Thursday, January 31, 2008

The insatiable hunger!

This AM hit the gym for 5 Miles on the treadmill with E. I was starving and after a quick shower I made it to the office to have my normal, a bowl of Kashi Go Lean Cereal, the natural sweetened muligrain clusters kind, with some organic milk. That was gone by 8:30.

By 10:30 I was hungry again so I my daily snack stand-by, some 1% lowfat cottage cheese and an apple. I usually try to have some protein and some carbs.

Then 12:00 came and I was already a bit hungry, but it was not lunch time, but time for hard bodies class.

There we are working out and this smell starting to permeate the room. Some sort of fine smelling food was starting to overwhelm us as we worked out.

The funny thing was all of us seemed to have our own idea as to what it was. The instructor thought it was a turkey club, one girl said beef, I thought for sure it had to be pizza.

All normal people are out stuffin their face with delicious food on their LUNCH breaks and here I am just working out, starving to death and just smelling it...waaa!

So with mouths drooling we continued our workout. Thank goodness the smell went away or maybe we just got used to it. Yet, my hunger did not.

I returned to the office for lunch just after 1:30 to make my normal Cambell's Select Soup. You see this is my lunch everyday as it is cheap and easy plus it satisfies the protain and carb criteria. For the last several months my way of breaking up the monotony of it all is switching back and forth between chicken noodle and vegetable. Both are around 200 calories and 2 grams of fat.

This week the store was out of vegetable. So goes my "variety" for the week.

After my 4th day in a row of eating chicken noodle soup in a row and smelling that yummy unknown food, lunch did not do it for me AT ALL! I am still starving. It is about time for another afternoon snack...maybe more cottage cheese and an apple. Thank goodness my dinners are not so boring!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mad Monday Update 1/18

Ok so I am late again, but ya know how the saying goes! Better late than never!

M 1/21 - 4 miles treadmill at home
T 1/22 - 3 miles treadmill AM (23:45~increasing 1 min intervals 6.5 up to 8.5)
500 M Swim
45 minute kickboxing class at lunch
W 1/23 - 46 min easy run AM with E's (~4.5 miles)
2 miles easy on treadmill (~18 min), Upper Body Weight Workout
R 1/24 - 1100 M Swim AM
60 Min Hard Bodies Class at lunch
F 1/25 - 750 M Swim
S 1/26 - 50 K Winter Buckeye Run

Weekly Totals---------------

Swim 1.5 Miles
Bike 0
Run 44.5 Miles
Weighting Training - 2 sessions

Monday, January 28, 2008

Winter Buckeye 50K Report

Friday night I spent the evening carb loading at Jimmy Dadonna's in Solon with my family. Tons of penne pasta, marinara, and of course their garlic dough balls!

Thankfully I got a good night of sleep and popped up ready to go Saturday morning. As I put my waist camelback on I had the realization that I must not have shut the lid properly as water went everywhere. I was not even running but had a damp right foot. Thankfully I was more than prepared. I chucked the camelback in a bag and grabbed my water bottle belt and threw some nutrition in the back.

The morning seemed a bit warmer than I expected and I said hi to all the local trail friends I have come to know over the training and lined up ready to go. Shortly after 7, Tanya blew the whistle and we were off. Marathoners and 50 K runners out toward the Brandywine loop (approx 5 miles) and half marathoners headed toward the Pine Lane Loop (approx 8 miles). By the end of the day I would run the Brandwine loop 3 times and the Pine Lane Loop 2 times for the approximate total of 31 miles.

Thankfully with the snow and the coming sunrise, lights were not needed. Elizabeth, Amie and I started down the towpath and the talking started immediately! As we started up the first big hill we started walking. It still feels strange to get these breaks when a run is just starting, but I won't say they bother me!

Conditions on the whole were pretty good. There was a nice base of snow and ice which was not deep (thank goodness) and obviously there was no mud to contend with. The only bummer was that we could not do the river crossing on the Brandywine loop due to icy conditions. Being that I have already fell on that crossing before in icy conditions, I can totally understand why.

The first loop went by relatively quick and in that time I had worked up quite a sweat. I pitched the jacket and decided I also did not feel like carrying my water bottle as I figured I would just drink at the aid stations which were never more than 4 miles apart.

We were in good spirits and Mr. Skin thought he would be funny guy and pass us so he could say he was ahead of us...he actually remained ahead for much of the course as we took our time at the stops.

