Monday, April 28, 2008

Mad Monday Update 4/28

M 4/14 Track Workout-6 400's -5.5 Miles
T 4/15 Worked out with Sean from HPL (squats, lunges, etc)
W 4/16 4 mile-ish run with E to find Amtrak station
R 4/17 Stretching session with Sean from HPL (really was tight from Tuesday's session and it felt great!)
F 4/18 Rest-train ride
S 4/19- 5 miles, 5X100 strides
S 4/20- Approximately 3 Miles easy

18.5 Miles Ran
1 weight training session
Good streching

M 4/21 Boston Mary
T 4/22 Rest - Train
W 4/23 5 Miles Ran, felt great and actually held back...only complaint, sore toenails
R 4/24 off---outside work!
F 4/25 1.5 Miles Treadmill, Upper Body Weight Training
S 4/26 Walked around Hocking Hills State Park with hubby~ 3 Miles
S 4/27 Off ---Rode motorcycles home from Hocking Hills

32.7 Miles Ran
1 Weight training session

One week later and feeling totally back to normal and totally inspired to get back to training!!!!!!!!

Boston continued....

Why is it when you go away for a few days, everything else sort of stacks up on ya???

So here is the shortened version so can get it down before it gets skipped altogether.

Sunday, we awoke to watch the trials! They were oh-so-inspiring. I really was impressed with Maggie running in front for the majority of the race with such a commanding league. Yet on the last loop we watched, it was obvious Deana was closing in and in the end caught her! It was fun to cheer on the girls and every now and then, get a smile like one from the chick in the Running Fun outfit!

E and I headed over to meet blogger Kurt and his wife for lunch (very nice to meet both of you!). My butt waas dragging after my late night Saturday and then we made it back to the hotel with about an hour of downtime before heading out to our final run. After a shower, the ladies headed over to to our friend's house for a nice dinner and some awesome music with our Southeast Running Club peeps. It was the perfect relaxing evening before the big show!

After a rough night of sleep, I woke up ready to run my first Boston! For a 10:30 AM start, it is still amazing how early you got to get up to start the day. We were up at 5:25 and even though I was stoked about the day, I felt so tired that I was still in zombie mode until I started running.

Luckily as Katy and I headed to the drop, the sun poked out and the temps warmed up. I made the wise choice to not wear the arm warmers and sport some shades.

By the time we weaved through a million people on our way to the 15th corral, I had did an awful lot of walking and made it there with only 2 minutes to spare. Before I knew it we were off.

I was so excited as I watched the sea of people heading down the first hill.

The plan was to run a comfortable pace the whole way. Regardless of how I felt, I did not want to feel like I was pushing too hard as I really want to run Cleveland Marathon as my A race. I planned to run around 4 hours or 9 minute miles which I thought was feasibble taking in considerastion that I wanted to be careful to avoid injury and not leave too much at Boston that I should be saving for Cleveland.


Mile 1- 8:45
Mile 2- 8:25
Mile 3- 8:33
Mile 4- 8:36
Mile 5- 8:52
Mile 6- 8:49
Mile 7 - 8:54 Already thinking my feet hurt and there is a long way to go! Gel #1
Mile 8- 9:05
Mile 9- 8:56
Mile 10-9:07
Mile 11-9:23
Mile 12-9:55 Cherry Flavor ice popsicle munching ensued!
Mile 13 9:31 Gel #2
Mile 14-9:54
Mile 15-10:02
Mile 16- 15:03 POP stop #1, lubed up
Mile 17- 10:38-Gel #3
Mile 18- 13:20 POP stop #2
Mile 19- 9:54
Mile 20- 11:04- Strawberry Flavor ice popsicle munching ensued!
Mile 21- 10:23
Mile 22- 9:49- Gel #4
Mile 23- 9:30
Mile 24- 9:58
Mile 25-9:48
Mile 26+.2- 11:05

Total time 4:17:44

In short, I felt great all day. After I got off pace at the POP stops, I decided I was not going to try to get back on pace but to keep runnning consistent race. I know the latter half of the race my pace seemed pretty even but I was definitely spending more time than nescessary walking through water stops. I was thirsty and really was not too worried about my time!

