Thursday, July 05, 2007


OK the new job is going to be cutting into the blogging, so just jotting down some quick details before I forget them.

Sat June 30 - 15 miles on Headwater Trail. Gville to Mantua and back. Started Chicago marathonn training

Sun July 1- 60+ miles bike, Greater Cleveland Tri Course plus some hills thrown in for good measure. 35 minute run after. Good training day with the boys!!! Actually felt good when done!!!

Mon July 2 - 60 min spin class

Tue July 3 - 3 mile run-24 min; 20 min stationary bike

Wed July 4 - North Canton YMCA July 4th Race 5 mile race. (Hermes Road Race Series Race) A little disappointed that I was over a minute off PR. I think the blisters and tight muscles are still plaguing me!

Mile 1- 6:18
Mile 2- 7:01
Mile 3- 7:09
Mile 4- 7:14
Mile 5- 6:58

Total time - 34:42 (6:56 pace) Huge field (2000 + runners) Was in top 10 females. Placed 2nd in age group. The silver lining though is I think I was the top female from Road Race Series so I will get max race points!


The Salty One said...

So, when were you planning to recover? Heh. Ok, seriously, I'm just half-joking. Reading your last few posts something really sticks out to me. The recent bonk, the stomach problems, the slower race times all sound like little messages your body is trying to tell you to ease up a bit. Add stress from a new job and that's a lot for your little body to handle.

So be careful out there and don't forget that the number one goal of training is to make it to the starting line!

I hope the new job is GREAT!!!

Mallie said...

I agree with the Salty One. Maybe a recovery week is in order.

Especially with the stresses of a new job.