On the first trip through Boston store I had some water and caught up with my girls Beth and Melissa while A hit the RR (her first trip of many!). Beth got the line of the day as I stood around chatting and she looked at me and said, "so ughh Janet, you realize you still have a marathon to run."

E and I took off at an easy pace waiting for A to catch up. With shedding my coat and all my sweat, I needed to get running as the cold seems to catch up to me fast when I stop for a bit. We chatted along and as usual I had a little stumble which my hands hit the ground and like a sprinter I was off as if nothing had happened. So we will call that my only half fall for the day!

Upon hitting Pine Lane I hit the restroom and grabbed a half a PBJ and some water. The PBJ hit the spot!! And then A caught back to us and the us three amigas were back off again!

A had took a fall into the creek crossing and was all wet. I would later see someone almost go down just as she said she did. I particularily enjoyed the out and back nature of the course and passing everyone multiple times. It is good to see friends and also you always can tell where you are.

The course is quite hilly, some areas with steps. A few trees had come down and there was one in particular which was quite huge and on my way back from Pine Lane back to Boston store, I went to lift my right leg up over the top top and thought I had pulled my groin right there. With a few steps all was fine, but I vowed I was not about to tackle it the same way the next time through.

As we hit Boston store I chatted with the MT and BH for awhile over some blue Rockstar that I had brought. YUM!! We even took a pause for a picture. E assisted the male leader with a bandaid for a bad blister.

As we headed off toward Brandywine all things were going smoothly. It was fun watching the half marathoners finish strong (Good job Monica and Eric!)! Yet we had some quite aways to go!

As we looped back I chatted with BM from teampr for awhile and before I knew it, I was back at Boston store. After some more Rockstar, E & I started walking, waiting for A to catch up after another pitstop. I decided I was going to go ahead and start running.

I had saw Mr Skin up the way and figured I would go bug him for a bit. After catching up to him we chatted for a moment and then I just fell into my own pace. Once I hit the Pine Lane stop, I hung around a bit munching on some pretzels and decided I would have some coke too. I should note I have more trouble than anyone I know with my stomach and bathroom issues, but the whole day I just ate whatever I felt like, not my normal gels and cliff blocks. Yet, I felt great the whole time and did not even have to go to the bathroom except for #1 the whole time. I guess the ultra slower pace is a whole lot kinder to my stomach than my normal pace!

After a bit, I decided I would just start my way back on my own. I thought I would not enjoy running this by myself at all but for some reason at this point I did not mind. It is just so pretty and I was dialed in to the ground ahead of me. Sometimes my mind would wander and I would think, "geez I've already ran like 22 miles and still have 9 to go." I would try to shake that off and think just one more loop left. I was feeling fine and just kept a nice steady pace. All of a sudden I heard breathing behind me and a female passed me. She went on to win the race for the females. I knew she was tough as I watched her in the distance still runnning up some big hills.

I had gotten behind one guy and the two of us chatted the next few miles with a stop at Boston store. The Brandwine loop always seemed to go by fast and I knew the way back was mostly downhill so I was plodding along just fine. I was enjoying watching the finishers come down the other direction like Lloyd who passed with a smiile. As we climbed the last hill I saw the female who had been out in front pretty much all day...still smiling! Shortly thereafter I saw KM coming down after her and wondered who would be legging it out for the win.

As I hit the turnaround I just let things start to fly. One guy made me laugh that I kept passing. He kept telling me that I was getting stronger every time he saw me. It is amazing what a boost little comments like this can give ya. At this point I was heading into the finish line. I passed E and A, and E said if I pushed I could break 5:40. Holy crap, 5:40....I was planning to be excited about breaking 6, so that was major icing on the cake. That and the fact that I knew I was in third, so I kept running harder. By the time I hit the towpath I was thankful I did not see anyone close to me b/c I know I would have been tempted to chase, but I did not, so I just cruised it in with a time of 5:37.

As I got done I felt unbelievably fine. I did not have the aches I am used to after a marathon is this was further. Did I mention that I now really love trails???

Afterwards I grabbed my bag out of the car and came back just as E & A were finishing. I also saw Barb as she was heading out for her last Brandwine loop.

Upon finishing we got the best free race shirt ever...these green jackets!

