Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Step back and smell the flowers

Hello January I guess???  It just has not really seemed like winter this year.

Life remains the constant juggling act where I feel like I never have enough time to do all the things I want to do and never have quite enough time to do all I know I should be doing....but every now and then I enjoy being able to step back and smell the flowers and reflect where I am at and what makes me happy.

1.  My health-It is so nice to finally feel pretty healthy.  We have been eating pretty healthy over the past 6 weeks or so and while like most girls, I don't like to publicly announce my weight much, I was happy to step on the scale and see that I was 0.6 lbs from hitting the teens.  My goal is to generally stay under 120 which always has required a fair amount of discipline for me and has not happened much.  I was down there back in 2009 and before that it was back in 2001.  Needless to say, it feels good to see the work pay off with regards to watching my intake.  Not only that, it really does make running feel SO MUCH easier with a few less pounds.  This weight drop can be attributed to no dramatic diet changes, just eating more healthy and cutting out the garbage and probably also some extra training sessions.  I owe much of this to my husband committing to be healthy.  So on to the next point...

2. My Donald Duck-aka as Mr. Edwards as I don't think he would like me calling in Donald or a duck!  Watching him come into his own with his training regimen has been super fun to watch.  Plus I am picking up all kinds of bonus workouts with him or while he is at the gym.  He is really enjoying trail running and is logging more and more miles every week.  He is also a regular now at the indoor cycling workouts and I guess today he is working with our friend to learn to swim (like a real swimmer).  Look out world!

3.  My training buddies-I think what I enjoy the most about training is the camraderie of it all.  I love running on the treadmill next to CV even if we barely talk between speed intervals.  I love sneaking in some early trail miles with LP and seeing that she is on the mend.  I love when AM kicks my butt effortlessly ascending the uphills on a 20+ miles trail run.  I love looking around the room at the Bicycle Hub seeing everyone enjoying the tunes and sweating away on their trainers on a cold dark night (or simply ESpeed smiling as she catches up with ET!).   I love getting covered in mud on a group trail run with many other training friends as we slip and slide through the most scenic trails that NE Ohioans call home.  I love plunging into the lake with a million of my CTC friends!  This is how I get through the winters!

In general I feel like I am in a good place right now.  I was really excited last Thursday as I ran with AM and watched the sun coming up earlier.  The two of us will be out running this Sunday as the sun comes up as we embark on the Run for Regis 50k.  I am sure it will be muddy.  I have been feeling pretty good lately but I am never 100% sure about my leg.  If all goes well, hopefully I will have a solid 50k performance.  But if for some reason, I am not feeling it, I am fine with cutting it short or easing off the pace.  Goal was always just the motivation to get out this winter and put in some solid trails miles and I can say without a doubt that I consider it mission accomplished!


Matty O said...

Love this. Good positive energy coming from this post!

wow... I am well over a hundred pounds heavier than you... I have honestly no clue what it would feel like to be that light hehe.

January has been very nice to us this year. My only complaints is that I am broke from no snow, but I can handle all the sunshine!

Anonymous said...

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