Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I swear this sort of thing could only happen to me!

I guess I will start from the top.

Monday night I embarked on my first Lake Erie swi of the year which confirmed again that painful fact that I already know. Janet=crappy swimmer

No real surprise there but I made it through the session and it reinforced the fact that I better get my butt swimming more before the half iron coming up in August. At least I got a reward at TriSaraTops after the swim with food and conversation!

Tuesday I awoke tired and drove to the gym. Speed workout on tap. I was not feeling it at all. My body was aching from my Monday lower body workout. I could also just feel the blisters in my shoes from the weekend racing in my other shoes. Paces and distances were not at all where they should have been but after 52 minutes and several intervals, I called it a day when I hit the 6 mile mark. I took off my shoes and saw something like out horror movie on my zombie-like feet. Not only do I still have bad blisters, they are green and brown. EWWW! No not an infection! Darn dirty lake Erie!

I had no time to do anything about it at the gym so upon getting to work I found the first aid kit and decided I was opening these suckers up to disinfect. It turned out that my blisters were not infected but contained a bunch of sand. So I cleaned them out and hopefully now all will be well.

Then upon my return to the gym at 12:30 on my lunch hour for an upper body weight session, things started to get really crazy.

Storms hit and the power went out. Definitely different lifting weights in the dark by only emergency lights. However power quickly came back on and it was time for me to go (1:15)

I get to my locker and my lock is gone and so is the stuff in it. What the heck? My oversized gym bag is still on top so I am certain this is the place as I always use the same locker. I head out to the fitness desk to ask "Did someone cut the lock off a locker for some random reason?"

Cue to employee with panic face "Oh my goodness, we must have opened the wrong locker."

So some older lady had taken a fall in the pool/ locker room area. EMS was called and transported her to the hospital. She had mentioned her stuff so the staff went to retrieve it and when it was not where she specified, they tried my locker with her combination on my lock and it opened so they assumed they had the right stuff. However I have been having trouble with my lock and apparently it will open for anyone. So my stuff was bagged and sent to hospital with ladies husband.

Cue to Janet and the Oh crap, what do I do now look. I have no car keys and I am in my workout clothes.

They said they would send an employee to switch stuff. The hospital is only 10-15 minutes away so I figure this will delay me 30-45 minutes or so. No big deal. So I hopped on the stationary bike. I am trying not to get sweaty as I need to go back to work. After 20 minutes I was starting to work up a good sweat at my conservative pace so I went for abs. After this I hopped on the recumbent bike for 20 minutes. Then I checked at the desk as it had been an hour. (2:15) No word yet. Crap, this is all I need with work as I already am feeling guilty about leaving.

So I head back to fitness center to kill more time. I set recumbent bike for another 20 minutes and then another and another. My patience is leaving and I am totally stressed about work. Feeling like a jerk, I called the office to explain this saga of me being held hostage at th gym. (3:15)

Director comes to see me at 3:30 to explain employee could not find people right away and by the time they did they had already left. Everyone very apologetic and they are upgrading my membership to include Club J which has some nice perks. I am not mad at them. I worked at a rec center for a long time and could see how this crazy thing happened, but that is not helping me at the moment.

So I call my husband. Wouldn't you know this would be a time I could not reach him? I leave messages but don't even have my cell phone which is locked in my car so I have no idea what is going on. Finally I call my sis to come rescue me. She says she will come get my pathetic self. While I waited I took a shower in Club J as it has complimentary towels, shampoo & conditioner, razors, etc. and put on the extra set of clean workout clothes that I kept in my bag. My husband finally called and was going to come with my keys. I told him to call sis off but they were having trouble connecting for some reason. So frustrating. She picked me up at 4:30 and took me to him where we met at 4:45 to drive back to get my car just after 5.

So then I ended up having to take the afternoon off from work and still have not heard anymore about my stuff.

Let me tell ya how good beer tasted at the end of that pathetic afternoon. Oh well, guess I burned off a few extra calories over the day!


Brian said...

Holy cow! What a story. I probably would've sucked a couple free massages out of my gym if that happened to me : )

Eric said...

Wow. That is some story. I guess there are worse places to be held captive. I've had to cut the lock from my locker due to stupidity. Had to get the cutters from the front desk in my swimsuit.

TriSaraTops said...

Oh no! What craziness! Glad you made it home finally...what a royal pain!

Blisters full of SAND?!?!?! EW EW EW EW EWEEWEWEWEWE thank you for at least not showing pics! ha ha

E-Speed said...

oh my god! That is absolutely nuts!

The Salty One said...

I love it! That's the next excuse I'm using to get out of work. "Um, sorry boss--the EMT's mistakenly used the jaws of life on my gym locker and well..." Heh.

But seriously, that is crazy. I bet you were thinking about what a great story for the blog when it was happening! Hopefully that lady is ok!!

And another speed session?! Craziness!!!

TriShannon said...

CRAZY!! This is definitely something that could only happen to you!

I'm with Sara... glad you didn't post pictures of they blisters. :-)

Kim said...

hahaaa i dont mean to laugh but.... hahaha :)

first, your blisters = GROSS!!! how do they get filled with sand?! EWWWIE!!

second, you must have burned off 5,583 calories during your 56 hours you were stranded at the gym!

Mallie said...

Sheesh. What a very strange day! You kept a great attitude throughout.And getting an upgraded membership for free probably sweetened the deal a bit!

B Bop said...

OK, this is a crazy story. It sucks to feel like you are letting your employer down, I'm sure. Those blisters sound toubling, indeed. But, the bright were stuck at the gym, got in a good workout, and then they upgraded your membership...all for missing half a day of work and losing a couple articles of clothing and a combination lock. Bad luck can't get much better. By the way, did they find your clothes yet??