Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dog Rant

First off, I love dogs...especially my golden retriever, Matches and my parents little Shiba Inu, Dakota.

However every year I take this trip I have so much anxiety about going out to do my runs and bike rides because of dogs.

In the area I stayed in AL, I would assume 2/3 of the people just let their dogs roam free. Many of the other people just have them in cages outside the home who just alert all the other area dogs that I am on my way.

As we drove in I watched as one dog chased the trailer and I already started to get nervous about what was in store for me. However aimed with my Halt I was ready to take my chances.

Run one, nothing too terrible. Two owners yelled at their dogs to back down. A few other dogs met me on the road but seemed pretty harmless. No real slow downs to speak of.

Bike ride- Several dogs made it to the edge of the property as I nearly escaped as I really can pedal fast when barking dogs are approaching. One had me a bit on edge as he showed his teeth. Later as we drove by safely in the car, again my evil friend came out to chase that vehicle too and my husband took one look as I pointed him out and could not believe the people let that aggressive pit bull roam free.

He was the brown tiger color as well and really did not like me or my bicycle. His other two dog friends of other breeds also seemed to think I would make for some good lunch. After my first pass I started to dread coming back through another time for my return home but there was no other option. Let's just say these two passes had to be some of my fastest paces hit on the ride!

Run 2- I had a few more visitors on the road, 9 in total in that 2.3 mile stretch. One I had not heard approaching and I felt something on my leg. Nervously I jerked around to see a little black terrier that kept pouncing on my leg as if to say "Pet me, pet me". I decided I was not going to encourage it as I was still planning to repeat the circle 2 more times, so he proceeded to accompany me another .25 mile before giving up.

This dog problem definitely unnerves me when I train there. I kept thinking why can't they keep their dogs confined to their property. Why can't more people have friendly goldens instead of mean pit bulls? I really like cats that are scared and just run away as I approach. Then I start thinking that my halt may not save me, should I carry something else? Are their owners inside laughing as they watch their dogs scare exercise lady? At least one man called them off me two different occasions, but seriously his dogs should not be running people down in the road to begin with. People really need to learn to be more responsible with their dogs, bottom line!

Thank goodness I made it out of there with no bites or major issues!!!! If I lived there, I would seriously have to figure out a better solution to this problem.

Then back at home, pet my little golden Matches a good long time who must have missed me and my kitty Zippo who could not have been more excited!


Charlie said...

Scary terrier.
Glad you made it out OK.
Dogs are the best training mates and my worst training fear.

TriSaraTops said...


That makes me mad. How freaking irresponsible can people be?

Good thing you're fast! :)

Michele said...

We have dog issues here too. It drives me crazy.

JenC said...

Wow, you really ran/rode the gauntlet. I love dogs, but I prefer them to be on leashes attached to owners. I'm glad you made it through okay.

Mallie said...

I've always been able to speak sternly to any dog I've met and they always back off. Maybe I'm just "mean dog lady". But I agree with you that people need to take responsibility. My dog is the sweetest fella, but overenthusiastic and he weighs 65 pounds...so he stays confined when he's outside...a nice fenced in area where he can run and snooze in the shade.

Glad you only had close calls and no attacks.

SkiRough said...

Wow. That is a tough one. I had a doberman running free on beach ATTACK my (leashed) border collie. I literally was kicking the dog in the face to get it off our dog. The owner runs up, yells at me "Hey, stop kicking my dog!" wtf.

Sucks that people there aren't more responsible.

Kate said...

Oooh.. I hate scary dogs! Luckily I don't seem to have to train near them much- if I did, I don't think I'd ever train!