Friday, June 08, 2007

Back in the saddle again

So there was taper week.

Then there was recovery week.

Then there was vacation week.

And the theme throughout these 3 weeks has been very light workouts and sleeping in!

My rhythm is off.

Waking up hurts bad!

This week I jumped back in.

Monday I did a 20 mile bike, an upper body workout and spent my evening sweating as I was cleaning my very dirty house. Oh the cold beers while I worked tasted good...but then I had get up up Tuesday morning for a speed workout.

OUCH...not sure if it was the time off or the beers, but this workout was punishing. My paces were off and I did not even care. I got through it. Then I forced myself back to the gym on my lunch hour for a 1000 yard swim. This was rough too as my arms ached from the prior days upper body workout.

Wednesday I slept in as I had planned to go to New Vision Cycling in the evening. I hit the gym on my lunch break and managed a very solid lower body workout. Evening plans got changed and I ended up missing cycling. :-(

Thursday I woke up all kinds of sore. Lower body workouts totally kill me. Everything south of my waistline screamed with every step and let's not even try to talk about sitting down. I made myself get outside to go for my tempo run. I was soooo tired and sore. It took so much effort just to get dressed and outside but as I started I saw the neighbor out and I did not want to let on as to how miserable I was feeling so I put on my happy face and the running followed. The run surprisingly was going well until the prior evening's Mexican decided to kick me while I was down and make for a very miserable return trip home.

Friday, I awoke even more sore than Thursday. I thought about a day off since I had a big weekend in store. However I decided perhaps I would try to loosen things up a bit. I did a 20 minute easy spin and spent some time stretching. Yeah, slacking a bit on the day but I think it was the right thing to do!

So why take it easy today besides the legs are still angry at me?

Tomorrow I will see my running gals as we run the new Irish Festival 5K down in Cuyahoga Falls which should be fun. It will be interesting to see if my fitness level for 5K performance is slacking too or if I have not lost much ground.

Then Sunday I am doing the metric century ride for the very scenic, Sunday in June ride out in my area with my gal, Jodi and other CTC teammates!!! Weather looks great for the weekend and I am just stoked to be back at it!!!!


The Salty One said...

It's always tough getting back into the swing of things. If I even just take one day off, the run the next day feels kind of crusty. So don't sweat it!

As for tomorrow, I bet you surprise yourself. All the rest probably did you some good. Hope it goes great! Good luck!!

Curly Su said...

that ride is HILLY, but beautiful. have fun...

Jodi said...

Yay! Can't wait for the ride. I have to take it a bit easy for the first 2 hours, but then I can pick it up a bit!



Mallie said...

You've been busy and it sounds like a busy weekend in store. I don't know how you manage without any real recovery days. You're a machine, Janet!