Monday, September 29, 2008

Mad Monday 9/29/08

To the best of my memory....

After overdoing it last Sunday with the 20 mile run, 17 mile bike and field day activity, I could not even sleep Sunday night and felt crappy the first part of the week.

Monday 9/22 - 6 mile recovery run with E
- 5 miles mtn biked at West Branch (half of the norm but I was so tired and just making dumb errors and just called it a day while I was still ahead.

Tuesday 9/23
- 6AM-Track workout attempt take 1--total 3 miles- tried to do 800's but totally not in me, decided to try again at lunch.
- Noon-Still felt like crap. Did some 600's (still behind pace) and called it a day after 3 miles.

Wednesday 9/24
- noon-8 mile run at 8:40 ish pace with E
-10 mile mtn bike, feeling much better than Monday!

Thursday 9/25
-5 mile run with CV & E 6x25 sec striders, stretching session

Friday 9/26 -off

Saturday 9/27- 2 mile w/u plus 5k leg of Akron relay -5 miles

Sunday 9/28-10 miles (1 mile w/u, 9 mile race) on mtn bike


Ran-30 miles
Mtn Biked-25 miles

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