Monday, January 07, 2008

Mad Monday Update

OK so the title is a takeoff on my boy, Jim Cramer (what can I say, when you watch CNBC all day in my industry, he can bring a smile to my face with his antics!), but essentially this will be a weekly Monday post to wrap up the entire prior week. This is yet another attempt to force myself to track my mileage a bit better. I am also planning to try to start inputting all mileage into coolrunning....maybe I can track my miles all year! Now is the time to start!

M 12/31 13 M Ran with SERC
T 01/01 off
W 01/02 5 M Ran ~40 min treadmill pyramid
R 01/03 4 M Ran~31 min treadmill pyramid, Lifted Bi, Tri, Shoulders, Abs
F 01/04 45 Min Stat Bike~15 miles, Lifted Back, Chest
S 01/05 24 Mile Run (21 Buckeye Trail, 3 towpath)
S 01/06 10.5 Mile Run (North Chagrin)

Total for week-
Swim: 0
Bike: 15 Miles


B Bop said...

Looks like our bike mileage last week was about the same....
Wait! That's your run mileage!!!!

What's E-Speed doing to you??

TrainingtoTri said...

I'm glad you are posting your totals. I always wonder how many miles you and others who are super fast are putting in! I will look forward to getting a glimpse inside your schedule.

triguyjt said...

56 miles---yikes..and about all of them on trails.....excellent.
your year will be killer

Love running North Chagrin, especially the twisting hill coming out of squires parking lot..

Brian said...

I used to use they have a decent log