Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back to the track!

Tuesday I was pysched to head out to the track for the first time in probably 2 months. My new goal is to alternate cycling and track weeks so I can at least hit the track every other week.

The evening was warm, yet gorgeous and I was looking forward to pushing myself a bit. I arrived early so I had plenty of time to warm up. I started running circles just around 5:40. New arrivals kept popping in so I did warm-ups with several ladies and finally around 6:30 it was time to start into the real sets.

I was running 8- 400's with 200 recoveries and my goal was to stay under 1:30 for each of them.

400 #1 - 1:21:45 Wow, my lungs feel tight! It is hot tonight! After walking a few seconds, MT and I jogged to the other side. My breathing was still labored as I started into the next 400.

#2 - 1:25:51 -Ouch, tight chest! At this point I decided I was walking the recoveries as I needed it. I grabbed some water.

#3 - 1:22:86 - Better, walking helped!

#4 - 1:25:13

#5 - 1:25:63 - Stomach feeling off...made quick beeline for bathroom break

#6 - 1:25:92 - At least I was consistent!

#7 - 1:25:51 - This lap and final lap had to move over a bit for boys training in lanes 1&2 on the one side

#8 - 1:21:21 - Had hoped to get under 1:20, oh well!

Then did a 800 meter cool down before heading home. It was definitely good to be out on a track!

All my normal speed workouts have been on a treadmill and for the most part I just set whatever the speed is supposed to be which is good and bad I suppose. I always force myself to hit the paces, yet I never try for more.


E-Speed said...

you looked great last night! All consistently under 1:30 is great!

Craig said...

Funny cartoon!

TriShannon said...

All under 1:30... very speedy!!

Dusty said...

Nice job!! Well under goal too!

A. M. Mericsko said...

good workout! i need to get my ass back in track workout shape. i think i need to get my rear out to solon soon.

Mallie said...

Way to stick it out and be consistent. I'm not designed for speed, so I have to get my speed "fix" from you and e-Speed!