Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Didn't make this year's merry mailing list? No worries, as you can read it here!!!

Hi-dee-ho dear little elfs,

We have been busy still picking meat from the bones of the Thanksgiving turkey and nursing the wounds we received while shopping on Black Friday, but apparently everyone wants to know what exciting things the Edwards’ have been up to this year.  After turning down repeated pleas from E! Online and People Magazine, we are going to give you dear friends, family and any nosy onlookers…wait for it…wait for it….. the EXCLUSIVE!!!

Being the holiday season, it seems fitting to mention that we have not yet been invited to a single New Year’s Eve Party this year.  We only mention this to make you feel guilty in case you have some awesome plans that you forgot to tell us about.  Don’t worry though; we will just entertain ourselves by hopping into a frozen lake on New Year’s Day to make the pain worse!

Many of you might have heard that this summer, I (yes, first female ever) was in the lead of the Tour de France and I climbed like an angel up the Alpe d’Huez.  I crested the mountain and quickly looked back to see all the goldfish behind (just sucking air just trying to catch me) and made for the wicked descent.  All of the sudden, this pothole jumped out in front of me and reality hit.  Crap, I guess that I was not in the Tour and I must have been dreaming or perhaps that was the good drugs they dosed me with as I laid in the ambulances and hospital bed.  In 2011, I learned that when I get in a fight with Gravity and Asphalt, I lose!  They left me with a fractured scapula (shoulder blade), some bruised ribs and a whole lotta road rash.  But I hear scars are cool!  Right?  But sigh, I had to take 9 entire days off from working out.  And oh yeah, I learned I could run with just one arm!  As they say, no rest for the wicked!! And by wicked, this now includes Joey, who seems to have the workout bug too these days!

Ahhh, but the ‘Year De Clutz’ continued in the Edwards household.  About the time, the better half (aka: the name for all female counterparts in case you were unaware), the other half (the super talented landscaper...well don’t look at our yard 75% of the time) experimented with cutting some limbs down with his extension chainsaw above our garage.  (I swear he has done this before at least once successfully!)  Yet, on this day he managed to trim all the limbs but one and when it went to let loose, the big old thick limb landed right on top of his thumb on the saw crushing his thumb joint.  (Insert one of Joey’s choice $!%@ words!)  The treatment, immobilize and rest.  It has healed fast because he is really good at that!  (Insert sarcasm!)  Suffice it to say, we have had quite the busy year with a whole lot of tiger blood!

In other breaking news, our little (rather quite chubby cat generally) Zippo gave us quite a scare this year.  Zippo got so sick, quit eating and got so scrawny that he could only muster a very sickly meow!  Did not mention I really only do triathlons to meet vet triathletes who perform house calls?  Anyway, my super-friend came out and saved our lil guy!  This was likely due in part to the joy Joey got from getting to stick the cat with needles for a while!

I thought hell might have frozen over this year (not because Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted to the love child with family maid but) because I randomly got a call from Joey one day at work that we were getting a new puppy!  (Cue to me jumping up and down and doing cartwheels)  Apparently Joey’s Mom Edwards was hooking us up with a cute little girl to keep our 7 year old Matches golden retriever company.  Of course, we had to think of another name with a fire theme, so we named her Ember!  She is the most adorable puppy ever even when chewing my socks while I clean up her messes!

And that folks is just the cliff notes version…!  Other than that, life in our world remains pretty much the same and we still both ‘Occupy’ Jobs (no not that Jobs (RIP and thank you for my new IPhone).  No wonder the world is coming to an end in 2012—how could it ever live up to 2011, a year which gave us a royal wedding, Sheen declaring himself to be a Martian rock star made of tiger blood who no longer does drugs (glad rehab helped), a second ex-Mr. Kim Kardashian and a political penis scandal (what a Weiner!)?  "I'm not bi-polar I'm bi-winning" (LOL)

So wishing all of you and all of the best!  Keep your friends and family close and your enemies closer!  Time to get shuf-f-f-ling!  HUGS AND KISSES to all of you!  XOXOXO! Janet, Joey, Matches, Ember and Zippo!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Trails, Leg and Hubby-Yes I think my brain is fried!

Just a quick note before I embark on a nice long 4 day weekend.  I have been so darn busy, blogging has been a struggle and just keeping up with all the little things I want to do has been rough (including sleep).

So here is the cliffnotes version-

1.  I have getting in lots of good training- This includes being consistent with hitting masters swims (thank you coach amanda for all the tips), returning to indoor cycling class (which are always good for a nasty sweat pool on the floor) and lots of running and trails!!!  :-)

My trail slave-drivers!
2.  My troublesome left leg has been feeling so-so.  I never know if I am just paranoid or that tibia stress fracture from 2 years ago has never healed but it always makes me nervous so I am monitoring it closely!  I did manage to have a pretty clutz week the sunday before last on the trails which resulted in two falls, 4 ankle rolls and some good bruises.  That said, luckily while the knee looked impressively colored, nothing hurt me!!!

