Monday, June 18, 2007

The word is out

Friday I put in my two weeks notice at my job. It was a tough day as I had been stressed about it since I made my decision as the firm has been good to me and I had only been there 9 months. I was feeling guilty in that there seemed there was so much more I had hoped to have accomplished for them which is left undone. I am certain they were less than thrilled and caught off guard by the announcement However another opportunity (which I am very excited about) had landed on my lap which I could not pass up. Somehow even when change is good, it does not mean it is easy.

Afer that uncomfortable day, I was ever so ready for the weekend! Northeast Ohio continues to smile upon us with this fantasic weather we have had the last couple weeks so I enjoyed yet another beautiful weekend outside!

Saturday I ran the Jim Klett 10 K down in Cuyahoga Falls. I had an ice cream bet going with a friend so several us met up and watched the kids race as we prepared for our own.

Per Janet style, I went blazing out way too fast for a 10 K and then between the heat, hills and slightly off stomach I had to slow down.

Mile 1 - 6:12 --Heck ya I am feeling good! Hit the split and think 10K not 5K, slow down!

Mile 2 - 6:51-Still feeling good
Miles 3 & 4 -14:57- Realization of length left is sitting in and I am slowing down. I get passed here. The shade felt good but as I turned the one corner into the hot sun I started to wish for the shade again.

About 4.5 in the huge hill started coming. This hill seemed so much longer and steeper than I remembered. Angry mexican in stomach started to yell that he does not like me anymore.

Mile 5 - 7:25- Relieved the big hill was over but nice roller jumped in my view to anger mexican again.

Mile 6 -7:28-No one close enough to reel in so I just decided to maintain position. I was so ready for the end!

.2 - 1:20--Managed to smile and wave to cheering friends at the line!

Finished 2nd overall female at 44:14 with a 7:07 pace and some more very blistered feet. They are out of control at the moment. Apparently my new Nike super light weight shoes are ripping my feet all up which are not recovered from the maraton blister breakdown. My oh so cute feet are not at all cute anymore!

I hanging out with a bunch of others after the race...perhaps I will have to post some additional photos later of some of the fun we enjoyed!
Oh and the ice cream bet was so close we called it a draw...but of course all of us went for icecream anyways after the race!

Sunday on account of my feet, I opted for a nice bike ride with a few CTC folks on the GCT course. There were 3 fast boys and one other chick out with the group. I had to work my butt off to keep up on their "comfortably paced" ride! Very fun ride though!!!!


JenC said...

Congrats on your new job! I look forward to seeing you downtown!

Great job on the 10k!

E-Speed said...

I thought MT said you did a 5k on Saturday too? Nice job on the 10K. You have been racing fast consistently. It's so impressive considering all the racing you do!

Give those blisters a rest and focus on the bike and swim this week. Your running is rocking and may even get better after a rest period.

Jodi said...

Great race, as always! Wish I could have been there for the GCT ride! You have to tell me about the new course.



A. M. Mericsko said...

Congrats on the new job!!! When do you start at The Crazy Horse? lol. jk

Mallie said...

Take care of the tootsies. While I don't have blisters, I've got two black toenails, so my foot cuteness is at an all time low! Yours will regain!

The Salty One said...

Nice race! It's hard not to go out too fast in these short races. I do it all the time too.

I've heard of other people getting mega-nasty blisters in Nikes. Hmmm. Take care of those. They might seem relatively harmless, but I've heard of people getting infections in them which puts them out of commission for a couple of weeks! YUCK!

Oh, and I haven't worn sandals in 2 years! I wouldn't inflict my hideous thick black toenails, callouses, etc on anyone!! Heh.

Congrats on the new job too! All kinds of cool stuff going on for you!!

Mallie said...

You that I think back on it, my little sister used to have a terrible time with blisters and Nike soccer cleats. Weird.