Final thoughts-

-One thing E, A, & I talked about is that sometimes races should have an '*' by them to explain the time.

-A should get a * as that girl is tougher than nails to run a whole ultra with major bathroom issues. Even with all her stoppping, she still finished with a very respectable time of 5:53.

-E should get a * too. She put aside her competitive side for the whole race to support her friend A and with her to the finish. So sorry ladies to leave you after 18!

-Thanks to E and M, who finally inspired me to try a 50K, something I never thought I would do. There will be more of these in my future!

-Trail runners are awesome. It is amazing the support I heard and smiles nonstop I witnessed out there on the course. Training and meeting so many new people was just great and congratulations to all the other people out there on the day.

-A's boyfriend, Todd, shocked everyone with a 2nd place finish. Congrats!!! No wonder why he always left us in his dust on the trails...that kid is fast!

- Winking Lizard is a great post race venue!

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Day Before

Big day on tap for tomorrow! Weather forecast for the race is a starting temperature of 16 (supposed to feel like 8) and warm up to 23 (and feel like 13) and some snow showers of course! Yet after a few days of running recently when it has been below zero with the wind chill this should not be too bad. Actually I think it is good that we will have the frozen conditions versus the mud!

All in all I am pretty excited about the whole thing! Training is done and went good and I will be out there with my pals on the course! You get a bunch of us chatting and the miles are sure to fly by. No crazy time goals for this one, just to finish, feel good and have fun!

Tonight I got to pack up my stuff and try to make sure I bring anything I may want. I am planning to relax this evening and actually refrain from any Friday night beer. I will save the beer for after the race when we head to Winking Lizard to celebrate our conquering of the ultra distance!!!!

Last night I hit the Don Pablos for some mexican beers/margaritas and food before heading over the check out Spirit of the Marathon. While I found it interesting and well done, my husband fell asleep a couple times. Guess it is one of those movies that mainly only runners appreciate! After watching it, I am even more pumped up about this weekend's run!!!! Bring it on!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Taper Randomness

I really wish I could run faster, so I could try to run behind Lance the whole way through Boston Marathon! Oh it was a happy moment this week when I learned my favorite man, besides my hubby, of course :-), would be at the same marathon as me!!!! I wonder if there is any possibility of meeting him.....I did not know it was possible for me to get any more excited about Boston weekend!!!!!!!!!

My typical morning is being curled up in my bed and a half hour before my alarm is set to torment my ears, I wake up only to realize I have to go to the bathroom so bad. I roll over just wanting to go back to sleep. Then PO'd I get out of bed, walk all the way downstairs, go, climb back upstairs, and pull the covers over my head. Then it seems like 30 seconds later my stupid alarm clock goes off.

I hate when I don't pack my clothes the night before. I wake up in the morning and try to figure out two workout outfits and what to wear to work while scratching my head in a total daze. It stinks even more when you are walking around trying to figure it out and you stub your toe. Then you are running late and you stub your toe again. Sh!t, at least you are awake now!

Hottubs rule! So does swimming with your friend!

Tonight my non-running husband gets bonus points. He is coming to dinner with my running friends and then we are all going to see Spirit of the Marathon! YEAH, I am excited!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

National Pie Day - January 23rd

Now if there was ever a day we should be celebrating it is today!

National Pie Day - January 23rd
Created by the American Pie Council, National Pie Day is dedicated to the celebration of pie. As part of our American heritage, this day is a perfect opportunity to pass on the love and enjoyment of pie eating and pie making to future generations.

To celebrate National Pie Day share the warmth of the ultimate "comfort food" by giving the gift of pie to a friend or neighbor. Your generosity will be long remembered.

If pie making is not in your schedule, stop by your favorite pie shop or grocery store and bring home a gift of love and enjoyment for the whole family. The coldest of January days will be warmed by a special pie dessert.

I may just have to visit my favorite little Amish restauarant, Mary Yoder's in Middlefield tonight in honor of this day. They have this peanut butter pie which is fantastic. Yet, I must admit that lemon merang is my absolute favorite, followed closely by pumpkin pie, apple crumb pie and the blackberry pie. My husband usually prefers the strawberry rhubarb pie. I am a huge fan of a scoop of vanilla icecream with my pie too. Unfortunatey I am trying to eat healthy and probably should not have any pie!