3.  A huge factor lately in my workout ramp up has been my husband!  Now this guy never gets enough mention here.  Yet, anyone in this tri-area knows him well as he comes to everything to sherpa, cheer and every other thing you can think of.  Now my husband has never been one to workout seriously.  Sure he would ride mtn bikes or road bikes here and there and we might go to Rays Indoor Mtn Bike Park the last few years which was still A HUGE STEP for someone who never worked out or really played competitive sports ever.  BUT, all of the sudden a month ago, for some reason (still not sure exactly what but likely a variety of things) but my husband has come to the dark side!!!!  He is now watching his intake and exercising a lot intensely about 6 days a week.  He has been coming to indoor training rides, running including treadmill workouts with stud tri guy, DM and lifting.  He even just picked up some trail shoes and has filled me in on some pretty big ambitions for 2012.  I AM SOOOOO EXCITED FOR HIM and he is doing AMAZING to the tune of a fast dramatic change already.

Regardless this has been super fun to watch and he is just soooo motivated!  So now I have been doing more evening sessions while he gets in his workout and not feeling guilty about spending my evenings away at some indoor cycling session because now he is there with me.  Did I mention how excited this makes me?  I am also super excited about not setting an alarm tomorrow morning for the first time since 10/30.  And when I get up, the husband and I will hit the gym together!!!  This all seems like a big Christmas present to me!!!

4.  I think after maybe 7 weeks of being sick, I FINALLY FEEL GOOD THIS WEEK!  It's a christmas miracle!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Decisions, decisions!!! 2012 Potential Schedule!

I have been giving a lot of thought to 2012 and there are lots more posts to come on this subject.  I don't want to short change a few of the topics, so for now, here are some thoughts on my 2012 schedule.

First off, every year I like to try to keep it fresh and do something new every year.  I love to race the local venues, but I feel the need to always try something new.

2006 - First year of tris- Completed sprints and olys
2007- Focused on Duathlons and First Half Iron
2008- More tris, a half, more marathons and even a couple 50K trail runs
2009- Focused on Xterra Tris, Mtn Biking and of course some tris and runs!
2010- First 140.6 (REV3 Cedar Point)
2011- Second 140.6 (REV3 Cedar Point) and Triple T Tri (4 races, 3 days, 140.6 hilly miles)

So I scratch my head now trying to figure out what I would like to do for 2012.  For a number of reasons, I have decided to try to limit the race travel.  My thought for the year is to continue to challenge myself and hopefully put down some stronger times at my key races (TTT, REV3CP) but also to sprinkle in something new and fresh to mix it up and this year I am thinking some more bike races.

So here is what I am currently debating between.  And of course I already see some races I like that are not on there (Maumee Bay, Hinkley Du, ??).  So stay tuned to see what I end up deciding.....

Green events are ones that I am pretty much 100% on.

1/15/2012 – Run for Regis 50K Run, http://winterrunforregis.blogspot.com/

1/22/11- CTC Indoor Tri at University of Akron, http://www.clevetriclub.com/events-menu/indoor-tri-menu.html (MAYBE, ONLY QUESTION IS RACE OR VOLUNTEER)

2/26/11 – CTC Indoor Tri at Twinsburg Rec (MAYBE, ONLY QUESTION IS RACE OR VOLUNTEER)

3/4/2012- Millcreek Distance Classic (Youngstown Half Marathon)- http://ytownrunners.org/Assets/2012%20Classic%20app.pdf

3/10/2012 – St Malachi Run – 5 Miler http://hermescleveland.com/roadracing/


April 21  Races at the Lake, Munroe Falls, OH, Summit Freewheelers  (CRIT ROAD BIKE RACE) OR TOLEDO MARY OR KENT ½ MARY (STILL DECIDING)

April 28  Races at the Lake, Munroe Falls, OH, Summit Freewheelers (CRIT ROAD BIKE RACE)

May 4-6 – CTC Training Camp at Mohican

May 12   Races at the Lake, Munroe Falls, OH, Summit Freewheelers (CRIT ROAD BIKE RACE)

May 20-22 – American Triple T Tri!!! Full irondistance over weekend,  http://www.americantriple-t.com/

June 10- Sunday in June, 100 M Bike Ride, http://www.clevelandtouringclub.org/ridesandevents/sundayinjune
June 24th –Monroe Falls Sprint Tri, http://www.champracing.org/schedule.html  

July 13-15 – Tour of the Valley – 3 Day Bike Stage Race, http://tourofthevalley.com/

August 5, 2012 - Greater Cleveland Tri presented by North Coast Multisports, Olympic Tri

Some HALF TBD within reasonable driving distance (Thinking Steelhead (8/19) or Morgantown (6/24) or Musselman (7/15)

September 9, 2012, REV3 Cedar Point presented by REV3 Tri,  Full 140.6, Cedar Point; Sandusky, OH, http://rev3tri.com/

Sept 29, 2012 – Akron Mary Relay, http://www.akronmarathon.org/

October 21, 2012 – Columbus Marathon, http://www.columbusmarathon.com/

Turkey trot and reindeer run too of course!!!

