Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The end of tri season

Well it is over for the year. Swimming and biking emphasis can be put on the back burner for awhile now while I focus on the marathon training.

M 9/21 - 6.75 Miles easy 8:41 pace
T 9/22 - 9.5 Miles Ran, (track workout 1-800 (started late), 5-1200's, 7-30 sec hard
- 18 Miles Road Biked with Cleve Touring Club
W 9/23 - 3.5 Miles easy at lunch (felt crappy), core exercises
R 9/24- 6 miles at 8:00 pace with CV and E at lunch
F 9/25 - 1500 M Swim
S 9/26 - 12.5 M at Akron (5.8 M relay leg)
S 9/27 - 20.35 M with SERC (8:30 pace); felt good which was surprising as I have been sick since Tuesday and was not even sure I would get it in.

Ran 58.6 M
Bikes- 18 M
Swam - 1500 M

Thinking 2 week taper, something around 18-20 Miles next weekend.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weekly Recap

Cleveland Triathlon Club WINS the Border War in Geneva!!!!! Gotta love the way Ohio represented!

L-R Kristen Kovach, me, Mark Gorris, Elizabeth Heier, Lou Dredgely, Adam Hunter, Ed Slovenky, Jason Davis (there were quite a few others not pictured that deserved credit as well!)

Currently switching gears between tri training and marathon training. Trying to increase volume some. Last tri of the season is this weekend. The pool has me all messed up lately due to construction. Indoor pool is closed and outdoor pool has limited hours due to daylight and that means no morning swims which is really the only good time for me to fit them in. Ughhh! Supposedly indoor pool should open 9/30. Wish I had one downtown Cleveland by work. Not much is convenient living in Parkman, except the Amish food stand.

Also, I have started to wear my HRM. I believe I have found someone to help coach me next year who is a big proponent of heart rate training so I have started to look at it. So I have started to track some info-

Potato Stomp Race: Max 183, Avg 173
15 mile long run day after race: Max 169, Avg 157
Track workout 9/9: Max 180, Avg 162

Week of 9/15-9/20

M- 1.25 miles ran easy (called it a day) and did core work (pushups, pullups, abs, etc), legs dead from weekend
T- 10 miles am with CV easy run (legs were tired at beg, but felt pretty good by end), lunch uppper body weight w/o, eve - 28.5 m road bike with CTCs
W -12 mile run (8:50 pace)
R - AM 9 miles ran (6x1200s ranged from 4:45-4:52, 6x30sec hard), WB mtn bike, 10 miles
F - 6 mile easy run
S off
S Geneva Sprint Tri- 1.5 m w/u (800 M Swim, 13.5 M Bike (+1.5 w/u on bike), 3.1 M Swim)

Ran: 42.85 (a little low on account of the weekend)
Biked: 43.5 (Road), 10 (Mtn)
Swam: 800
Core/ Weights: 2 sessions

Week of 9/7-9/14

Monday (Labor Day) 43.5 miles road biked - fun ride with group out in the Valley
Tuesday - 8 miles (~8:15 pace)
Wednesday- AM track workout with CV 10.25 miles including 2x1 mile repeats, 4x1200, 6 x 30 sec hard, 7.75 mile lunch run easy w E(day total 18 miles ran)
Thursday - 10 miles mtn biked at WB
Friday - 1 mile swim w B, core (p90x back & chest)
Saturday - 11 miles ran including 9 mile mantua potato stomp (7:14 pace), 3rd place oaf
Sunday - 15 miles ran with serc (8:30 pace), 10 mile mb at west branch

RB- 43.5 m
MB- 20 m
Ran-52 m
Swam- 1 mi
Core -1 w/o


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September already???

Not gone, just been real busy! Boo, it was so cold and dark this morning as we trotted around Cleveland at the crack of dawn trying to get in a track workout!

I am now focused on my Columbus Marathon training. On the horizon, I have set my sights on the full distance at Cedar Point for 2010 and am pretty excited about that. Even more exciting, I think I have found the perfect person to take me under their wing and coach me through the journey!

I am done with the xterras for the year. They were super fun and I will do plenty more, but it was just unfortunate that in the 3 I did this year, difficulties seemed to just come up in all of them (Asthma at trimax and bike issues at other two). I guess I should mention that I was stoked to get the following email....

"Dear XTERRA Competitor:

Congratulations! It’s my pleasure to invite you to compete in the XTERRA USA National Championship race to be held at our new venue in Ogden, Utah on September 26, 2009.
As a leading regional points scorer, you have earned a slot at this prestigious event, where the title of National Champion in your age group will be up for grabs.

The field is limited to those racers, like yourself, who have qualified in the eight XTERRA regions throughout the country."

Unfortunately it is just not in the cards this year....maybe another one!

My last Xterra, M2Xtreme out at Holiday Valley, NY was looking promising as I was second place female and feeling strong, but then my rear derailler snapped off. It was my first DNF ever in an event!

I think I have finally got the bike figured out with a few trips to the bike shop and a bunch of new parts (new chain, new cassette, new rear derailler & hanger, new chain rings). The mtn bike seemed good as new riding it two weeks ago out at Raystown PA and last weekend at Camp Manatoc (minus my endo to face-plant over the bars).

Next few weekends tenative schedule-
9/5-7 : 20 mile run with VR, road bike fun ride monday
9/12: Mantua 9 mile potato stomp race (12 pack on the line to beat a friend...can we say motivation :-))
9/20: Geneva Tri (last tri on the year!)
9/26: Akron Marathon relay
9/27: Crankfest at West Branch ???