"Eat pie. Whether you make it yourself, buy it at a supermarket or bakery or order it at a restaurant, perform a random act of pieness on yourself and enjoy some pie on National Pie Day – it’s great with lunch, dinner or as a late-night snack."

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mad Monday Update 1/21

Yeah so I am a day late and always a dollar short, but so goes the life of a spender!

Taper is now in full effect and it was nice to have an easy weekend!

Monday 1/14 - 7 miles Ran Treadmill, Lifted Bi's, Tri's, Shoulders
Tues 1/15- 5 miles ran outside with Salty in cold
Wed 1/16 - 6 miles ran treadmill(~51 min), 2 hours, 10 min-Excel Cycling Class
Thurs 1/17 - 5 miles ran treadmill (~43 min), 1 hour hard bodies class
(Tired legs today as ran last 7 consecutive days totaling 64 miles)
Friday 1/18 - 1 mile swim
Sat 1/19- 9 miles Buckeye Trail
Sun 1/20 - 8 miles outside at N. Chagrin in bitter cold

Taper Weekly Totals-
Ran: 40 Miles
Bike: 45 Miles
Swam: 1 mile
Lifted: 2 days

I'm out, no fun things today. I am watching this bearish stock market on CNBC with these rate cuts and am too busy shaking my head at the dismal state of affairs.

Thursday, January 17, 2008



When I was a kid I HATED chili. My mom would make it and I would turn up my nose. Mainly I did not like kidney beans, but I have come to learn I just didn't like my mom's chili and therefore would not try other chili. Sorry mom!

Yet mom always made me eat things I did not like and I would pick out every kidney bean in my chili and fill my bowl with crackers trying to drown out the taste of the yucky chili. I detested lima beans even more growing up and I got sick at the kitchen table after being forced to eat them....I think that was more to prove my point that I hated them!

Yet as I have aged I have started to like more things. I decided it was time to try some chili again as it sounded like a great healthy meal that was on the Body for Life program I was following a few years back. I use the leanest of meat, throw in some veggies and let's not forget the hot sauce!!! I always avoid all good things to keep it healthy--no sour cream, no cheese, no crackers!

Over the years I have perfected what I consider to be the best chili and I usually make it a couple times a month now. Friday my hubby and I made a huge pot and I had two bowls as it tasted oh-so-good! Then after Saturday's long run, the easist thing was to heat up another bowl. Then I took what was left to work on Monday and ate chili for lunch Mon, Tues and Wed.

Let's just say my system is PO'd with the amount of chili I have been eating and it is time for a break. WARNING, take my advice...don't eat chili 5 out of 6 days in a row...only bad can come of it!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Prepare for my winter time blues rant!

I think I have said it before but I will say it again. I hate winter. I hate dark. I was not made for Ohio, but this is where I am destined to live for at least the next 30 years or so.

Last week was such a tease! Salty, E , JP and I went for our lunchtime run in shorts and tanks in the 65 degree weather only to be stopped and interviewed by a news crew.

"So what do you think about this weather?" We gave some answer about it being great and like being able to get out and run with friends.

Camera pans up and down to show our legs.

"What would you say to people who can't believe the weather?" I smile and say, "You never know what happens in Cleveland" to which the camera man adds or in New Orleans...poor lil Bucs the night before!

Fast forward one week. Salty emailed Monday about running outside and I said I would go Tuesday as I has already ran Monday. Tuesday came and it was friggin nasty out. I had slept in as I just felt off Monday night as I was soooo cold for some reason and it made my body just ache! Thankfully I awoke feeling just fine after my long night of sleep and set out to brave some snowy roads during rush hour which meant one long annoying drive. Blah! Seriously folks, you live in NE OH and should be used to it by now! An hour and 15 minutes later I arrive 15 minutes late to work.

Salty emails to confirm our run and I am never the type that likes to back out on something I have committed to, so I go ahead with the plan thinking it is rather icky out. I tell my boss I am out to run and he says I am crazy that it is nasty out there today. "Yeah, I am tough, I can handle it," I think to myself.

I walk outside and the winds are just roaring off the lake. I look at my Blackberry. Maybe she'll cancel. The snow and wind just seems to keep circling where the snow that is coming down with a vengeance keeps pelting me from every angle. No message to cancel ever came.

