Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ringing in the New Year

First off the cool trail pics from my last post were sent to me from my ole high school buddy, Nathan, who just started a blog. Feel free to give him a shout out here (

This year we rang in the New Year over at my sister's house with a pajama party!

I sported some skull pajama bottoms and a shirt that said "WHERE'S THE AFTERPARTY?" I suppose perhaps the shirt sealed my fate for the evening as I barely made it to midnight.


Jodi said...

Pajama party! What a cute idea!



TrainingtoTri said...

HA! You and me both, I was asleep well before midnight. A PJ party is a cute idea. THat run looked awesome! As soon as I become a speed demon like you gals I want to join you sometime! It may be a few years :)!

Lana said...

Haha! I barely made it to midnight also. I actually decided to "take a nap" at 10:30 and made J.T. wake me up at 11:50! Happy New Year!

E-Speed said...

what on earth are the girls doing in that first photo?

Wish I could have made it!