Monday, January 14, 2008

Mad Monday update-1/14/08

Monday again, sigh! So on to the fun stuff.

Last week was another busy week. It was my last long training week in terms of long runs before I start this week's taper!!! The last three weekends have been huge weekends and I am just not going to know what to do with myself having a long run this weekend that can be done in under two hours!

All in all, I must say that the long trail runs have been going great and feel ready for my go at the 50K. We have had all conditions, snowy, icy, and again this week, very muddy! I was an idiot and forgot to change my shoes when I got there and had the realization that I had on a pair of my retired Kayanos about 1.5 miles in. So I switched them after the first 5 mile loop. However it was too late, as they were already a muddy mess. I have learned muddy shoes=stinky shoes and icky feet and need to elaborate.

M 1/7- AM 1050 Meter Swim
Lunchtime 5 Mile Run in gorgeous warm weather with Salty & E
T 1/8- AM 60 Min Spin Class
5.25 M lunchtime run with Salty, E, and JP (we were even on the news in our
shorts and tanks in January!!!!)
W 1/9- Lunchtime 5.75 run with Salty (a pathetic attempt at a track workout on my
behalf due to lack of speedwork and dead legs!)
R 1/10 Rest
F 1/11 6 Mile treadmill run at home
S 1/12 23 Mile muddy Buckeye Trail Run
S 1/13 12 Mile ran with SERC

Weekly Totals
S~ .65 Mile
B~ 63 Miles
R~ 57 Miles
* Missed lifting / core workouts.

Other notes-Started seeing Dr. Keyes ART chiro for piliformis, hip flexor and IT. 2 sessions last week which really helped loosen things up a bit. Darn left leg always full of issues but I have have resolved in this new year have a new healthier body!

AND last but not least, kudos to my buddy, Nathan on his 2nd marathon finish at Disney and my ole roomie, Shannon on her half finish at AZ!!!


Maria said...

You got this 50k in the bag! You always look so strong out there...and I hear ya on the muddy stinky shoes bit-I left mine in the car from Saturday and when I got in this morning I almost fainted from the dirt stench ☺

B Bop said...

That trail had to be SLOPPY this weekend!

Muddy shoes don't stink as bad as sockless shoes IMO. You're going to kill the BT 50K!!

Sensationally Red said...

Hey there Janet! I agree with Maria--you've got that 50k completely in the bag. You look fabulous out there.

Brett S. said...

Have a great time on your taper. You will kill the 50k. I'll be running it the night before to help with marking and to get the trail nice and muddy for you girls.

Brian said...

Really great stats! You're going to be a beast this racing season! I can't wait to see it all unfold.

Brian said...

I was trying to clear a path for you when I was in front. But you were were too fast and had to take the lead didn't you.

Lana said...

Dang, you are really putting in a lot of mileage! You are going to smoke that 50k!