Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Year, New Goals

As I plunge into the NEW YEAR (note me in black 2 piece CTC suit front and center sprinting in at the front), I am excited about all the 2012 may offer! 

I must say 2012 is starting out awesome!  I spent New Years Eve with the husband and 2 wonderful friends over some muy delicioso Mexican Guac, food, Dos Equis and Margaritas of course!!!  I managed to wake with no hangover and then got to go on my 3rd run ever with the husband (who I suspect will become quite the runner in 2012!) and MV.  After a nice rather warm Jan 1st run, we headed up to the Polar Plunge. 

Did I mention that while I have been there helping with the organization for several years now, I have never went in???  Well after years of ribbing and a super cute tshirt design that I had to have, I decided I would PLUNGE in 2012 as long as I was not sick!!  And after my long fall/winter sickness, I arrived feeling good and was treated to some balmy weather! Official sign stated 48 degree outside temperature...36 degree water temperature!

Always pimping Cleveland gangs!!!

Turns out 36 degree water is quite cold!!!
Now I must say, that was waaaaay less painful than I thought it would be!  After sprinting in, diving under, I ran out and donned my cute fur coat...rather pink fuzzy warm robe!

 So the new year is upon us, which is always a good reason to re-evaluate goals.

The one thing I plan to change for 2012 is to log all of my miles! I have actually been diligent for December.  NOW, to keep it up for the entire year!!!

221.8 Miles Ran
9.75 Miles Swam
135 Miles Biked (This will ramp back up here in January!)

Generally I think I am pretty good as far as getting in workouts.  I think I could clean up my diet a fair amount so I am placing a priority there.  This has actually become easier with my husband making a solid effort with his intake as well.  So I am focused on maintaining this focus for 2012.

Other random thoughts for new year!
1.  As I hit my health insurance deductibles in 2010 (insert broken elbow and tibia stress fracture) and 2011 (crash with broken scapula), let's have a nice cheap year there PLEASE!!!!  a) this is expensive  b) being hurt STINKS!

2.  Come on TRI BIKE!  I have been doing tris since 2006...chances are looking good 2012 will be the first time you will see me on my very first tri-bike!! As much as I love my road bike with my clip on bars, I will be soooo excited for this!

3.  So this girl has been regular at Masters Swims every Tuesday and Thursday and I am seeing my 100's dropping a bit.  There is still tons of room for improvement so here's to working towards continued improvement!

4.  CRAP, I effectively age up now.  Seriously I think I still belong in the 25-29 age group!  How can it be I am going to be 35 in March.  Is this a joke?

4.  And above all, my goal is to make every moment count this year!!! This means in everything!  Appreciate all my time with family and friends. Dig in at my professional life to make progress.  Do my best to support those who support me.  Train hard and race hard! And so on....!!!  

BRING ON 2012! 


Jamie said...

Awesome 2012 goals.

And I love your facial expression running into the water. Priceless.


Looks cold!
Any official water temperature reading?


sorry, 36F? Your kidding?

Kim said...

your face in the polar plunge is classic! happy 2012 janet! looking forward to following your journey over the new year!

Trisaratops said...

DUDE! I KNOW! This age up thing hurts! I swear five minutes ago we were in 109 Scott Hall sneaking Natty Lights into our dorm room....right? HA!

Happy 2012!

The Salty One said...

I saw that photo and the first thing I thought was, "who is that hot chick in the black two-piece?"

Also, CRAP! You're joining my old lady age group! I better fix this butt and start training HARD :)

Happy New Year!!!

J. L. said...

Love the goal of a new tri bike! That's my goal too but I'm nervous to take that plunge. Knowin what to buy and everything. You'll have to do some posts on test driving bikes. Congrats on the polar plunge. Pure craziness! Happy new year!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

You and Eric are crazy!!!

Pamela McGowan said...

Nice post Jan! You are crazy polar plunging! But looks like you had a good time! Also, I breathed a sigh of relief that you won't be in my age group anymore. haha. at least not for 2 seasons. Hope you have an amazing 2012 and hope to get some training in together.