The worst part of the day were my bruised feet. I have been plagued for some time now with some random foot issue and I knew this would be my trouble spot. I really need to get in to see a podiatrist. Pain reliever around mile 11 seemed to help. It is like I have little pinhead bumps under my skin that start down under my pointer toe on both feet. No real issues with sore quads that most Boston runners get, perhaps it was just that I was running slower???

The best part of my day was definitely eating the flavor ices (THOSE PEOPLE GIVING THOSE OUT RULED--wink, wink to Cleveland watchers!!).

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We interrupt this Boston report with an email from home!

Mr. Matches, my golden retriever sweeetie pie had got quite stinky and it was time for a bath. My hubby's mom, who breeds and shows goldens was nice enough to give him a bath and get him all trimmed up for us. Imagine my surprise when my husband sent me a picture of him while I was in Boston.

Apprently she thought it would be nice for Matches to get shorter hair for the summer and a new tough look. My mother in law must have got a good laugh doing this! Good thing her son and I (and hopefully Matches) all have a good sense of humor!!!

The Boston Experience

In a word, FANTASTIC!!!

Where to start???

So we arrived to Boston after our long train ride late Friday night to stay and finally meet the infamous Locked and Loaded, KIM! After some pizza, wine and talking we hit the hay for our big Saturday!

Saturday morning we awoke early, showered, grabbed a cab, dropped the bags by the hotel, hit Starbucks and was at the expo as it opened at 9 AM. The Boston Marathon expo was jam packed with cool stuff to see and I felt like a kid in the candy store that could not get enough. I purchased an Adidas Boston Marathon black jacket, a race belt with a pocket for my gels and when I thought I was done buying I found these insane arm warmers that I just had to have! They looked like full sleeve tattoos chalk full of colors, flowers and even some lucky dice! Yeah, they were pretty cool to say the least.

Us girls all took a moment to get our gait analyzed. Apparently I have a nice clean forward gait motion and I am a pronator. That was what I thought, but good to get it confirmed that stability shoes are the choice for me.

We cut the expo a bit short to head over to Legal Seafoods for lunch, ESpeed's pick for her "cornicopia" salad of flavors. I opted for a grilled shrimp ceasar salad and about 5 big glasses of water before we headed over for our duck tour.

Now I had heard the Duck tours were quite cheesy but I got to say I had a blast and laughed a ton while learning about the city. Captain Hardly Davidson who was hiding from a local scooter gang that had too many bake sales took us around the city and into the water. About the time my bladder was about to burst we made it back to Prudential center in time for a tiny bit of shopping. Then it was time to head up to the Charles River for a nice 5 mile run with 5-100 yard strides. About this time I decided I needed to definitely sit on my butt more as my feet were tired on the run from walking around so much!

We got back to the hotel, hopped in the hot tub briefly and then showered up for the evening fesitivities. We headed to Vinny T's with Southeast Running Club peeps for some Italian food which was quite good. Then Dawn and I headed out with a couple others for some drinks and finally drug our butts to bed about 1:30 AM.

First tiring day in the city down and two more to go!!! Next up Sunday's trials!! Lots of fun pics to come!!!


I know you are all wondering how my race went? The abbreviated version is just as planned. I had planned to take it all in and just have fun while trying not to beat myself up too bad so I can race at Cleveland in 4 weeks.

I went out faster than I wanted to and was consciously trying to hold back. Then at mile 11 I hit the port o potty which took forever. Picture 2 POP with 5 people waiting in line to go and everyone is taking their time crapping! So 5 or 6 minutes later I was out with the realization that my chaffing legs needed some vaseline. Over to the med tent for some of that. I gotta say I was in no real hurry. I thought about trying to make up the time. Then, decided who cares, letz just have fun!! I ran the miles comfortably and had another long POP stop. I smacked hands like crazy, took it all in, had a blast and felt good the whole way finishing in 4:17.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Half way to Boston

Yep folks, the train is rolling and us chicks are already getting silly. Between some crazy random folks on the train, some nasty bathrooms, shady food and almost get exorcised....we may just get there yet!!!!

