Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mad Monday Update

So two weeks ago I backed down the mileage to try to let the soreness in my legs work itself out without much success. I have been getting charlie horses in the morning and they are just unusually sore. Doctors appt scheduled for 4/13 to see if there is anything weird with minerals or something.

So nice light week here which led to waaay too much alcohol and celebrating of St. Pats, basketball, Cavs game and a birthday...

M 3/16 AM 1000 Meter Swim, Lunch Core/UBWO weights
T 3/17 AM 7 mile run, PM 25 Mile Bike
W 3/18 PM 4 Miles Run (Some speed)
R 3/19 AM 1000 Meter Swim
F 3/20 Noon 3 Mile Run, Core Weights
S 3/21 15 mile run (8:13 pace)
S 3/22 off

Swam -2000 Meters
Bike- 25 (r)
Ran - 29 Miles
Core/ Weights- 2 session
M 3/23 AM 6 Mile Run (incl. 12X400 repeats, started around 6:30 pace and worked way down to 6:00 for last several), 7.25 Mile Lunch Run (8:20 pace)
T 3/24 AM 7 Mile Run (ez pace), Noon Core/ UBWO, PM Bike (20 miles)
W 3/25 noon tempo run -6 miles
R 3/26 PM -5 Mile run
F 3/27 AM 1200 M Swim, 7 Mile Run, 12 Mile Mtn Bike at Rays
S 3/28 7 Mile Trail Run, 12 Mile Road Bike
S 3/29 19 Miles with VR (Boston Simulation run) with some good climbs- 8:35 Pace

Swam -1200 M
Bike - 20 R; 10 M
Ran-57 M
Core - 1 session

Monday, March 16, 2009

St. Malachi Report


I may not have run well, but I can still party with the best of them!

So my favorite race of the year went as such.

Sported some CTC threads and green socks.

Watched with pride as my girls did their first road race ever, the 2 Miler!

Went for a warm up but remained quite cold.

Flew down the hill the first mile and then the legs turned into rocks. Thought about pushing through the tightness but figured I would just save it for another day. Stretched a few times and finished the race in a disappointing time.

Rolled down to the after-party surrounded by my girlfriends, my high school friends, running & tri friends and had a blast! Took part in my high school pals, G-Men Class of 95, Irish Car Bomb shot in the morning! Aghhh, despite the less than stellar performance, it was all-good times! Now I just need to get these leg muscles loosened up....Sunday's 20 miler did not help!
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Mad Monday 3/16

Mon 3/9 - 6 Miles on treadmill (ez 8:57 pace with some striders)
Tues 3/10- AM 5.75 Mile run with BM
noon 6.25 Mile run with the lunch ladies
2 hour CTC indoor cycling
Wed 3/11- 9 Mile windy bike ride before flatting and calling it a day!
Thurs 3/12 -AM P90X...mad pushups and pullups
noon- 6 Mile Run Ez
Fri 3/13 - noon- 6 mile run ez with striders
Sat 3/14- St Malachi Race 6.5 Miles (1.5 warm up + 5 mile race)
Sun 3/15-20.1 mile, 8:44 pace (legs still sore the whole time from Sat)

Bike: 39 ish Miles
Run: 56.6 Miles
Core: 1 session
Swim...don't ask but I felt so guilty that I did go this morning bright and early!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mad Monday Update 3/9

Another week of training under the belt and this one included some outside bicycling! (LOUD CHEERS!)

I just did not get in the running miles I had hoped but did manage to get in some more bicycling. I got a feeling that with the weather coming around this may be more prevalent.

Saturday I met two other couples for a ride out into the valley. While it was not raining at the start, 15 minutes later, it started sprinkling and 30 minutes in, the heaven's opened up. Lightning crashed close by and it was tough to see as we started down Truxell hill into the valley. After turning around, we did have to take a stop at Applachian Outfitters to wait out the worst of it. After the brief stop, soaked to the bone we rode through the valley on a chilly, wet, yet enjoyable ride!

Sunday was another wet one at the Youngstown half marathon. I had planned to get in more miles on the day but I totally woosed out and stayed dry as long as possible and skipped my warm up. My plan for that race was to run a moderate paced training run. Wet and shivering, I started off on my plan and all went pretty smoothly. My garmin was not working so I was not sure where I was time wise but I just rolled with a pretty comfortable moderate pace. I had to stop and tie my shoe 3 times which cost some time and finally that third time I pulled off my gloves and made sure I double knotted it good! So annoying!

Now for those of you that may not know this course is insanely hilly! I was heading up the hills very conservatively as I knew I was borderline needing to stop for the bathroom and was hoping I could keep that in check until after the race (yes, my Saturday night bar food dinner was not ideal!). In general though, what I would lose on the ups, I would get back on the downs in terms of where I was to other runners. I picked it up a bit the last uphill mile to run down one female and then after that sprint, I proceeded to have some breathing issues post race and needed a minute of walking around before letting them take my chip off. In the end, I think I met the goal of a decent effort and ended up claiming a second place AG award. (Huge props to my pal, Espeed, who ran a silly awesome time on that course with a 1:32!)

In other news, my running club, Southeast Running Club, had our annual banquet Sunday night. First off I cannot say enough about this group of runners. They are definitely a competitve bunch who have helped push each other to be some of the areas finest. Our club is so fortunate to have one of our members, Robert, that owns Primo Vino in Little Italy, who open his restaurant up to us for the banquet and provides us some fantastic Italian food. At the banquet, I was shocked and quite honored to get the Ruta award for the Club's Female Runner of the year which is based on races and club service.

Mon 3/2- 6.5 mile easy run with the girls at lunch
Tues 3/3- 2 hours indoor Cycling Glass
Wed 3/4 - 4 miles ran treadmill (included 6 X 400's at 6:00 pace, was going to do 800's but just not feeling so fresh)
Thurs 3/5 - 6.5 miles with girls at lunch
Fri 3/6 - 1000 meter swim (WAKE UP CALL THAT I NEED TO GET BACK TO SWIMMING REGULARILY), 2.5 hours riding at Rays Mtn Bike Park
Sat 3/7 - 44 mile outside ride! (Rainy!)
Sun 3/8 - Youngstown half marathon, 1:44:51 (7:59 pace)

Weekly Mileage
Ran-30 Miles
Biked - 74 road, 10 mtn
Swam - 1000 meters