Monday, June 04, 2007


How does time go by so fast???

We left Friday after work and drove the 700 miles down in the van. We were such zombies by the time we got there but thankfully I made the most tasty discovery on the way which woke me right up to keep Joey company on the drive.

Yeah, the blue Rockstar totally rules and is caffeine-filled, wildberry deliciousness!

After arriving we slept a few hours and then hopped on our motorcyles to ride up to Tennesee and the Great Smoky mountains. Our aunt and cousins had already rented out a cabin so we just slept on the futon of this cute little place.

His aunt and uncle rode horses duing the day. I was glad I was not with them the day his uncle was riding up there in TN and came across this rattlesnake. I still cannot believe his uncle handled this!!! (As a side note I am petrified of snakes. Between this pic and seeing a black snake at his aunt's house I even had a nightmare one night about snakes!)

In the evenings we relaxed by the hottub!

And then in the days we rode our motorcyles through the mountains and took in the gorgeous views.

And we visited the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort which is located at the south end of the famous Dragon, home to 318 turns in 11 miles of scenic and twisty US 129. With no distractions, the Dragon winds its way up and over the mountains of Tennessee into North Carolina.

We rode back to Alabama late Monday for some R&R playing by the lake. Joey and I relaxed in our two person raft, took in some sun and swam around in the lake.

I even caught some fish!!!

Wednesday, Joey and I drove down to Barber Motorsports Park, a world-class road racing facility located in Birmingham, Alabama. We visited the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, a 144,000-square foot, four-story museum which includes the world's largest collection of vintage and modern day motorcycles (1000+) and the largest collection of Lotus race cars. This place is just amazing. It has motorcycles back to the 1890's which look like ordinary bicycles with a motor to the modern day superbikes.

The layout of this place is just fantastic!!!

Aghh, was it really already time to come back home and go back to work and the real world???

I did manage to get in a couple runs, a bicycle ride and some swimming. However training was pretty light and country food was quite the opposite. Time to jump back in now that I am home and fully rested! 10 weeks to the half ironman!


Lana said...

What a great time!!! Except for that snake - I'm right there with ya on those...I don't want them anywhere near me.

JenC said...

Welcome back! Sounds like a fun vacation with your hubby!

Did you nab one of those bicycles with motors for me? : )

E-Speed said...

looks like you had a blast!

Michele said...

Sounds like a great vacation.

I sure could use that bike with a motor, maybe I could finally improve my bike time.

I would have nightmares after seeing that snake!!!

TriShannon said...

Sounds like a fun and relaxing vacation. Boy could I use one of those!

I'm a little delayed on the 7 random things posting... one of these days I'll get it done. :-)

Jodi said...

Looks like a perfect vacation for you- Just what you needed!

Can't wait for Sunday!



Craig said...

Fun in the sun!

Papa Louie said...

I all see is kissing and motorcycles. LOL. Looks like you had a lovely time. Vacations are a nice time of rest and relaxation.