Monday, September 15, 2008

Mad Monday 9/15

I slept in until 8:15 yesterday and it felt sooo good. I think my body was begging to do it again today but I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed in time for a workout.

Last week went pretty good in terms of getting in the key workouts.

M 9/8 -6:40 AM- 9.5 miles stationary bike-30 min, abs, stretched

-1:00 PM- 5 mile recovery run with E

-6:45 PM - 10 Miles mountain biked at West Branch

T 9/9 -7:00 AM-4.5 miles ran including 1 mile w/u easy, 1 mile 6:23 pace, 1 mile 6:19 pace, 1 mile 6:15 pace. Paces felt easier than they usually do in the noon hour.

W 9/10
- 3:00 PM - 4 Mile easy run
-6:30 PM - 10 Miles mountain biked at West Branch

R 9/11
6:15 AM 9 miles ran PMP +
12:00 Easy 5 Miles ran

F 9/12
noon- 20 min stationary bike 6.5 Miles
upper body workout

S 9/13
15 mile run (2:02:02) ~8:08--splits prety even--This was run in the rain and let me tell ya I felt like my soaking wet shoes were lead weights. Thank goodness for my company!!!

S 9/14 -13.5 miles on road bike checking out upcoming du course, hello wind!

Weekly Totals
Ran 42.5 Miles
Mtn Biked -20 Miles
Road / Stationary Bike-29.5 Miles
Core/ Stength - 2 sessions

School being back in session gave me a kick in the butt to start back to morning workouts. Thanks kiddies!


duchossois said...

Another good're on a roll. What races are you doing in the fall?

Brian said...

I'm curious to what you've got planned in the fall as well. Congrats on a solid week of training!