Monday, September 29, 2008

First athetic event in 18 years!!!!

Ok this will be brief but in the hopes of getting something down....

Saturday, Five Fast Femme Fatale Freiks ran as a 5 person female relay team again in the Akron Mary. This marathon does such a nice job of putting together this marathon! Top notch for sure!

Anyways, I ran the 2nd relay leg which was a 5K on account that I was planning to race the following day on my mtn bike. I got the bracelet from MB after her nice 10K run and took off like a bat outta hella passing people and loving it! There are several short climbs out of the gate and a mile in, I was already wheezing terribly and wishing I had hit my inhaler (dummy!). Apparently even the the morning was cool, it felt humid too me and the air felt incredibly thick. I slowed down and forced my legs to carry me forward and try not to disappoint my girls. I felt like my legs were lead weights (and they subsequently got really sore) and I wondered if my leg muscles were also feeling the effects of my labored breathing and O2 defcit. ????

As I approached the relay exchange point I saw my teammate Aime about a 100 yds from the exchange zone exclaiming she did not expect to see me so soon. I said drop your crap and hustle that butt up there! Thank goodness she did as I was happy to be done with my leg. Anyways I ran my 5K with an official time of 21:16 (~6:50 pace) which was 8 seconds slower than last year. I then coughed the rest of the day after destroying my lungs breathing too hard!

My girls all tied together great runs and we managed to finish with a time of 3:05:30 (~7:04 pace). Yet again, them darn KSU girls got us again so we ended up 2nd again! So all in all we were 2/102 5 person female relay teams and 18/848 of all relay teams. I am so proud of all 4 of my other teammates for doing so well!!! Perhaps third time will be a charm!

Moving on to Sunday...West Branch Mountain Bike Race!!!

My husband participated in his first athletic event in 18 YEARS!!!! (This time he coughed the rest of the day after breathing too hard!)

All went well for both of us. I had signed up for the novice (1 loop) class after debateing all week between that one and the sport class (2 loops). The only thing was I ended up being the only female of 10 (all of which who looked pretty experienced) that did the beginner class. They sent me off with the seniors and pretty quickly I started to pull ahead of some of them and went on to pass several guys in a few of the classes that went off before me. Sorry boys, but it is funny when people say 'Sorry go ahead man only to realize they are being passed by a chick!'

So I put in a decent effort but knowing there was no one I was technically racing against, I probably did not push as hard as I could have. I still enjoyed every minute of it!

It was amazing the amount of bikes down through the race course with flats and other mechnanical issues. Totally stinks for them! I saw one particular guy down who I knew and I was bummed as he should have done really well!

At the end of the day both my husband and I had fun out there and completed the course with no problem! We have come along ways but there is still so much work to catch up to all of those other riders who have WAY more experience than us. I need to work hard on all the technicals and getting smoother. Good thing is we are both highly motivated to keep going out there and working on it! We both met our goals and enjoyed trying something new. I hear Ohio Mtn Bike Assoc is working on a 5 race series next summer ....hmmmm!!!

Mad Monday 9/29/08

To the best of my memory....

After overdoing it last Sunday with the 20 mile run, 17 mile bike and field day activity, I could not even sleep Sunday night and felt crappy the first part of the week.

Monday 9/22 - 6 mile recovery run with E
- 5 miles mtn biked at West Branch (half of the norm but I was so tired and just making dumb errors and just called it a day while I was still ahead.

Tuesday 9/23
- 6AM-Track workout attempt take 1--total 3 miles- tried to do 800's but totally not in me, decided to try again at lunch.
- Noon-Still felt like crap. Did some 600's (still behind pace) and called it a day after 3 miles.

Wednesday 9/24
- noon-8 mile run at 8:40 ish pace with E
-10 mile mtn bike, feeling much better than Monday!

