Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mad Monday Update 1/21

Yeah so I am a day late and always a dollar short, but so goes the life of a spender!

Taper is now in full effect and it was nice to have an easy weekend!

Monday 1/14 - 7 miles Ran Treadmill, Lifted Bi's, Tri's, Shoulders
Tues 1/15- 5 miles ran outside with Salty in cold
Wed 1/16 - 6 miles ran treadmill(~51 min), 2 hours, 10 min-Excel Cycling Class
Thurs 1/17 - 5 miles ran treadmill (~43 min), 1 hour hard bodies class
(Tired legs today as ran last 7 consecutive days totaling 64 miles)
Friday 1/18 - 1 mile swim
Sat 1/19- 9 miles Buckeye Trail
Sun 1/20 - 8 miles outside at N. Chagrin in bitter cold

Taper Weekly Totals-
Ran: 40 Miles
Bike: 45 Miles
Swam: 1 mile
Lifted: 2 days

I'm out, no fun things today. I am watching this bearish stock market on CNBC with these rate cuts and am too busy shaking my head at the dismal state of affairs.


TrainingtoTri said...

Yeah! Glad to know I'm not the only one skipping. I think I'll just do a spin class and a swim instead.

Don't get me started on the stock market. I was just looking at my quarterly report on my 401K and I have been LOSING money the past 2 quarters, come on!!!!! At this rate, I'll be retiring at 88.

Have a great week.

Brian said...

Man, does anyone know what taper means? You all need to get into the swing of things.

triguyjt said...

can't bear to mention how much i lost on monday....

thank god for the rate cut, but we need more moves to boost the market...killing me.

taking it out my pilates teacher..
(my bride)