Stay tuned for this exciting adventure......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and on the good chance that Elizabeth and Katy beat me marathon day, I will have you all know they did not win rummy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My road to Boston

OK so this is my first time so I can't help but to be really excited about it!

Here is a little history of my marathon progression....

1998 - Ran Columbus marathon in the fall of my senior year of college. This was particularily hard for me to fit in the training between trying to maintain decent grades, work about 15-20 hours a week, and keep to a very rigorous party schedule.

TriShannon and I trained countless hours together and when marathon day arrived, I felt strong and ready in my cotton race wear with no real nutrition strategy. I ran the first 18 with Shannon and then ran the last 8 alone feeling really strong the whole way. With a time of around 4:40, I decided this marathon stuff was not for me as it took too much training time.

Fast forward 8 years.

2006 - Ran Columbus marathon again. After a couple years of getting back into running and realizing I was already training so much I might as well attempt a marathon again, I was back for the challenge.

I ramped up my mileage way too fast and had bad IT band issues. To complicate matters my stomach gave me the bird race day and I made 5 miserable port o potty stops and felt like crap. Ran a disappointing 4:15.

2007 - Cleveland Marathon -I was ready to show Columbus that was not me that day. I trained hard alone on the treadmill forcing myself to keep up my paces repeating "Boston Baby" over and over in my head. I trained consistent with my girls E and MT through the winter and arrived at the starting line feeling strong. I ran the first half 1:43:19 and slacked up the second half knowing my goal was simlply the BQ. Crossed in 3:38:32, victorious in my goal!

Chicago Mary 2007-My 4th marthon ever. It was more of a bonus for me. I had a BQ in the bag and was there to support and run with my cousin, Ar. In the heat, my girl accomplished her goal with me at her side!

2008--The MASTA PLAN!

Enjoy Boston Mary 4/21, Race Cleveland 5/18

Injuries feeling better and training is coming along, but that does not mean let's run harder at Boston. It will be one long training run and the goal is not to kill myself at both races, but to save myself something for Cleveland (I gotta feeling I will need to keep telling myself that over and over again Monday). That said my plan is to run a comfortable pace at Boston somewhere probably around 4 hours, recover smart and run strong at Cleveland!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Mad Monday Update 4/14/08

Can Boston really only be a week away? It is close enough I can look up the extended forecast.

Apr 21 Monday -Mix of sun and clouds. Highs in the mid 50s and lows in the mid 40s.

Now if only that was indeed the actual weather Monday, I think I will be very happy! I need to try out the skirt of my new Southeast Running Club outfit before then!

All and all, things all seem to be coming together on the running front which I am stoked about.

I am forcing myself to suck it up and mentally toughen up and stay on my paces when my body desperately wants to walk.

Monday 4/7 -4 Miles treadmill, 3 ladders (6.5-8.5), 3 alternating 2 min hard/easy 6/10mph)~33 minutes, core work

Tuesday 4/8 -8 mile general aerobic run with ESpeed 10*30 second strides. Gorgeous day and loop from downtown to Edgewater.

Wednesday 4/9- 3 miles easy on the treadmill, stretched good

Thursday 4/10 - 9 Mile "Track" workout - I went ahead and did the w/o on VR site after a 3.75 mile warm-up which included running to a local track with E and realizing the kids were on it, so we went back to the treadmills to git-er-done.

2 x 800 w/ 400 recoveries (ran at 9.8 ~6:07 pace)

2 x 800 w/ 200 recoveries (ran at 9.9 ~6:04 pace)

2 x 800 w/ 400 recoveries (ran at 10.0 ~6:00 pace)

1 x 1200 @ Goal Marathon Pace (ran at 7.9 ~7:36 pace)

Friday 4/11 - Moderate Spin -10.25 miles on recumbent bike with ladder program, level 10 - 30 min

Saturday - 12.33 mile run with Nathan. Felt good and strong the whole time

Sunday-Laid on couch nursing hangover...good thing I had planned it as an off day!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Piece of sh!t car

Dear stupid car,

So you want to fight? Yeah so you thought it would be funny to leave the windshield wipers straight up saluting the sky not working the day we are trying to leave Ohio about a month ago for a week long vacation? You must have knew that part to fix you would not be in that day and you would not have to handle a 2000 mike drive. Very funny, but had a semi went by and buried us in slush and we could not see and crashed you, that would not have been very funny.