Thursday 9/25
-5 mile run with CV & E 6x25 sec striders, stretching session

Friday 9/26 -off

Saturday 9/27- 2 mile w/u plus 5k leg of Akron relay -5 miles

Sunday 9/28-10 miles (1 mile w/u, 9 mile race) on mtn bike


Ran-30 miles
Mtn Biked-25 miles

Friday, September 26, 2008


Bird Marathon Eve....

Tomorrow morning will be an early one as I meet with my ladies relay team as we prepare to tear up the course. We are all going to run good (& just maybe bring home a trpohy) and then celebrate!!! We are going to watch the many friends come in and cheer them on! An awesome day for sure!

Sunday I am sleeping in and then heading over to West Branch for my first moutain bike race which starts at 1 (weird racing not first thing in the morning). I haven't decided if I will race in beginner division (~10 miles I think) or intermediate (~20 miles I think). Either way, I am good and familiar with the course as this is where I ride on average twice a week. I guess I will bring my quarter and decide that morning. I keep flip flopping because on one hand, I am a beginner and maybe should just start with the short distance. On the other hand, I am familiar with the course and really don't feel endurance will be a problem. Hmmmm...

Ok back to get my work done before the fun begins!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mad Monday Update 9/22/08

Monday 9/15 -
30 minutes -stationary bike-10 miles
Upper Body Weight Workout
6 miles ran at lunch on treadmill (ladders) ~47:15

Tuesday 9/16 -
AM -6 miles on treadmill -10 X 400 repeats with 0.20 recovery (all 1:30, max treadmill speed, used incline 1)
lunch - 15 min stat bike (5 miles), lower body workout
PM -8.5 mile run with Akron Relay team ladies and E

Wed 9/17
10 miles mtn biked at West Branch---lots of trail carnage from hurricane

Thurs 9/18
Off--exercise consisted of picking up sticks in the yard!

Friday 9/19
Off-Never put off the morning workout as too many things seem to come up later in the day!

Sat 9/20
13 miles mtn biked

Sun 9/21
20 miles ran (5 mile loop @ 8 min miles, 15 mile loop at 8:40 ish min miles) with SERC
17 miles biked
FIELD DAY at CTC picnic!

Ran 40.5
Mtn Biked-23
Stat/ Road Bike-22

Last 20 miler done and now it is taper time!!! Loving the sunny weather and already looking forward to next weekend's Akron Marathon relay and West Branch Mtn Bike Race!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Did my first lower body workout Tuesday in well over a month, maybe two. Tried to take care to keep it easy.

3 sets of 12 lunges with 10 lb dumbbells, rotate weights forward on the lunge to more effectively target my behind
3 sets of 12 squats with 10 lb dumbbells
3 sets of 12 calf raises with 10 lb dumbbells

And walla, so sore (my poor sore bootay)! Debating whether to add these in once or twice a week now or if they will make me too sore and maybe I should wait until after the marathon on 10/12.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More fun still to come!

Since a couple of you asked.....

Here is the rest of my 2008 race schedule as I see it. I am really hoping to end the year on a high note and am happy to report that I am feeling as strong now as I have all year (after starting the year plagued with injuries).

- Sat 9/27 -Run Akron Marahton 5 female relay team-Running a 5K-Goal is to run hard and hopefully post a 2008 PR.

- Sun 9/28 - 1st Mountain Bike Race Ever at West Branch Crankfest-debating whether to register as beginner or intermediate. Beginner course is 1 loop (~10 miles), intermediate is 2 (~20 miles). Pretty excited for this!

- Sun 10/12 - Towpath Marathon- Goal is to run a 3:40 or better with Amie & Bridget!!! Perhaps if I feel good late in the race, I may pick it up a bit

- Finish Hermes RR series on 11/22 (Pigskin), 11/27 (Turkey Trot) and 12/6 (Reindeer Run)

Other options I am considering-

* Another half (Stomp the Grapes or Fall Classic)
* Some du's-Clev Tri Club is putting on 3 in Oct / Nov; might participate in one but I may be too busy as I am in charge of them. Depends on volunteers.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mad Monday 9/15

I slept in until 8:15 yesterday and it felt sooo good. I think my body was begging to do it again today but I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed in time for a workout.

