Friday, September 12, 2008


9AM and I am still not feeling awake. I slept in today until 6:30 and had to sit in traffic in the rain which made me wish I had got my butt out of bed for a early workout. Yet, I did get my morning workouts in 3 of the 4 days that I worked downtown, so I will consider the week pretty successful.

My boss was commenting on my running twice yesterday and said, "It's going to catch up to you." "You're not as young as you think." "You're going to end up with osteoporosis and arthritis."

Whazzup with that? I am as young as I think!!!

And correct me if I am wrong but I believe one of the risk factors for getting osteoporosis is not getting enough exercise. I really doubt that should be an issue!

And on to the running causing arthritis comment, numerous studies are coming out directly conflicting that notion. From An Arthritis Foundation paper called "Exercise and Your Arthritis" a direct answer is offered as such- "The stronger the muscles and tissues around your joints, the better they will be able to support and protect those joints," it says. "If you don't exercise, your muscles become smaller and weaker." Furthermore, obesity is a major culprit in the onset of arthritis, and that runners do themselves a lot of good simply by keeping the pounds off. The medical community is slowly coming to accept that running is good for your joints, as well as your heart. And the evidence is growing.

So dare I say "IN YOUR FACE " to my boss??? Nah, not my style but I know who is in the right on this one!


duchossois said...

Your boss's comments sound too familiar. I have heard that as well, and I have a theory. I don't want characterize all non-runners this way, but some who lack the will power, or discipline, or desire, resent us for their shortcomings. They really want to believe all that unfounded, old crap about running doing harm so that they can justify the fact that they are doing nothing. How you choose to respond depends on the circumstances. I wouldn't recommend the 'In your face' tone with your boss, but there is nothing wrong with correcting the facts.

Brian said...

maybe your boss reads your blog? just chalk it up and say, 'yes boss' and tell him about some of your 3 a day workouts. that'll make his head spin.

I think next week I'll actually start to workout.

Sensationally Red said...

Excellent comment by duchossois..I've often thought the same thing-that they say these things due to resentment. I would definitely correct him though!!

TrainingtoTri said...

Ugh, I hate people that say stupid things like that. Everyone always wants to give their opinion on things they know nothing about.

allanjel said...

Why Dr. Edwards, you are correct!! Weight bearing activities, such as running increases bone mineral density by activation of osteocytes to form and build more bone from the inside out (but not up and you can't get taller)

Arthritis, well that's for old people and we are YOUNG!!!

Good call and I will take my chances with the running!!

E-Speed said...

I don't know, I do feel pretty creaky in the morning ;)

triguyjt said...

ditto on duchossois

just keep it up daisy!!!