Thursday, January 17, 2008



When I was a kid I HATED chili. My mom would make it and I would turn up my nose. Mainly I did not like kidney beans, but I have come to learn I just didn't like my mom's chili and therefore would not try other chili. Sorry mom!

Yet mom always made me eat things I did not like and I would pick out every kidney bean in my chili and fill my bowl with crackers trying to drown out the taste of the yucky chili. I detested lima beans even more growing up and I got sick at the kitchen table after being forced to eat them....I think that was more to prove my point that I hated them!

Yet as I have aged I have started to like more things. I decided it was time to try some chili again as it sounded like a great healthy meal that was on the Body for Life program I was following a few years back. I use the leanest of meat, throw in some veggies and let's not forget the hot sauce!!! I always avoid all good things to keep it healthy--no sour cream, no cheese, no crackers!

Over the years I have perfected what I consider to be the best chili and I usually make it a couple times a month now. Friday my hubby and I made a huge pot and I had two bowls as it tasted oh-so-good! Then after Saturday's long run, the easist thing was to heat up another bowl. Then I took what was left to work on Monday and ate chili for lunch Mon, Tues and Wed.

Let's just say my system is PO'd with the amount of chili I have been eating and it is time for a break. WARNING, take my advice...don't eat chili 5 out of 6 days in a row...only bad can come of it!


TrainingtoTri said...

Hahah, glad I'm not sitting next to you! Wendy's actually has really good chili and I like to get one off the dollar menu for lunch sometimes. SUper cheap and super yummy! Probably not the leanest beef, but the small has under 200 cals.

I totally agree about the bike class, they are awesome and I can't wait to see how much better I am in the spring.

Brian said...

Please stop eating that before I run with you on Sat.

Remind me to tell the story of 1 girl that I ran with that was having stomach issues with no bathroom in sight. Let's just say Under Armour can wick away water only.

Curly Su said...

so, i'm eating a bowl of chili right now for dinner..


and i had it last night.

that'll be it; i'll take your advice. :)

Jodi said...

Are we long lost sisters or something???

I am currently on day 6 of consecutive chili days. And.... yeah. I know what you're sayin...



Eric said...


Did you melt the snow on your side of town.

You can't pass up great chili though. Yummy.

TrainingtoTri said...

Thanks for the offer Janet, that's really nice! But we're running at North Chagrin tomorrow, then heading to yours truly. Besides I am not quite fast enough to run with you ladies yet, but maybe by fall I will be!!!!

Brett S. said...

Now I want a bowl. I know what I'm having tommorow. Right before 22 hours of flights to Taiwan. That should be great fun.

Nathan said...

Janet, the first week I had my own place, I thought I'd make chili for my first time. I thought it was so good I had it for a couple of meals. NOT a good idea. There should be a rule, chili every 2 of 4 meals, after that you risk losing the ones you love...hahaha
Sidenote: I'm attempting to make chili with Deer ground meat tomorrow, should I save you some? It's supposed to be really lean!

B Bop said...

LOL!! I think I ate chili half the days of the week all winter last winter.

That was before I set out on this "endurance" thing...

I'll report that I was safe with 2 consecutive chili days last week.

Thanks for the warning though.
haha ha ...

triguyjt said...

the boca chili is pretty good sometimes..
I love the beans...I usually add more thank recipe calls for.

I have no friends... :-)

Dana said...

Man that's a lot of chili! But it does make me wanna break out my recipe & cook some up.