Last week went pretty good in terms of getting in the key workouts.

M 9/8 -6:40 AM- 9.5 miles stationary bike-30 min, abs, stretched

-1:00 PM- 5 mile recovery run with E

-6:45 PM - 10 Miles mountain biked at West Branch

T 9/9 -7:00 AM-4.5 miles ran including 1 mile w/u easy, 1 mile 6:23 pace, 1 mile 6:19 pace, 1 mile 6:15 pace. Paces felt easier than they usually do in the noon hour.

W 9/10
- 3:00 PM - 4 Mile easy run
-6:30 PM - 10 Miles mountain biked at West Branch

R 9/11
6:15 AM 9 miles ran PMP +
12:00 Easy 5 Miles ran

F 9/12
noon- 20 min stationary bike 6.5 Miles
upper body workout

S 9/13
15 mile run (2:02:02) ~8:08--splits prety even--This was run in the rain and let me tell ya I felt like my soaking wet shoes were lead weights. Thank goodness for my company!!!

S 9/14 -13.5 miles on road bike checking out upcoming du course, hello wind!

Weekly Totals
Ran 42.5 Miles
Mtn Biked -20 Miles
Road / Stationary Bike-29.5 Miles
Core/ Stength - 2 sessions

School being back in session gave me a kick in the butt to start back to morning workouts. Thanks kiddies!

Friday, September 12, 2008


9AM and I am still not feeling awake. I slept in today until 6:30 and had to sit in traffic in the rain which made me wish I had got my butt out of bed for a early workout. Yet, I did get my morning workouts in 3 of the 4 days that I worked downtown, so I will consider the week pretty successful.

My boss was commenting on my running twice yesterday and said, "It's going to catch up to you." "You're not as young as you think." "You're going to end up with osteoporosis and arthritis."

Whazzup with that? I am as young as I think!!!

And correct me if I am wrong but I believe one of the risk factors for getting osteoporosis is not getting enough exercise. I really doubt that should be an issue!

And on to the running causing arthritis comment, numerous studies are coming out directly conflicting that notion. From An Arthritis Foundation paper called "Exercise and Your Arthritis" a direct answer is offered as such- "The stronger the muscles and tissues around your joints, the better they will be able to support and protect those joints," it says. "If you don't exercise, your muscles become smaller and weaker." Furthermore, obesity is a major culprit in the onset of arthritis, and that runners do themselves a lot of good simply by keeping the pounds off. The medical community is slowly coming to accept that running is good for your joints, as well as your heart. And the evidence is growing.

So dare I say "IN YOUR FACE " to my boss??? Nah, not my style but I know who is in the right on this one!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mad Monday 9/8... a day late and dollar short as usual!

So last week I think I counted my Labor Day bike miles in the wrong that needs adjusted!

Labor day M 9/1 -21 Miles Mountain Biked at Mohican State Park

T 9/2 - 5.5 miles ran with Salty

W 9/3 - Track Workout 1K-2K-1K-1K First two went fine and I really dragged butt on the last two and was not up to par. 5.0 Miles Ran
- 10 Miles Road at West Branch on Mtn Bike

R 9/4 - 3 miles Ran Ladders, Upper Body Workout

F 9/5 - Off

S 9/6 - 7.5 miles ran including 20.52 5K
10 miles mtn biked at West Branch

S 9/7 - 15 miles ran including 1:40 half

Weekly Totals--------
41 miles mtn biked
36 miles ran
1 core session

I am 2 for 2 on morning workouts this week and I feel SOOO good about it!

