Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More fun still to come!

Since a couple of you asked.....

Here is the rest of my 2008 race schedule as I see it. I am really hoping to end the year on a high note and am happy to report that I am feeling as strong now as I have all year (after starting the year plagued with injuries).

- Sat 9/27 -Run Akron Marahton 5 female relay team-Running a 5K-Goal is to run hard and hopefully post a 2008 PR.

- Sun 9/28 - 1st Mountain Bike Race Ever at West Branch Crankfest-debating whether to register as beginner or intermediate. Beginner course is 1 loop (~10 miles), intermediate is 2 (~20 miles). Pretty excited for this!

- Sun 10/12 - Towpath Marathon- Goal is to run a 3:40 or better with Amie & Bridget!!! Perhaps if I feel good late in the race, I may pick it up a bit

- Finish Hermes RR series on 11/22 (Pigskin), 11/27 (Turkey Trot) and 12/6 (Reindeer Run)

Other options I am considering-

* Another half (Stomp the Grapes or Fall Classic)
* Some du's-Clev Tri Club is putting on 3 in Oct / Nov; might participate in one but I may be too busy as I am in charge of them. Depends on volunteers.


ramblings of a runnner said...

what time is that mountain bike race? i'd like to come watch that!

Lana said...

Can't wait to hear that Mountain Bike race goes...I'm gonna do some of those next year!

Brian said...

Can I take partial credit in turning you to mountain biking?

I'd like to come and watch, but with my luck... I'll wait for the blog report and pics.

Have fun. Don't kill your legs. Save some for your marathon.