Thursday, June 14, 2007

Since my chest did not explode...

on Tuesday at the track, I decided to push it again on Wednesday night.

I finally made it out to New Vision Cycling after a hiatus which was altogether too long due to scheduling issues, marathon taper & recovery, etc.

On tap, 2 sets of 5 one mile repeats in Zone 5.

After fighting with the traffic and hoping I might actually get there with a little time to spare, I made it. As I opened the trunk I knew right away we had a problem. No front skewer. I knew exactly where I had set it in my garage and that I had not grabbed it in my mad dash of packing crap up that morning.

I was packing things back in, totally bummed that I had drove all the way out there only to forget such a critical part. The guy next to me saw me packing it in and asked what was wrong and I explained. He told me to hold on and proceeded to ask around if anyone had an extra.

My lifesaver found me another lifesaver who I will award the prepared cyclist award. He had a tool box with at least 3 extra skewers and all sorts of random other bicycle parts you could ever want. Hmmm...I should learn from this guy! I will at least learn to take the couple extra seconds to throw my skewer back in my wheel everytime so this never happens again which was what I usually do but have been neglecting this step lately for no good reason.

So tragedy averted and I headed out for the warm-up.

As we started into the mile repeats, the first observation was that it was not a flat course. Each direction presented some very modest uphill and subsequent downhill at different points. Sometimes I powered up the hill and passed a rider only to have him pass me a few moments later. There was definitely different approaches that could be tested to see what was the most efficient use of riding the course the fastest overall.

Each mile I pushed as hard as I could muster and was wheezing hard with a tight chest at the end of each one. Then as soon as it would end another one would start again. We seemed to start and end at slightly different points (even though they were close) so I did not bother recording splits. 10 mile repeats later with a soft pedal break in the middle, I started into a short cooldown. It was good to see some familiar faces before I loaded up the car an headed my sweaty butt home for some food and sleep. Then popped up this AM for another fun-filled 6 mile tempo run outside this fine morning!!!


Jodi said...

Wow, sounds like a killer workout! I need to make it out there someday!



The Salty One said...

Everytime I check out your blog I see you're doing some or another crazy killer workout. Don't forget easy recovery days! Those are important too, crazy lady!!

PS I love that you ride your motorcycle to work. I can live vicariously through you--I am PETRIFIED of riding motorcycles. I think I'd have a heart attack if I had to ride one!!!

Eric said...

Why do you need to take the skewer completely off your wheel? You shouldn't have to.

I may have to put some extra skewers in my tool kit....but I don't carry my tool kit with me all the time.

E-Speed said...

you are a rockstar girl. I can't believe how much you are able to do at such an intense pace.

JenC said...

So glad that guy saved you. Why do you take the skewer out - no quick release? Just curious.

Sounds like you are busting through as usual. Kick butt!

Mallie said...

Thank goodness for Mr. Prepared, huh? Sounds like a great workout. I'm planning to add at least one day of speedwork per week to my plan leading up to Booty. We'll see if this tortoise can even come close to your hare!