Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Kiss Myas Folks!!

Ho ho ho!!!!

Yes I am still saying it folks despite what all the haters may say!

So how has Miss Daisy been over the holidays you ask???

Well I tell ya....BUSY as usual!

Last week kinda blew, or at least that is what I was doing with my nose for the better part of the week. Blah! So I rested up and was off both Thursday and Friday. I think I took off more on the account of that I had stuff on rather than trying to get a rest.

Friday I met up with my ole college gal pal TriSaraTops and we drove down to Columbus to meet up with our other ole college roomie TriShannon! It was a fun filled day complete with food, laughs, smores and fun! It is good to know that some things never change as we still quote Waynes World and laugh at Shannon when she orders her plain food!

Saturday I hit the Buckeye Trail for the muddiest run yet. Wow it can be quite slippery in that thick mud and let's not even talk about what the shoes looked like afterwards. Then my muddy butt drove a little further south to hit a Excel Cycling class. I was good and tired after those 4.5 + hours of working out that morning and HUNGRY!!!

So I ate some good ole country cooking at the local Amish restaurant, Mary Yoders....yum!!! After I had a good base in my belly and cleaned the house, I was all set for the gathering at my place that night. Ole high school pals rolled on over and the beer flowed as we had shots, played cards, danced to the music!!!

And then the alarm clock rang and I hit it so hard that it fell off my night stand. Crap! It is dark and I am hungover, but I had plans to run so I rolled my butt out of bed. I met up with my group and we embarked on a very warm 8 mile trek. Sweating out the alcohol felt good but after the one huge climb I think the tequila in me was doing some sort of tribal dance in my belly! No worries though I made it home just fine to wrap some gifts and head out for some more last minute shopping!

Monday I awoke early again for another group run! My running club, Southeast Running Club had their annual 13.1 mile holiday run out at Bedford Reservation. I was dragging the minute I got up that day, but I was decked out in my holiday outfit in my red polk-a-dot tall socks and shorts in the very windy 27 degree weather. A few other folks were in shorts but none were quite as decked out as these guys.

If only they had been there, perhaps my run would have felt easier!!!!

My cold which was settling further and further down in to my chest and throat gripped my chest as I jogged up and down the rollers. Thank goodness for E and Amy who helped motivate me along as I struggled to talk. Finally many rollers and 2 descent climbs later we arrived back to the cars about 1:45 later. I was so happy to be done!!! The group headed out to breakfast and I chugged a vat of coffee to warm up. Funny thing was as soon as I got home I proceeded to fall right to sleep on the couch. I was just tuckered out!

Holidays were awesome as always. The hubby makes a mighty fine Santa and it is always good to hang with the family and my lil nieces!

Hope everyone else had a very wonderful Christmas!!!!


TriSaraTops said...

So good to see ya!

"Excuse me...I'd like to get by now..."

OMG, I just peed my pants with those guys! Are they for REAL'?!?!?!?!

See ya (maybe) at Polar Plunge?

My 8 miles rocked! Maybe I can join you guys on the trails soon!!!

TrainingtoTri said...

Ahhhh those baby pics are too cute, are those your nieces?

I cannot believe you ran AND went to Excel in Cycling. You are a BEAST! GOod job.

Jodi said...

Those pics are ALL great!



Papa Louie said...

I don't know what is more sad to see, the kids crying or those boys struting their stuff. Your new name should be P.A.J. for Party Animal Jock. That's ok I'm just jealous because I wouldn't be able to party then run and spin the next day. Enjoy life.

Kim said...

um those guys are pretty hot :)

hope you had a fab holiday!

GP said...

That's plenty of training to do with a sick body. I hope you find some rest to get well... or at least binged on enough holiday food to stuff a cold.

And my vote says you can keep the holiday spirit alive until the next big holiday... which is (aside from the new year) Valentine's Day. So, have at it!

B Bop said...

I feel ya on the head cold. I'm just getting over mine.....and haven't trained one bit since Christmas.

Glad to hear you and Joey had a nice holiday. Will you guys be coming to Stow on New Years Eve for the run?? If so perhaps you may have some venison to trade for some bison??