Friday, May 25, 2007

Tagged. for 7 random things about my self

TriFolk has tagged me for 7 random things about myself.
My mind is already on vacation so I will just go with it!!

7. I loved sports throughout school. I loved volleyball, basketball, softball and track. Problem was that when I was a freshman I could not run track and play summer softball as high school softball was the same season. So I ran track my freshman year and had to switch to softball the last three because I missed it too much.

6. My bus driver used to say we should rename our road to Evans street because my entire dad's family lived on the same stretch of road by my grandparents farm. Growing up on a farm means lots of farm chores, kickball with all my cousins while doing hay, getting lost in swamps chasing cows and many hilly-billy sounding stories!!! And...I love cows! I used to have a collection of lots of cow stuff. Even as a kid when I was sleeping, all mom had to say was "Janet, Look at the cows!!" and I would instantly wake up and look around everywhere for my beloved animals.

5. People sometimes laugh at me when I Q-tip my ears because I always do both at the same time. I have to, otherwise one feels so jealous. Such a good feeling!!!

4. My dad, being the accountant penny-pincher type, has instilled this sort of deal finder gene in me. Sis got it too, maybe worse!!! I will shop around the mall for the best deal which drives my husband crazy. I love restaurant coupons, Dick's coupons, big sales, etc!!!! I do draw the line with grocery coupons though.

3. Huge, huge music fan. Always embarassingly rocking out in my car and pretty much anytime I do anything. Music must be loud for housecleaning. I spent over $70 at Best Buy just yesterday on CD's. Choices included the newest CD's Static X, Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails, Saliva and Tim Armstrong. If only the new cd from The Used would have been there, I would have bought that too (darn, I really wanted that too)!

Quick music note on Tim Armstrong's A Poet's Life (from Amazon's Editorial Review): This began as a thank you from Tim to Rancid fans, to be released one track at a time on the Internet to tide fans over until the next Rancid full-length. But when KROQ in LA began heavily playing the explosive track, "Into Action", plans changed. So here's Armstrong's first solo release, backed by some of the strongest radio support since the days of "Time Bomb" and "Ruby Soho". With a killer old-school two-tone groove, helped along by Hellcat label mates The Aggrolites, "A Poet's Life" is loose, punky, infectious, and shamelessly danceable. Bonus DVD features videos of every song and a cool featurette on the making of the album and videos. From what I have heard, this sounds like a fantastic laid back summer CD!!! You can sample it here!!!

2. A few years ago I got my tongue pierced. It hurt so bad and proceeded to swell so big my tongue was fatter than the barbell ends and I could not eat very well for a week. During this time, I tried to hide it from my parents (even though I was 25 at the time). At the family gathering, I was so hungry and I got busted because I barely ate and was cutting my deviled egg up into the tiniest pieces just trying to get something into my hungry belly. Sis knew something was off and called me out. It always seemed to agitate me, but it hurt so much to get, that I kept it out of spite for 3 years before deciding I could not take it anymore! The husband still has his.

1. One time when I was probably about 7, I was sitting on our basement steps playing dollies with my sister. I kept scooting over to make room for all our dollies and I scooted to far and fell off the one of the top steps of the stairs. I managed to grab the railing and looked to my sis for help. She ran up the stairs screaming for mom and I fell. I landed on my head on the concrete basement floor and had a nice concussion. Does that explain it???

I will now tag TriShannon, Mallie, and Jen...

Your it.


Molly said...

things that make you go hmmm...

I wanted to play basketball and soccer...bball coach would not let me miss off season traing (even though I was playing soccer!) so I was not allowed to play bball!

My Dad's doctor has banned him from using Q Tips b/c he sticks them too far in his ear.

My sister and I are impulse buyers b/c of my dad!

The oly person I have ever physically fought (off the soccer field) with was a drunk girl in New Orleans whise drink my drunk sister spilled.

I'm with you on the music...just got Linkin Park too.

Have a Great weekend

JenC said...

What's with you and stairs? : )

Mallie said...

I see the tag, Janet. I'll do it before the weekend's over!

John said...

Thanks for the best wishes DD. I had a great race. Hopefully your weekend went as well as it sounded it would.

A. M. Mericsko said...

Your tongue piercing commentary almost made me pee! LOL! So when are we going out to drink and celebrate your Boston qual. time??!!??