Monday, August 25, 2008

Mad Monday 8/25

Super busy at work so we will keep to the basics!!

Monday 8/18 -6 mile run at lunch ~48 min (started track workout but was not feeling it so switched to ladders
Tuesday 8/19 8 mile run to Edgewater with CV
Wednesday 8/20 -5 mile run with LP, E
Thursday 8/21 -6 mile run (did most of track workout)
Friday 8/22 -evening -10 miles mtn biked at West Branch
Saturday 8/23 -20.5 miles ran ~8:50ish avg pace
Sunday 8/24 -21 miles mtn biked at Mohican (at least 4 hours of aerobic training up and down the hills)

Two days of mtn biking equals quite a few bruises!!!

Mtn Biked-31


Brian said...

dang. kicking some butt. see how well you can run when i'm not running with you. ha

triguyjt said...

kick it there

mohican on the mt. bike has to be very challenging...

Steve Stenzel said...

MTBing will beat you up! But it sure is fun...

EbethS said...

I can believe you sandwich a 20.5 mile run between the bike rides. You are definately incredible and hopefully you are less black and blue for the rides. Good job girl.

Lana said...

Wow! Great week of training! And congrats on the GCT!