Friday, June 29, 2007

Eating is good...

So on Wednesday my schedule called for 30 miles of biking and 2000 yards of swimming. However, the only thing I managed was 12 miles on the recumbent bike that morning. Not only that, but also Wednesday night I has devoured dinner like nothing and had to have my icecream (hence what brought on the lastest vow yesterday)! Let's talk about some guilt.

So Thursday I wake up resolute in my decision to get it together. My schedule for Thursday was a 7 mile run. In my mind I was going to do my 8 mile route option as it would be perfect for my morning run and then make up for yesterday later in the day. However 3 miles in the stomach started hurting (darn icecream) and I cut my run short to 6 very miserable (bad stomach) miles.

I went to work and had a mini whole wheat bagel for breakfast. Mid morning, I had some cottage cheese and an apple. Lunch time I went for a swim on my lunch break. I timed my 1000 yards for the first time ever, every 200 yards. No laughing at my slowness, but this can serve as a starting point.

200-1: 4:04
200-2: 4:18
200-3: 4:24
200-4: 4:22
200-5: 4:21
Total time for 1000 -21:31 Now it is time to improve on this.

Came back to work and had some turkey burger sloppy joe sandwich and some carrots for lunch.

Upon leaving work I headed up to North Chagrin to meet the Cleveland Touring Group for a ride. I munched on a 90 calorie Special K bar and drank a Monster Energy drink (20 cal,6 carbs, bunch of caffeine and stuff).

I had time to kill so I ran for a half hour. I felt great this run and let myself just run with the brisk pace. Approximately another 3.5+ miles

Upon my return to the car I wiped the sweat and went to put my bike together for the ride. Crap, rear tire is flat. Attempted to change it (very slowly) and had some help. Even with all the extra time I was now pressed to get everything together before the ride. This sort of thing is classic Janet for the first time I meet up with a new group!! Not cool!

Tossing a bottle into the holders without time to fill my aerobar unit I was off. I was working to hang with the lead group. 15 miles in or so I could no longer hang on up one of the hills. I was tiring. I settled back and soon they were out of my sight. At a stop sign I waited for the next group to catch up. Even though I had a map I figured I would just get a drink and fall in with the next group. I kept sipping from my 20 oz bottle of propel. I realized I forgot my water bottle so I was on limited fluids the whole ride...not good!

The hills kept coming and being a cloudy day, it seemed night time was coming fast. I had many moments where I sailed to the front and others that I thought my legs were just wiped out and I was dying going up the hills. Finally as the sun set, we pulled back into the park about 41.5 miles later. I was tired but happy I had put in such a solid training day.

1000 yards swam, 41.5 biked, 9.5 ran

I searched forever to find my keys that I could not find in my mad dash before leaving and 20 minutes later I found them. By the time I got on the road it was 9:30 and I still had a 45 minute drive home. My husband called to see if I wanted him to pick me up something for dinner. I had no appetite but asked him to just grab me a side salad and baked potato at Wendy's. As I drove down the road, I had intended to eat another Special K bar but I could not find it from all the routing for my keys.

I was just happy to have something to drink. However 15 minutes down the road I felt like I could peuk and felt light headed. I pressed to continue on my way but thought I may have to pull over to get sick. I ended on making it...felt like such a long drive! I was shakey like I have never been and sat down and stole 6 of my husbands fries as I entered the room. I felt awful. I needed food right then. I sat down and ate my Wendy's and felt better right away. Thank goodness he had got me food!!! Fueling the body must not be forgotten!! Lesson learned.


Jodi said...

Oh, my God! I didn't think it was possible... Janet BONKED????

Welcome to the club, girl. I thought you'd never join us. I was beginning to think that you had this uncanny ability to use hidden battery power.

Fueling is important!!!


Papa Louie said...

Getting those long rides in on Wednesdays is the most difficult for me to find the time and place.
I am learning to eat and drink on the long bike rides and find there is a difference when I do. I feel much stronger at the end of rides and next day recovery is great.

TriSaraTops said...

Hey--that is NOT SLOW! I don't think you're giving yourself enough credit in the water. No worries! :)

Kim said...

ughhh the bonk is the worst!!
im heading out for a 50 mile bike tomorrow and hope that i dont forget enough food and drink! have a great weekend!

JenC said...

How in the heck did you make 41 miles on so little fuel?! Well, at camp they told us to try something like that so we'd know what a bonk felt like, so next time it could be thwarted earlier.

Glad you made it home okay. Solid training day!

Mallie said...

I'm kinda with Jodi on this one. Sorry you felt so darned bad, but kinda glad to know you fall prey to the same things most of us mere mortals have to deal with.

Wish me luck as I search for the MP3 player!

Kate said...

6 miles and a mini wholewheat bagel for breakfast?!

I'm impressed you lasted so long on what you ate. Maybe I don't need all this food I eat!!

Michele said...

Those swim times look good to me!!

Sorry you had such a hard time out there. Fueling is important.

Brian said...

Keep training consistently and your times will take care of themselves. 1/5-Iron will be a breeze!