Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mad Monday 9/8... a day late and dollar short as usual!

So last week I think I counted my Labor Day bike miles in the wrong week...so that needs adjusted!

Labor day M 9/1 -21 Miles Mountain Biked at Mohican State Park

T 9/2 - 5.5 miles ran with Salty

W 9/3 - Track Workout 1K-2K-1K-1K First two went fine and I really dragged butt on the last two and was not up to par. 5.0 Miles Ran
- 10 Miles Road at West Branch on Mtn Bike

R 9/4 - 3 miles Ran Ladders, Upper Body Workout

F 9/5 - Off

S 9/6 - 7.5 miles ran including 20.52 5K
10 miles mtn biked at West Branch

S 9/7 - 15 miles ran including 1:40 half

Weekly Totals--------
41 miles mtn biked
36 miles ran
1 core session

I am 2 for 2 on morning workouts this week and I feel SOOO good about it!

M 9/8 -6:40 AM- 9.5 miles stationary bike-30 min, abs, stretched

-1:00 PM- 5 mile recovery run with E

-6:45 PM - 10 Miles mountain biked at West Branch

T 9/9 -7:00 AM-4.5 miles ran including 1 mile w/u easy, 1 mile 6:23 pace, 1 mile 6:19 pace, 1 mile 6:15 pace. Paces felt easier than they usually do in the noon hour.

Bonus-no AM traffic jams!!!


E-Speed said...

good on you for getting that track workout done first thing girl!

Black Knight said...

No rest? You are a sport-machine!

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice workouts!!