I hit the door of my gym to go change. Aghh, that is nice! Am I really about to go back out there to run? Nutz, but let's get to it. Now changed, I run down the street to meet Salty. The wind was fierce so we headed down to the Flats. For the most part, it was not too bad. Yet, there were mutliple sections where the snow felt like it was just ferociously trying to eat my eyeballs and I could barely keep them open as they watered in pain. Several times I felt like I could barely see and my makeup ran into my eyes and burned some more. Why the heck did I leave my yellow sunglasses in the car? Idiot! I whimpered along whining about my eyes as Salty seemed so tough as though nothing could slow her down.

Thankfully Salty and I could both see the guy who didn't see us until the last minute when he locked his brakes up as he slid through the stop sign. We weren't about to chance he might actually stop at the stop sign (like he is supposed to), let alone look for pedestrians. Waht sort of nut is out running around on a day like that anyways??

Our legs were all covered up, our noses were red, our hair and clothes were covered with snow, our makeup was running....thank goodness there were no cameras today!!! Was that not a hawt picture for the news?? What a difference a week makes and what a tease! :-(

Finally we made it back and I heard from 3 other folks at the gym that it was just crazy to go outside to run that day. Yeah I am just a bad arse and can handle it....I won't tell them how I really felt! Yet, another good war story for the telling and thanks to Salty for getting my woosie butt out there! Still, I hate you winter!

My drive home took forever too thanks to more snoey roads and stupid drivers. Finally at one point I hit the right lane as was able to pass about 10 cars at once. Hello, slow people, USE THE RIGHT LANE!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Mad Monday update-1/14/08

Monday again, sigh! So on to the fun stuff.

Last week was another busy week. It was my last long training week in terms of long runs before I start this week's taper!!! The last three weekends have been huge weekends and I am just not going to know what to do with myself having a long run this weekend that can be done in under two hours!

All in all, I must say that the long trail runs have been going great and feel ready for my go at the 50K. We have had all conditions, snowy, icy, and again this week, very muddy! I was an idiot and forgot to change my shoes when I got there and had the realization that I had on a pair of my retired Kayanos about 1.5 miles in. So I switched them after the first 5 mile loop. However it was too late, as they were already a muddy mess. I have learned muddy shoes=stinky shoes and icky feet and need to elaborate.

M 1/7- AM 1050 Meter Swim
Lunchtime 5 Mile Run in gorgeous warm weather with Salty & E
T 1/8- AM 60 Min Spin Class
5.25 M lunchtime run with Salty, E, and JP (we were even on the news in our
shorts and tanks in January!!!!)
W 1/9- Lunchtime 5.75 run with Salty (a pathetic attempt at a track workout on my
behalf due to lack of speedwork and dead legs!)
R 1/10 Rest
F 1/11 6 Mile treadmill run at home
S 1/12 23 Mile muddy Buckeye Trail Run
S 1/13 12 Mile ran with SERC

Weekly Totals
S~ .65 Mile
B~ 63 Miles
R~ 57 Miles
* Missed lifting / core workouts.

Other notes-Started seeing Dr. Keyes ART chiro for piliformis, hip flexor and IT. 2 sessions last week which really helped loosen things up a bit. Darn left leg always full of issues but I have have resolved in this new year have a new healthier body!

AND last but not least, kudos to my buddy, Nathan on his 2nd marathon finish at Disney and my ole roomie, Shannon on her half finish at AZ!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tales of the fat cat!

First came my golden retriever, Matches. Although I like to play with Matches, he has gotten slightly overweight.

A year and a half later and with a ton of begging from me, we finally brought home a cute lil kitten and named him Zippo, in keeping with our doggie name choice.

Zippo is a funny cat who loves to lay on our clean clothes or sometimes my head as he has learned I am a sucker and will let him get away with most anything.

I always thought you left food out for the cat and that he would eat what he needs, but apparently my cat thinks he is always hungry and his belly continues to grow. Our friends often ask if we are sure he is a boy kitty and is not pregnant. "No, he is just fat," we say.

Zippo runs around the house like mad and it sounds as though our 60 pound dog is the one upstairs instead of our "dainty" lil kitty.

But the other night, I awoke about 3:30 in the morning to hit the bathroom and gave Zippo a pat on the head as I hit the top of the stairs. Still half asleep, I crawled back into my warm bed and snuggled up with the ole man.

Less than a minute later the booming crash of falling objects and broken glass jolted my husband and I up. I did not need to look. I already knew what happened.

