Thursday, December 22, 2011

Trails, Leg and Hubby-Yes I think my brain is fried!

Just a quick note before I embark on a nice long 4 day weekend.  I have been so darn busy, blogging has been a struggle and just keeping up with all the little things I want to do has been rough (including sleep).

So here is the cliffnotes version-

1.  I have getting in lots of good training- This includes being consistent with hitting masters swims (thank you coach amanda for all the tips), returning to indoor cycling class (which are always good for a nasty sweat pool on the floor) and lots of running and trails!!!  :-)

My trail slave-drivers!
2.  My troublesome left leg has been feeling so-so.  I never know if I am just paranoid or that tibia stress fracture from 2 years ago has never healed but it always makes me nervous so I am monitoring it closely!  I did manage to have a pretty clutz week the sunday before last on the trails which resulted in two falls, 4 ankle rolls and some good bruises.  That said, luckily while the knee looked impressively colored, nothing hurt me!!!

3.  A huge factor lately in my workout ramp up has been my husband!  Now this guy never gets enough mention here.  Yet, anyone in this tri-area knows him well as he comes to everything to sherpa, cheer and every other thing you can think of.  Now my husband has never been one to workout seriously.  Sure he would ride mtn bikes or road bikes here and there and we might go to Rays Indoor Mtn Bike Park the last few years which was still A HUGE STEP for someone who never worked out or really played competitive sports ever.  BUT, all of the sudden a month ago, for some reason (still not sure exactly what but likely a variety of things) but my husband has come to the dark side!!!!  He is now watching his intake and exercising a lot intensely about 6 days a week.  He has been coming to indoor training rides, running including treadmill workouts with stud tri guy, DM and lifting.  He even just picked up some trail shoes and has filled me in on some pretty big ambitions for 2012.  I AM SOOOOO EXCITED FOR HIM and he is doing AMAZING to the tune of a fast dramatic change already.

Regardless this has been super fun to watch and he is just soooo motivated!  So now I have been doing more evening sessions while he gets in his workout and not feeling guilty about spending my evenings away at some indoor cycling session because now he is there with me.  Did I mention how excited this makes me?  I am also super excited about not setting an alarm tomorrow morning for the first time since 10/30.  And when I get up, the husband and I will hit the gym together!!!  This all seems like a big Christmas present to me!!!

4.  I think after maybe 7 weeks of being sick, I FINALLY FEEL GOOD THIS WEEK!  It's a christmas miracle!


Kristin Deaton said...

Are you all going to get to AL? If so you need to come to Huntsville and run trails with me!!

Trisaratops said...

YAY Joey! That is awesome! :)

Merry Christmas to you!

Matty O said...

I will tell you what, having your spouse get into it as well, is a SUPER motivator and it honestly makes training 100 times better!

You guys will have an AWESOME year together!!!

Keep crushing the workouts!