Wednesday, September 03, 2008

If only I had more money and more time!!!!

So I have been scratching my head with what to do this weekend-

Items I have to do-
Sister's twins birthday party - 1 PM Saturday (wish this was at 4 so I had all day to play)
Friends Bonfire / Party -7PM Saturday

Things thinking about-
a) Friday night West Branch Moutain Biking
b) Need to get in a 20 miler SOMETIME this weekend

Saturday Choices

c) 9 Mile Potato Stomp in neighboring town of Mantua ($20) (PERK IS THAT IT IS CLOSE)
d) River Run 5K (part of Hermes RR series which I still could finish if I do 5 of the 6 races remaining) ($20ish)
e) Camp Manatoc Free Ride -mtn biking trails open this one weekend of the year with clinics, group rides, a swap meet and manufacturer demo bike test rides ($5)--THIS SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!

Sunday Choices

f) River Run 1/2 (part of Hermes RR series which I still could finish if I do 5 of the 6 races remaining) ($45)
g) Portage Lakes Sprint Du ($65) (for Fun & Repeat Possible win) (LOTS OF FRIENDS)

I am so torn and need to decide by the 5th so I can register. I really need to start tightening the purse strings so that is a consideration as I look at this stuff. So what should I do? I should have a nice chunk of time Friday, Saturday morning and Sunday morning. I also am trying to be somewhat cogizant of trying to not overdue things so I can perform pretty well. Hmmmm.........


duchossois said... could leave Friday afternoon with us to run the Punxsy 50k on Saturday.


TrainingtoTri said...

That's a lot of choices! I guess you have to evaluate if you really want to finish the RR series. If you don't, then there is no point worrying about the RR 5K. Personally I'd do the potato stomp b/c it's the cheapest and close to home and then do the 20 miler on Sunday. Or do 11 miles after the potato stomp.

Brian said...

Friday an easy mountain bike.

Get your long run in sat as you'll be crap on sunday. maybe the potato stomp. Then run it backwards and then walk to the finish and back to your car for the extra 2. You def. can place there as well. You'll have time for a quick nap before your sis's. Then relax before your party.

And if you're really nutty you could still do portage lakes. But that'll cost ya cash. Maybe just drive down there and watch / run with some people.

EbethS said...

Camp Manatoc Free Ride only happens once a year and sound like so much fun, make it an easy day and enjoy yourself.

River Run 1/2, the 2 mile warmup and 2 miles cooldown + 3 miles when you get back home since you will need it to stretch out the legs because of the long drive back home.

So $45 for 2 events, knowing you are running Sunday may cocktail the festivities a little bit but you have ran under worst conditions if I remember correctly. :)

Joann said...

Do the River Run (wish I could! Love that race) and turn it into your 20 miler!

Maggs said...

I'm jealous of all your options. Do the 9 mile run on Sat, then finish your long run, then do the du on Sunday and be done with all the training early!

E-Speed said...

Good luck at the river run races lady! You are going to rock it!

triguyjt said...

ran into a guy at portage lakes sunday who had done the west branch and then i think he said he was gonna go to manatoc after the portage sprint..he still might not have been as busy as you..