Friday, October 27, 2006

Time crunch!

So it seems hard to find the time to even look on the internet, let alone manage a post. I have been doing some quick browsing of my peeps when I have a minute but have rarely even taken the time to comment.

However, that does not mean I am still not trying to find time for training. First off I am proud to say that after more than a month off of swimming I hit the pool today for the first time at the new gym!!!! Aghh, 25 yards is way better than 15!!! Perhaps now I know what is up I will start to swim again on a regular basis...which I really really need to do!

Other than that, it has been some decent runs, spinnning classes, and weight training. The new gym had 2 free trainer sesssions so I took advantage of that. The trainer had me do a bunch of weight lifting which really got my heart rate up. I could really tell that I worked some different muscles and have been a good sore from that. I find it totally awesome to just get different folks perspectives on some different routines. I will definitely try to incorporate a few ideas of his.

Oh the duathlon last Saturday, I felt as though I was still not yet quite recover ed from the marathon as I was somewhat fatigued the entire time it seemed. It was a 2 mile run, 13 mile-ish bike, 2 mile run. My splits were 14:39/ 45:10/ 18:08-total 1:17:57. So not too bad. Finished 1 of 2 females. 9 of 15 overall.

In a hurry at the moment as usual as we are having huge Halloween bash thus weekend and heading out the door to shop.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Vow to self!!!

Must work on nutrition!

I always ensure I do what it takes to run/bike/swim what is nescessary to put me where I need to be. Now I need to use that sort of focus with my intake, as it seems to be causing me many too many issues. Definitely Goal #1 going forward!

Goal #2 recover and get IT Band and all other minor issues healthy!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Columbus Marathon Recap

Forgive any errors, wrote fast...

We will just start at the beginning. Last week I took this fantastic bootcamp class but unfortunately these crazy fast switching lounge moves resulted in a very bruised knee cap on my good leg. The IT band on my other leg still hurt, yet I have become accustomed to the pain. So despite these minor annoyances I was still pysched for my second marathon. My only other marathon was Columbus in 1998 and now I was heading back.

My husband, Joey and I hopped in the car for our 2.5 hour trip to Columbus. First stop, Starbucks for my non-fat Pumpkin Latte which was oh-so-delicious and then to my old college roomie, Liz's house just outside of Columbus. The 3 of us headed down to the expo which was stacked with people. After some browsing and grabbing things, we headed off to dinner at Bravo. After dinner we watched some movies and I hit the hay.

Race day woke up feeling pretty good. The three of us drove back into town as I ate a Clif Bar and I took in the excitement. It was the first time my husband and friend had been to an event like this. So many people, music, and a general excitement in the air when so many others are still in bed.

I made my way to the start and with the gun started off with the 3:40 pace group. Perhaps I should have started off slower....but I was feeling pretty good and figured if I had a shot I might as well try. The Clif Shot pacer was right on every mark. 5 miles in, I was right where I wanted at 41:52. The group was so big and there were so many people that with every water stop when I slowed it seemed like a challenge to get beck to the pacer. I hung with them until just after mile 7 when I felt my IT band grab. With 10 steps it seemed to feel better, yet I was now nervous and more than anything I just wanted to finish so I decided to slow down.

Just after 8, I spotted Joey and Liz and trotted over to shed my jacket and earwarmers. With a quick sweaty kiss (of course to Joey!!!) I was back off. About that time, the insides started to churn. Crap! I started looking for Port-O-Potties (POP) with no line, passed the half way marathon point at 1:55:18 which was not far off my half PR of 1:53. Then I made a stop at the POP and was back off.

About this time I started thinking that so many others had headphones and now I was running by myself and was really wishing I had mine. I started to think that now that qualifying for Boston was totally out of the question (even though it was a far-fetched notion I suppose now) I really did not care about how fast I finished, just so I did finish. My pace was really slowing.

