Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Swimming with the tide and plunging into the unknown

So Daisy has been quiet for a bit...but just so you all know, she has been keeping real busy!

All has been going well on the training front.  I am transitioning gears from the 50K trail run training and recovery to my Triple T build and possible April Glass City (Toledo) marathon if training proceeds well.

Last weekend was the Cleveland Triathlon Club's 3rd Annual Swim Challenge / Swim Clinic.  While I often groan about having to swim and my strong preference for the other 2 disciplines, I decided I would again try to get in the 100x100's.

I am happy to report I got it in...barely!  Even staying close to 2:00 intervals per 100 yards in the pool, it was all I could do to get it in during the allotted time (3.5 hours).  Thankfully, they gave me that extra 3 minutes I needed to finish!  So 2012 will go down as a success for CTC and Daisy!!!

Check out Kurt's super sweet video of the action here!

On a separate note, I love how Kurt cut to the sharks in the swimming video.  After speaking with him Sunday, it turns out he shot that footage just after the swim challenge at the newly opened Cleveland Aquarium!  I can't wait to check out that place!