So any thoughts on something awesome I just need to do that I am leaving out???

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Welcome to December!!!

So after a relatively nice warm November, December has arrived and the temps are dipping a bit.  The last few years, December has always meant a few things-

1.  A ramp up in miles for the USAT National Club Challenge
2.  The Reindeer Run 5K
3.  The return to trail running to prepare for the Winter Run for Regis
4.  The kick-off of indoor trainer classes

All of which, make me excited!!!!

USAT National Club Challenge
So as a board member for the Cleveland Triathlon Club, one responsibility that has typically fell in my hands was coordinating the club's USAT challenge.  I like it a lot for a few reasons.  Mainly it is 3 months of the year where I am the most responsible with tracking my mileage.  You would think that I would be better about it after all these years, but despite my decent (can't say best) efforts, I always fall off tracking and forget things when I go to log it.  That and I have never stayed consistent with logging it into one database.  Perhaps a goal to strive for in 2012???

Anyways, another reason that I like the USAT NCC is that I find that I get more motivated to put up some big numbers.  That and I always seem to have a rivalry with my good friend CK to see who puts up the bigger numbers.  I got him last year, but he has a very tiny lead on me as of today...but not for long ;-)

In my defense, I have skipped a few workouts in lieu of sleep or just relaxing as I still have not shaken this dang funk of a cough I have had for over a month now.  It is now better than Thanksgiving week and I had went to the Dr. last week finally to get on some antibiotics, but the coughing fits have still not subsided!  GRRRR, I hate hate hate being sick and have such a hard time laying low which probably only delays me getting healthy.

So far in the challenge since it started on 12/1, as of 12/8 at 9:45 am, I have logged-
Swim:  1.55 M
Bike:  28 M
Run:  49.5M
Total:  79.05 miles giving me a weighted points total of 192.

Seems pretty obvious I need to pick up the biking and swimming AND that I just love running!

Reindeer Run 5 K
Saturday morning the plan was to run the Reindeer Run 5K.  Despite me being sick, I figured since I was signed up already, I might as well go see what I could do.  It is always a flat fast course and I was hopeful that maybe, maybe I could break 19.  But, I should have known from the warm-up, that it was not to be my day.  I got in a nice 3.5 mile warm-up prior to the race as it was pretty cool out (around 30 with a wind out of the south) and stripped down to my shorts, tank and arm warmers.  Yes, I had several comments about the fact that I must be freezing but I was actually pretty comfortable with my race temperature in those clothes.

I lined up next to my good friend and training partner, CV and hoped to keep up with her.  However not even a half mile into the race, I let her pull away feeling my effort getting too high.  I hit the first mile marker at 6:06, exactly the pace I needed.  However, I knew then, there was no way to get that 19 as my effort already felt maxed out and I still had 2/3 the race to go.  I slowed down and suffered through the miles.  Blah, I felt like crap and kept coughing along the way.  To make matters worse, a chick passed me with about 50 yards to the finish and I pretty much gave up and jogged the last 50 yards in.  I was definitely frustrated with myself by slacking off that last quarter mile and not holding my position.  That resulted in me dropping to second in my age group as that lady who passed me there, ended up with first in our age group.  Total time was 19:51, 6:21 pace.

Not what I hoped, but I quickly shook it off and started cooling down with CV to wrap up 10 miles on the day.  She had taken 2nd overall and now it was time to celebrate her birthday!!!  The best part of the race was all my other good friends that had came down.   I can honestly say that over the years, my running and triathlon friends have just become such a huge part of my life and I just LOVE hanging out with them.  Several friends got PRS on this day like Bridget being paced by fast Salty.  And (ole college roomie, trisaratops PR'd, being paced in by silly fast NC.  Jen C prd too!  Espeed was out there cheering all of us on as she is on the recovery train post her 2:51 Philly Mary.  Espeed's hubby PRd running with the super cute GP.  Bottom line it was a super morning.  And then to top it off, a huge group of us went to the "Original" Pancake House and indulged in gourmet pancake deliciousness!!! 

The return to trail runs!
Oh, how I love these...well sort of!!!  I had organized a group to hit the trails Sunday.  After all, I need to start to prepare for the 1/15 50K trail run I signed up for...again!  Only my legs felt tired from Saturday and oh yeah...still sick!  It was great company, great scenery and lots of hills!  GG and AM were pushing the pace a fair amount and of course, I did my best to keep up.  The last 5 miles, I was pretty much in a daze because I felt so fatigued, but still I managed to get in those 18.5.  OMG, only like another 13 to do on race day (HOLY CRAP, I got some work to do!!!)  Time to rally for 21ish this Sunday!!

Indoor trainer ride commencement!
These are always good fun and I work so hard for these 1.5 -2 hour sessions.  New this year, I am heading up the bi-weekly rides at the bicycle hub.  Last night was our first session and with a 90's theme, how could it not be fun???!!!  Great turnout, good workout and kick arse tunes brought to you by your truly!!  This Saturday, I will be back to my normal Saturday's at Twinsburg!  LT test week!  Bring it on!