Thursday, January 19, 2006

Day One

Yup, this is a first and not sure how consistent I will be here, but just wondered how the heck this stuff works, so figured I might as well try.

This may look somewhat familiar to those who received my christmas letter, yes I did one this year, strange isn't it???

Well Dear Close Friend/Relative/Random Reader:

We’ve now lived in our house in for about a year and a half which has turned out to be our busiest time yet. This new home has been an experience in and of itself getting used to living out here in Amish country. By the way, according to the Amish, what do you call a man with his arm up a horse’s butt? A mechanic  For those of you who are not fortunate enough to be in the land of buggy DUI’s, we also have had to improve the way we motor on down these country roads to avoid buggies, pedestrians dressed in black, and a sea of steamers that often turn our white vehicles brown (still have not quite mastered this one).

And on the fun subject of being homeowners… We have since spent all our money, time, energy, and more money repairing, redecorating, and adding on a large deck. We are proud to say that the work is almost 1/2 done…we have the first floor minus a bathroom done, but have the second floor and then some to go! Happily we can report that we there were only a few mishaps to Joey including being shocked, falling off chairs, a ‘lucky’ landing between the deck joists (OUCH!), and numerous other injuries.

Guess we should also mention our big news of the year of which everyone most likely already knows (if not- sorry, the wedding invite must have got lost in the mail)…. we have made it through 7 plus successful months of marriage! Just last year about this time Joey finally bit the bullet and proposed on Christmas Eve. Before he could change his mind, four months later on April 30th we tied the knot. Fortunately thanks to some wonderful planning  all went off without any major problems…and by some stroke of luck we even managed to catch our very early morning honeymoon flight the next day! Barely!!!

As 2005 closed I reflect that it was a yet another year of wonderful memories…the poolside frozen drinks on the honeymoon, the karaoke at the Corn Party, the fierce competition in the Ping-Pong and Washers tournaments, the scary blue men at the Halloween Party (oh wait, that was my parents), the roar of the Ducati exhausts, and the hard laugh we get watching Matches chasing and biting his tail so hard that he yanks his legs out from underneath of himself. Aghh, good times!!