Maybe you are mad that my sister's husband backed into you two weeks ago and you had to spend several days in the shop for your hurt door. Poor baby, get over it. I was the one that had to scramble to find something else to drive!

And now this! That noice you started making was just abnoxious. Are you doing this just because my 80,000 mile warranty that I have blew through in 2.5 years is up already and you like to stress me out? I know you have become friends with the other cars at the dealership but now you are going to hang out there for at least another week and leave me high and dry again?

Car, that is it! I am done being friends with you! Get over your jealousy with my new redhead. The snow is coming back to town and I need you back to cart my butt all over the place!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Mad Monday Update 4/7/08

Alright short and sweet...if I try to get creative I won't take the time so without further adieu...

Monday 3/31 - off at Tribe Opener
Tues 4/1 - 6.5 Miles Treadmill, 800 and 400 repeats
Wed 4/2- 22 Miles Outside Bicycling!!!!! 1st time of the year!
Thurs 4/3 - off
Friday 4/4 - 7 Miles with Espeed on treadmill-59:30
Saturday 4/5 - 15.7 Miles Run with Nathan! Conquered a big climb early and a bunch of rollers! Managed to consistently drop pace the last several miles on Headwaters Trail and finished strong ~overall 8:45 pace
Sunday 4/6 - 40 Miles Bicycle with Cleveland Touring Club then followed up with incredibly long motorcycke ride (my poor lil bruised butt is mad at me!!!)

All and all, slowly getting back to feeling better....maybe it has something to do with the weather!

Ran -29.2 Miles
Biked - 62
Swam--Zilch...yeah, I know!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Daisy got a Duc again!

When I started this blog I had a Ducati Monster 620 and played off my Duc for the blog name.

Last year I sold it in favor of my sport bike, a Triumph Daytona 675.

This year I decided to trade it in in to get a more comfortable bike with bags that I can more comfortably do longer rides with. I got me a wicked deal on this gorgeous Ducati ST3! The hubby also picked up a new motorcyle Saturday, a KTM 990 Adventurer, so he can go "adventuring." We must be excited as we spent the better part of Saturday on our new motorcyles. When we left it was 27 degrees and it warmed up to a balmy 35! I was warm except for my hands. Thankfully my handy hubby installed some heated grips yday so now I am pysched to try those out!


Catching up, I have just been buried with work and in a state of blah with the cold weather, dealing with car repairs and frustration with trying to gain my fitness back. I am majorly looking forward to April with the Boston trip and a weekend away at Hocking Hills at the end of the month!

Two week rundown!

Oh I cannot wait this long to recap as I did not write everything down and now I am scratching my head!

So what I can remember for sure...I am definitely missing stuff but don't want to count what I am not certain of.

M 3/17 Lifted with E, Running Drills
T 3/18 Track workout, warmed up with E and Salty 12-400's on icy track 8.5 Miles
W 3/19 Went to JCC and worked out -???3
R 3/20 Ran 6 on treadmill
F 3/21 ?
S 3/22 Snowed in
S 3/23 Ran 17 miles with SERC
M 3/24 off
T 3/25 ?
W 3/26 1 hour trainer
R 3/27 5 Miles treadmill with BH, UBWO
F 3/28 20 min treadmill, 2.5 miles
S 3/29 Off---best laid plans tossed for motorcycle riding
S 3/30 19 Miles with VR on Boston Simulation course
M 3/31 Off- Home Opener ---WOOHOO Tribe!
T 4/1 6.5 Miles Treadmill, 800 and 400 repeats

Week One
Ran 31.5 Miles and ??

Week Two
Ran 27 Miles plus ??