M 9/8 -6:40 AM- 9.5 miles stationary bike-30 min, abs, stretched

-1:00 PM- 5 mile recovery run with E

-6:45 PM - 10 Miles mountain biked at West Branch

T 9/9 -7:00 AM-4.5 miles ran including 1 mile w/u easy, 1 mile 6:23 pace, 1 mile 6:19 pace, 1 mile 6:15 pace. Paces felt easier than they usually do in the noon hour.

Bonus-no AM traffic jams!!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

River Runs

Well I debated for most of the week and decided after the weekend was said and over I would probably be happiest if I was back on track to get the Hermes series I ran both the River Runs as part of the Hermes Road Race Series.

So the weekend unfolded as such-

Friday night my husband and I did dinner and a movie, Tropic Thunder, which I give two thumbs up! We have been meaning to see the movie for a couple weeks now and could never seem to find the time until now! We hit our fav Mexican restaurant and then caught the 7 PM showing so I could make it home by my bedtime!

Saturday I woke up bright and early to drive across town in the rain to run the River Run 5K. CV and I went out for a warm-up run and at 0.8 miles out, we turned around only to get lost and then have to pick up the pace to try to make it back to the start. After a spirited 2.5 mile warm-up, soaking wet with rain and sweat, we lined up near the front of the race. In no time we were off.

CV jumped out in front and I tried to stick with her. Up the first little across a bridge I pulled ahead and then CV quickly took the lead back. The first mile took quite a few turns and I came through at 6:36.

Now I haven't raced a 5K since my dismal Chili bowl showing in Feb where I fell apart and ran ~23 min. Last year I was consistently running around the 20:20 range. I had no idea what to expect today but I desperately wanted to not fall apart again!

At the first mile I felt done and was not sure how I was going to hang on for 2 more miles. I really think running 5Ks more consistently last year really helped me a lot in knowing my pacing and what I could handle and toughing out the pain! So back to the race. As mile 2 set in, another female passed us and started pulling away. I hung tight by CV. I was longing for that mile 2 (6:52) sign as I was hurting and think I have become a little soft this year and was not digging in the pain! By this time, angry Mexicans started doing their hat dance in my belly and I really wanted to be done. I ran through the pain and started to leg it out with CV as we made the turn into the finish line and she got me by a hair. Finish chip time 20:52. Ran a cool down and finished with 7.5 miles on the day.

CV and I finished 2nd and 3rd Overall females and made out with Plaques, Panera and Dick's gift certificates which made the drive worth it!!!

With a quick change of clothes I stopped at the store to pick up some gifts, rushed home to grab a shower, grabbed the husband, the cheeseball and crackers he made (gotta love how he helped me out since I as limited on time) and headed out to the Twins 2nd birthday party. After hanging out for a while and watching the girls LOVE the giant stuffed bunnies I gave them, I changed clothes to head out to meet some friends for mountain biking at West Branch. I took things pretty easy and did about 10 miles. Then grabbed another shower and hit my friend's bonfire for some more food! I was dragging by 10:30 and made it home about 11 where I was out cold as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The alarm rang early and after hitting snooze a couple times I dragged my butt out of bed for the River Run half. I decided I was going to target a 1:40~7:40 pace, which seemed like a fairly attainable pace which would not be too aggressive.

I ran a nice 2 mile warm-up with Bridget (no we did not get lost and yes we had plenty of time to spare!) and then with the start we were off. We ran together for a bit before we started running our own races.

Lap times-(avg Pace)
1 7:43
2 7:36
3 7:25
4 7:33
5 7:30
6 7:29
7 7:43 (first water)
8 7:38
9 7:47 (only hill)
10& 11 7:38
12 7:37
13 7:29
.1 6:17

Total Garmin 13.22 miles ~ 1:40:20 ~ 7:35 pace

How do ya like that consistentcY? This is HUGE for me as I have never ran a consistent half mary. I usually fade terribly. I took one gel and felt totally good the whole way. I just checked my PR and it seems according to my official chip time of 1:40:16, I PRd by 5 seconds. BONUS! The even bigger bonus is I remember how bad I felt that day and I actually felt pretty darn good the whole time Sunday!

