Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

As I look to 2008, I am already excited about the year. First and foremost on the calendar is the Winter Buckeye 50K. The long runs are going well. This weekend was jam packed with fun filled running!

Saturday woke up before the crack if dawn to meet up with the Vertical Runner Group which planned to run-

Begin at Lock 29 at 6:30am

Head up the "Brick Hill" to Pine Lane
Via the Buckeye Trail to the Boston Store
Loop the Winter 50K Brandywine Falls Loop
Then take the Buckeye Trail north to Blue Hen Falls
Next we will head on the trail to Buttermilk Falls
Pop out behind Boston Mills Ski Resort
Take Riverview Rd back to the Boston Store
Finish up the run by taking the Valley trail back to Pine Lane
Enjoy the downhill finish back to Lock 29

For a total of 17-18. We modified the plan slightly as instead of the down hill finish we backtracked the Pine Lane loop aways and then ran down to Lock 29 and tacked on 3 miles of towpath so we could finish with approximately 22 for the day.

It was a bit dark when we started! Thank goodness I had my trusty lil flashlight!

One of the fun river crossings! You can see from the M's running pants that it was a wee bit muddy that day!

We are so dirty perhaps we should rinse off in that waterfall!

Yes, as you can perhaps tell from the pics, I am certainly enjoying this trail running! Not only is it gorgeous and working different muscles than just the road pounding, the fun of passing the time along the trails with friends just cannot be beat!

After getting in 22 Saturday, I ran an easy 6 by my lonesome Sunday and then hopped on the trainer for an easy 45 minute spin so I could catch the end of Ocean's 13 (which was pretty darn good!). Monday, I ran with my running club, serc on our 13 mile holiday run. Decked out in my shorts, tall socks and pigtails, I ran the rolling hills. Despite the bet that 3 women were supposed to try to beat one of the guys, I decided with my never ending chest cold, it was just not the day for me to press too hard. It was all good as I had the chance to run with MT and we bantered about what was new and the fact that her crazy butt went ahead and signed up for the Burning River 100. 50 K for me perfectly sane, idea of 100 miles, perfectly crazy in my mind! Funny how this logic seems to change over time!


B Bop said...

I wouldn't be too suprised to see you in the BR100 someday.

That is a great section of trail you all have been running, from Pine lane to Brecksville. I haven't been through Pine Lane since it was rebuilt after the floodwaters reaped havoc at the bottom of the ravine. If you guys didn't run so dang far I'd join you ;-)

Happy New Year!!

TrainingtoTri said...

Looks like fun!!!! Happy New Year! Hope you are starting to feel better.


Craig said...

Nice pictures and trail run. I ran 7 miles with my brother and the Vertical Runner group on New Years Day. That was good times in the snow :) Happy New Year!

Jodi said...

That looks like SOOOO much fun! I have to get into this trail running thing!



tracie said...

Your trail run looked like a great time!!! Best wishes for 2008! :)

Brian said...

Glad the trails are treating you well. I love the pics you take while on the trail!

triguyjt said...

in the last year or so, I seemingly spend 90 percent of runs on trails and 10 percent on the dreadmill. I agree. just a different and challenging way to get mileage. how tough is buckeye trail?

Brett S. said...

Well I found another blog today... yours. Nice pictures of Melissa's muddy pants. I didn't even recognize the pictures of you in "normal" cloths and no hat/headband.