Thursday, June 28, 2007

Must focus!!!

Battle of Ohio Event One is out of the way and number 2 will be coming up July 22. I am so psyched to see that I have three whole weekends in a row with no races! This is long overdue!! Time for some nice long training sessions!!!

It seems as though I have been having a hard time finding my groove since the marathon. Training seems all over the place where there are some really good long days and several days that are blown off. At the moment I am trying to refocus and try to figure out how to best strategize my time ahead.

I know things will be a little out of sorts with starting a new job Monday!!!! However I can not use this as an excuse, but perhaps an opportunity to embrace a new schedule. At some point I will be joining a new gym downtown Cleveland and joining a new place always seems to re-energize my workouts.

I have started to really fixate on the big event looming, the half iron coming up on August 12. I am 100% confident I can make it. I am bothered that my swimming is going to put me so far behind and exert so much energy as I just plain stink at it. So my choices are -
a) Just keep what I am doing and make sure I at least get in a minimum of 3 swims per week. Just get through it knowing it will be crappy but it is my only swim for the 2007 season.
b) Take some private leassons to see if there are a few things that could make a difference. Our CTC club has one listed I could get 3-30 minute sessions for $90...perhaps it would be worth it??
c) Join a masters group next week and target two masters swims a week plus one on my own

I am 7 weeks out and this really is my only concern. I have no doubt I can swim it, it just may not be pretty!! So any feedback on the choices?

Today I am vowing to do 3 big things. 1. I am ordering a yoga DVD (based on Bbop's reccomendation) and vow to do yoga twice a week and stretch everyday. I must break this nonchalent attitude I have in this area as the problems keep cropping up due to my ways. 2. I am going to give up ice cream until after my half iron. Did I just really say that of my most beloved stuff? Yes, I had my favorite ice cream last night and another horribly uncomfortable run due to my body not seeming to like dairy products. 3. Drop some weight- I have added back a few pounds and they are not going to help me to carry around over the half so I have a target and certain amount I want to lose each week to get to my goal by August 12.


Kim said...

you're so little, you don't need to lose weight!!!!

as for swimming... that's my problem area with triathlons. i hired a coach who can help me get better and teach me mechanics. any little bit helps, no matter how much time you have left to the tri!

Jodi said...

Now that you'll be working downtown you should go to the CSU masters. It's great and you'll see improvements FAST!



JenC said...

I would hire Laura for at least one session. She has helped me improve more than anything else. I can give you some structured workouts if you decide to keep swimming on your own (I swim at HFC every Tuesday morning and you are welcome to join me). Masters is good, but I probably don't benefit as much as Jodi because I swim in the slow lane (no one to push me). Time in the pool and focus on technique are the two best things for improvement IMO.

I would cry if I had to give up ice cream. Good luck with that.

TriSaraTops said...

I have heard that Masters can help a lot--I tried it and it wasn't my thing at the time, but I might go back next year just to get some efficient, hard workouts in. I'm all about time and being efficient next year, cuz I have to! :)

GREAT job on committing to yoga and stretching. I swear it's what's kept me pretty much injury-free for 5 years. How about a massage, too? I've got a great person in Lakewood, but that might be too far for ya?

I'd be happy to watch your stroke any time--I'm no expert but I'm free if you don't want to shell out the dough! :)

Charlie said...

Like Jen, I have benefited greatly from lessons and a focus on technique.
I have replaced ice cream with more fresh fruit. I also discovered rice dream shakes at Tommy's. Very very good.

B Bop said...

You should like that DVD if you get it....many of the postures are modified so it's good beginners stuff. You can probably get it on the cheap thru amazon. The little ankle on knee stretch I showed you a while back I got from that video. Rodney Yee does it and then lies flat on his lap!!!

Good luck with the swimming! For us land animals I do believe it to be true that technique and time spent working on it is everything.

Craig said...

Start taking the swim lessons ASAP and do the masters swim regularly. I did that approach after the Cleveland Triathlon international distance last year without a wetsuit. That swim drained my energy for the bike and run. Swim lessons help a lot. Use a full sleeve wetsuit for the half ultra swim too. And one last thing - try the frozen yogurt at East Coast Custard - good stuff.

Michele said...

My swim sucks too. I am considering private lessons. The group thing just didn't help. My only problem is that the swim is such a small part. I question spending too much time on it and think the time would be better spent on the bike.
Interested to see what you decide to do.
I had to give up ice cream too :(