I was feeling OK about this point but before long my insides announced they were not fine yet. About 15, I was in a lot of pain as I needed another POP. The one at 17 could not come soon enough and there was a line. It seemed like the longest line. I watched the 4 hr pace group go by and finally it was my turn. Then I realized why the POP line was moving slow, no TP. Just great, had to improvise. Finally I was back out. I kept alternating between feeling pretty good and picking up the pace to my numb aching balls of my feet, my super sore knees, and my knotted insides. One lady running by was encouraging...she said she should know something it was her 131st marathon...holy cow I thought! I marvelled over the many different people you see out on the course. The music along the course and fans helped. I was still really missing the headphones.

Finally to 20 now at 3:12:55, I ducked into the POP for a third time. I was excited to start counting down from that point. My pace was discouraging but everytime I picked it up, my insides seemed to get worse, so I just kept things slow and steady. Around 24 or 25 I thought about hitting the POP again, but I just kept trying to con my body into letting me just wait until the end. There was an older gentleman running with another man who yelled out in pain which really put it into perspective for me that I had no reason to whine. I think he had a cramp, but his running buddy was helping him through it.

I was so excited to round the final corner and see the finish line. I picked up the pace significantly for the last 200 and passed several people. After crossing the line, I was psyched and in a ton of pain. Total time 4:17:56 so a 9:51 pace. Total time in POP, way too much!

I do not recall feeling so spent after my first one. I was in a lot of pain. Walking was hard. Both knees were really sore. I think the balls of my feet were bruised. So many other things hurt too. I kept thinking I cannot imagine how the ironmen and women do this whole thing after swimming and biking so far.

All in all, my husband and Liz totally made the day with their support. I was so thankful for the crowd suppport & volunteers and all my training partners who have helped me to once again finish another marathon. 2006 time 4:17:56, 1998 time I will take that improvement. The thing here is given all of this races isssues, I know I can do better next be continued!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'm a marathoner ...again!!!

Yeah, so it was not the time I had hoped for....but given my lackluster training due to injury, I am not feeling guilty about my time as I was simply all-kinds-of-happy to simply finish. Heck it was only my second marathon and it has been eight years!

Total time for Columbus marathon 4:17:56 for a 9:51 pace. Pretty tired and very sore with some seriously upset insides still. Time spent in my 3 trips to the port-o-potties did not help me at all. I was just happy to keep the near-nescessary fourth port-o-potty trip at bay until after the race. Full race details later.......

Highlight of the day really was my college pal, Liz, and my hubby who were both totally supportive and made the whole experience that much more memmorable!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Changing Times!!!

So my news which I eluded to was that I have a new job. I was fortunate enough to have two very compelling offers and I really stressed myself out trying to pick between them. In the end, life is kind of funny. Back at the end of June when my old company down-sized, a growing company from upstairs took over our old office space when we moved. Well guess where I work now......????

Yup, back in my old office. And no, I did not accept the position just to get my shower back!! I started work Monday and have not showered there yet as I joined a gym 3 miles down the road which totally kicks butt. I am thinking I will let them get to know me a bit before they realize that, yes, I was that crazy running chick they always saw AND also that crazy chick who often rode the motorcyle to the office. They will figure it out soon enough I am sure!!!

So my training you may ask....
Well I have been putting in solid training with my runs. Last Wednesday night was my last New Vision Cycling night for the year as there are no more sessions on account of darkness. I am not sure what I hate more, darkness or cold.

My new gym has a pool. I don't know the distance for sure but it is way way bigger than the 15 yard pool I am used to. Now I just got to get myself motivated to go splash around for a while.

Also new for me, is spinning classses. I had never been to one until this week. However new gym offers them where my old one did not. I really thought I would totally kick butt in this 6AM completely full class. However, it totally kicked my ass. I have never been out of the saddle so much even with all my monster hill experience. I think it rained hard inside the club judging from the puddle under my bike by the time I was done.

At any rate, this new atmosphere has been fun. Over the weekend hit the trails for a muddy, hilly 13 miles. It went pretty well as I am just getting used to dealing with some knee pain.

This weekend I am getting excited to head out to the Akron towpath marathon to do some running and cheer on some friends. Getting so nervous as I am inside of two weeks for Columbus!

Lastly just wanted to send major props to all my local peeps who kicked butt at the Akron marathon in less than ideal conditions!!!