new running shoes which I broke in that race so I am thinking perhaps a good portion of my issues were stemming from my wore out shoes I had been wearing. Lastly I had intended to say good-bye to my running buds out there Sunday before I took off but I left when my head just started to ache horribly. So sorry I missed ya, and it was great to see everyone! That darn headache was a whopper and persisted throughout the entire day but thankfully after some rest, all things feel pretty good today!

Great news on my aunt! She is home and feeling better. She had given us all quite a scare but after many tests, it turns out a random blood vessel she has had since birth had burst in her brain. From what I understand they were able to take care of it and she is completely fine now. I find it so strange and scary with the random things that come up with our health. We are so thankful that she is better!

Lastly, keeping good on starting 20 week training program today!


TriSaraTops said...

YAY!!! Soooo excited for Lisa and her hubby. GREAT JOB on that run--didn't want to scare ya last week but I know that is one of the hardest halfs around here! You should be proud with that time!!!

Curly Su said...

Yeah, I meant to try to find you to say goodbye, but got distracted eating (they had some awesome bagels), and then couldn't find you. I'm sorry your head hurt; I'm glad it's feeling better now! Congrats to your sister and that's really great about your aunt. See you soon!

E-Speed said...

sorry i didn't get to see more of you yesterday!

Awesome job! After that I think you won't have any troubles with the Sunday Solon Hill!

Papa Louie said...

Trisaratops is correct in saying Great Job in running (probably)the toughest race in the nation! Good for you!

Connie said...

Wow, Jan!

Sounds like you're really on your way to being ready for triathlons.