Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mad Monday Update 9/1...a day late!

Well another week following the FIRST training plan for my planned Towpath marathon in October. Pacing seems pretty close and while piriformis pain is always there, nothing is aggravating me too bad so that is good!

Mon 8/25 Upper Body Workout with CV and E (CV joined our gym which makes me super excited!)

Tues 8/26 -7.5 miles tredmill. w/u 2-1200's at 6:07 pace, fell apart on 3rd attempt (ran 800) and fourth (ran 400), then regrouped and backed off pace a bit running last 3 1200's on treadmill with build to the 6:07 pace [(1st 400 at 9.0)-(2nd 400 at 9.5)-(3rd 400 at 9.7)]

Wed 8/27-6 miles mtn biked at West Branch--went with some high school friends for their first time out this year and daylight cut us short

Thurs 8/28 -10 miles PMP (ran at 8:11 pace)

Fri 8/29 -12 miles mtn bikes at West Branch-cleared 3rd rock garden and long bridge for the first time. Saw the full expert section for the first time (don't even think I came close to riding most of it!)...lots more work to do!

Sat 8/30 -6 mile eay run~54 min

Sun 8/31 -15 miles (PMP +20 seconds ) Ran 15.1 at 8:33 pace

Mon 9/1 -22 miles mtn biked at Mohican State Park

Ran 38.5 miles
Mtn Biked 40 miles
1 core session


solarsquirrel said...

You HAVE to sign up for that mtn. bike race! You will CRUSH it!!!

Brian said...

you big sissy. you just now got through the expert trails? kidding. that rocks. I get scared just walking over those expert ones.