Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Skinny

So why has Daisy been so quiet some might wonder?

Mainly it all relates to trying to focus on moving forward with my career.  I could not be more excited to announce that I am starting a new job on Monday.  I will be focusing on Client Service at a growing financial services firm in Beachwood.  This is super huge for me.  Mainly it was a change that I needed to make, but I think it will be so healthy for me in that my commute will be cut in half and the bonus is that my main gym with my pool is right in Beachwood about a mile away....can you say BONUS??!!!  Plus a million other bonuses I am not getting into like not paying for parking, etc, etc!!!  :-)  SOOOOO EXCITED!

Other than that, January was super busy with CTC firming up club sponsors.  On the team front with local NEW TEAM BICYCLE HUB, I am heading up building the new local team bicycle hub pride!!  (Yes, I have become obsessed with Big Cats on APL so I am calling us a lion pride...yet I still can't decide if I am a bigger cheetah or leopard fan).  We have a very excited group of teammates and over the winter, we had indoor rides at the shop.  I could not have been more excited about the turnout which was HUGE and we had an absolute blast.  We ended the sessions last night with having a social after class at Willoughby Brewing Company!  (my first time there which is hard to believe...sweet place!)

Still training a lot but being sick the past week has cramped my style a tad.  I am pretty excited about turning the page and hope to be posting more!  Planning to run Mill Creek Classic (Youngstown) 1/2 marathon Sunday.  I can't believe March is here..the month where all the kewl kids were born ;-)  The following weekend is my favorite running race of the year ...ST MALACHI!!!!  I might be a little excited about it!  In other news, after some discussion with coach, I think I am going to table running the full marathon in Toledo in April.  I would be lying to say I did not really want to do it and I must say the training was going AWESOME, but marathons do take a toll on the body and with my A race at TTT being one month later, it is probably not the smartest move.  So I am resolved to focus on my big picture!!!  LOOK OUT TTT!

I will leave you with some pics from Wednesday at Rays MTB where one of my BFFs and teammates, EP and I broke the women';s (and MENS) record on the pump track posting up a whooping 208 laps each.  (My lower back might have paid for that a bit!)  Oh I do love that place!!!