Fat cat Zippo had jumped his prego belly up on our shelves and proceeded not only to bring down the shelf he jumped on, but completely ripped the unit out of the wall. Broken glass such as my Chili Bowl mug and candles hit the top of the stairs and some continued on down to the bottom. BAD KITTY!!!

So we cleaned and swept glass for the next 30 minutes. I think it is diet time for him!!!

(Notice holes to the left of shelfs where the second shelfing unit used to be)

Yes, it was a giant wake-up call the cat is indeed too fat!! Well as I have not figured out yet what I am going to do with his diet or the dog's for that matter, I have made some refinements in mine since 1/2/08. I have consciously been trying to make healthier choices and am now down 5 pounds. Now to just stick with it!

Only one major bad meal which was last night where I let myself have a cheeseburger, fries and a few beers....but come on, I did run for over 5 hours that day!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Mad Monday Update

OK so the title is a takeoff on my boy, Jim Cramer (what can I say, when you watch CNBC all day in my industry, he can bring a smile to my face with his antics!), but essentially this will be a weekly Monday post to wrap up the entire prior week. This is yet another attempt to force myself to track my mileage a bit better. I am also planning to try to start inputting all mileage into coolrunning....maybe I can track my miles all year! Now is the time to start!

M 12/31 13 M Ran with SERC
T 01/01 off
W 01/02 5 M Ran ~40 min treadmill pyramid
R 01/03 4 M Ran~31 min treadmill pyramid, Lifted Bi, Tri, Shoulders, Abs
F 01/04 45 Min Stat Bike~15 miles, Lifted Back, Chest
S 01/05 24 Mile Run (21 Buckeye Trail, 3 towpath)
S 01/06 10.5 Mile Run (North Chagrin)

Total for week-
Swim: 0
Bike: 15 Miles

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ringing in the New Year

First off the cool trail pics from my last post were sent to me from my ole high school buddy, Nathan, who just started a blog. Feel free to give him a shout out here (

This year we rang in the New Year over at my sister's house with a pajama party!

I sported some skull pajama bottoms and a shirt that said "WHERE'S THE AFTERPARTY?" I suppose perhaps the shirt sealed my fate for the evening as I barely made it to midnight.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

As I look to 2008, I am already excited about the year. First and foremost on the calendar is the Winter Buckeye 50K. The long runs are going well. This weekend was jam packed with fun filled running!

Saturday woke up before the crack if dawn to meet up with the Vertical Runner Group which planned to run-

Begin at Lock 29 at 6:30am

Head up the "Brick Hill" to Pine Lane
Via the Buckeye Trail to the Boston Store
Loop the Winter 50K Brandywine Falls Loop
Then take the Buckeye Trail north to Blue Hen Falls
Next we will head on the trail to Buttermilk Falls
Pop out behind Boston Mills Ski Resort
Take Riverview Rd back to the Boston Store
Finish up the run by taking the Valley trail back to Pine Lane
Enjoy the downhill finish back to Lock 29

For a total of 17-18. We modified the plan slightly as instead of the down hill finish we backtracked the Pine Lane loop aways and then ran down to Lock 29 and tacked on 3 miles of towpath so we could finish with approximately 22 for the day.

It was a bit dark when we started! Thank goodness I had my trusty lil flashlight!

One of the fun river crossings! You can see from the M's running pants that it was a wee bit muddy that day!

We are so dirty perhaps we should rinse off in that waterfall!

Yes, as you can perhaps tell from the pics, I am certainly enjoying this trail running! Not only is it gorgeous and working different muscles than just the road pounding, the fun of passing the time along the trails with friends just cannot be beat!

After getting in 22 Saturday, I ran an easy 6 by my lonesome Sunday and then hopped on the trainer for an easy 45 minute spin so I could catch the end of Ocean's 13 (which was pretty darn good!). Monday, I ran with my running club, serc on our 13 mile holiday run. Decked out in my shorts, tall socks and pigtails, I ran the rolling hills. Despite the bet that 3 women were supposed to try to beat one of the guys, I decided with my never ending chest cold, it was just not the day for me to press too hard. It was all good as I had the chance to run with MT and we bantered about what was new and the fact that her crazy butt went ahead and signed up for the Burning River 100. 50 K for me perfectly sane, idea of 100 miles, perfectly crazy in my mind! Funny how this logic seems to change over time!