Now that I think about it, I think I felt too good and should have worked harder!!! Oh well, next time! The only issue was both days I had very soaked shoes due to rain and so now I have some blisters on the bottom of my feet. That was the worst of my problems. I was going to run the extra 5 for my 20 but I felt like my weekends effort was fine so I let my blister ridden feet out of those last 5 miles. My blistered feet were not even digging the 1 mile walk to the car so it was probably good not to aggravate them any worse!

I was pretty much lazy the rest of Sunday besides texturing a ceiling (Yes, all by myself after watching my hubby closely last week). I was so tired I cashed out on the couch early which was all good because I got a good night's sleep and actually got up for the first time in over a month for a pre-work workout!!!

Now just 3 more Hermes races to go which I love--Turkey Trot, Pigskin and Reindeer!!! I will finish that series yet! I did miss not doing Potato Stomp and Portage Lakes but I am still happy with my choices for the weekend.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

If only I had more money and more time!!!!

So I have been scratching my head with what to do this weekend-

Items I have to do-
Sister's twins birthday party - 1 PM Saturday (wish this was at 4 so I had all day to play)
Friends Bonfire / Party -7PM Saturday

Things thinking about-
a) Friday night West Branch Moutain Biking
b) Need to get in a 20 miler SOMETIME this weekend

Saturday Choices

c) 9 Mile Potato Stomp in neighboring town of Mantua ($20) (PERK IS THAT IT IS CLOSE)
d) River Run 5K (part of Hermes RR series which I still could finish if I do 5 of the 6 races remaining) ($20ish)
e) Camp Manatoc Free Ride -mtn biking trails open this one weekend of the year with clinics, group rides, a swap meet and manufacturer demo bike test rides ($5)--THIS SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!

Sunday Choices

f) River Run 1/2 (part of Hermes RR series which I still could finish if I do 5 of the 6 races remaining) ($45)
g) Portage Lakes Sprint Du ($65) (for Fun & Repeat Possible win) (LOTS OF FRIENDS)

I am so torn and need to decide by the 5th so I can register. I really need to start tightening the purse strings so that is a consideration as I look at this stuff. So what should I do? I should have a nice chunk of time Friday, Saturday morning and Sunday morning. I also am trying to be somewhat cogizant of trying to not overdue things so I can perform pretty well. Hmmmm.........

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mad Monday Update 9/1...a day late!

Well another week following the FIRST training plan for my planned Towpath marathon in October. Pacing seems pretty close and while piriformis pain is always there, nothing is aggravating me too bad so that is good!

Mon 8/25 Upper Body Workout with CV and E (CV joined our gym which makes me super excited!)

Tues 8/26 -7.5 miles tredmill. w/u 2-1200's at 6:07 pace, fell apart on 3rd attempt (ran 800) and fourth (ran 400), then regrouped and backed off pace a bit running last 3 1200's on treadmill with build to the 6:07 pace [(1st 400 at 9.0)-(2nd 400 at 9.5)-(3rd 400 at 9.7)]

Wed 8/27-6 miles mtn biked at West Branch--went with some high school friends for their first time out this year and daylight cut us short

Thurs 8/28 -10 miles PMP (ran at 8:11 pace)

Fri 8/29 -12 miles mtn bikes at West Branch-cleared 3rd rock garden and long bridge for the first time. Saw the full expert section for the first time (don't even think I came close to riding most of it!)...lots more work to do!

Sat 8/30 -6 mile eay run~54 min

Sun 8/31 -15 miles (PMP +20 seconds ) Ran 15.1 at 8:33 pace

Mon 9/1 -22 miles mtn biked at Mohican State Park

Ran 38.5 miles
Mtn Biked 40 miles
1 core session