Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tales of the fat cat!

First came my golden retriever, Matches. Although I like to play with Matches, he has gotten slightly overweight.

A year and a half later and with a ton of begging from me, we finally brought home a cute lil kitten and named him Zippo, in keeping with our doggie name choice.

Zippo is a funny cat who loves to lay on our clean clothes or sometimes my head as he has learned I am a sucker and will let him get away with most anything.

I always thought you left food out for the cat and that he would eat what he needs, but apparently my cat thinks he is always hungry and his belly continues to grow. Our friends often ask if we are sure he is a boy kitty and is not pregnant. "No, he is just fat," we say.

Zippo runs around the house like mad and it sounds as though our 60 pound dog is the one upstairs instead of our "dainty" lil kitty.

But the other night, I awoke about 3:30 in the morning to hit the bathroom and gave Zippo a pat on the head as I hit the top of the stairs. Still half asleep, I crawled back into my warm bed and snuggled up with the ole man.

Less than a minute later the booming crash of falling objects and broken glass jolted my husband and I up. I did not need to look. I already knew what happened.

Fat cat Zippo had jumped his prego belly up on our shelves and proceeded not only to bring down the shelf he jumped on, but completely ripped the unit out of the wall. Broken glass such as my Chili Bowl mug and candles hit the top of the stairs and some continued on down to the bottom. BAD KITTY!!!

So we cleaned and swept glass for the next 30 minutes. I think it is diet time for him!!!

(Notice holes to the left of shelfs where the second shelfing unit used to be)

Yes, it was a giant wake-up call the cat is indeed too fat!! Well as I have not figured out yet what I am going to do with his diet or the dog's for that matter, I have made some refinements in mine since 1/2/08. I have consciously been trying to make healthier choices and am now down 5 pounds. Now to just stick with it!

Only one major bad meal which was last night where I let myself have a cheeseburger, fries and a few beers....but come on, I did run for over 5 hours that day!


triguyjt said...

you earned the burger, fries, etc...but now...the cat, the rotund feline creature must be dealt with.
i propose a mini-treadmill for zippo.. 30 minutes a day.
good luck

Charlie said...

So I am guessing you will be after a new Chili Bowl mug.

Do you think Zippo is concerned about her new status as a hippo?

TrainingtoTri said...

woah, that is a fat cat! Congrats on the 5 lb loss, that's fantastic!